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What is RBS? Everything you should know about Random Blood Sugar

Random Blood Sugar or popularly known as RBS, is an effective way to measure blood glucose levels. It is a trusted procedure to understand if a person has diabetes or not.

Unlike the other sugar testing methods, RBS can be done at any time without any special requirement. It ensures a speedy diagnosis for the patient.

We are here with all the details that you should be aware of about RBS for testing your blood sugar with this brief.

This article covers how an RBS test is done and why health experts recommend it. You can also find relevant information about the factors that can affect your RBS test results towards the end of the article with some frequently asked questions.


How Can An RBS Test Be Done?

Testing Random Blood Sugar with Glucometer

RBS testing doesn’t need any prior fasting and thus, can be done in a short period of time. The patient’s finger is pricked using a sharp needle, and a small amount of blood is collected as a sample which is then tested using the most accurate glucometer. There aren’t long waiting hours to get the results; they can be received immediately. However, it would be best to inform your health expert or doctor beforehand about the medication you are taking.


Why is an RBS recommended?

What makes an RBS sugar testing essential, despite the availability of other testing methods?

RBS testing is one of the trusted methods for detecting diabetes. If you want 100% assurance on the test results for diabetes, RBS is suggested.

Along with this, an RBS testing is also recommended if you are struggling with –

  • Blurred vision
  • Excessive urination
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Feeling fatigued constantly
  • Headaches
  • Week concentration power
  • Increased appetite and thirst despite adequate eating and drinking habits
  • Continuous soreness with no healing, and,
  • Numbness and tingling in arms and legs

Many times, an RBS test is suggested for people who are overweight and have high blood pressure.


What factors can affect the RBS results?

Factors can affect the RBS results

Even though the RBS test is done using the most accurate glucometers, there are certain factors that can affect the RBS results, which are

  • Overeating junk food
  • Long illness
  • Stress]
  • Anxiety
  • Dehydration, and
  • Menstruation


Some frequently asked questions

Is it necessary to fast before undergoing RBS testing?

No, it is not mandatory to fast before RBS testing. As the name suggests, Random Blood Testing can be randomly done at any time without the need to preserve any fast.


Is RBS blood testing suitable for pregnant women?

Yes, the test is suitable for pregnant women; there is no risk involved in it. According to the health experts, the entire procedure of the test is absolutely safe without any side effects on the mother or baby’s health.

Besides, the RBS test is also suitable if you are breastfeeding or lactating your child. All you need is to consult your doctor to ensure proper safety during the test.


Can children of any age group undergo RBS testing?

Yes, RBS testing is considered safe for children of any age group. However, if you are doing RBS blood testing for some specific reason, it is better to get in touch with your health expert to avoid any complications.


How should you prepare for RBS test?

There is no specific preparation needed before undergoing RBS testing. The only thing that you should be careful about is to discuss your health conditions with your doctor to avoid any complications.

The following things should be shared with your doctor before undergoing the test:

  • If you are taking blood thinner medicines
  • If you are on a steroid medication
  • If you are suffering from any severe disease like coagulopathy

Any of these conditions have the potential to impact and affect the results of RBS.


Are there any side effects of the RBS test?

No, there are no possible side effects of the RBS test. It is relatively safe than the other types of blood sugar testing.

The possible problem that anyone can encounter is slight bleeding or infection on the blood withdrawal site. Some people may also feel slight dizziness after the test.


What is the cost of the RBS test?

The RBS test will not dig a hole in your pocket as it is quite an affordable test. The average cost of the RBS test is INR 150. However, the price may vary depending upon the location and the health condition of the patient.



A random blood sugar test or RBS test is one simple, risk-free and easily performed test suitable for almost everyone except people suffering from blood disorders. If you have a sudden need to analyze your blood sugar, an RBS test is highly recommended. However, just make sure to get it done from a reputed and well-known place to get accurate results.

Undergoing an RBS test with any doubts won’t be helpful. Clear all your doubts, concerns and queries by getting in touch with us in the comment section.

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