How To Check Blood Sugar Without a Meter?

How To Check Blood Sugar Without a Meter

Have you ever thought of checking blood sugar without a meter? Or do you wonder if you can check sugar level with less or no pain? Well, 20-25 years ago, you would have said no! But now, technology and innovation have made everything possible. In diabetes, checking blood sugar every day is more important than … Read more

Vegan Vs Vegetarian: Which Is a Healthier Choice

Vegan Vs Vegetarian Diet

Are you thinking about switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet? Or are you just curious about the new trending vegan society? Some people may be perplexed by the differences between these two diets, particularly those unfamiliar with them. We are here to help! Well, there can be many reasons, but the two most compelling … Read more

How to Make Green Tea (Healthiest Way)

How To Make Green Tea

Are you also considering switching to green tea? Green tea is quite a buzz these days. It is deemed a healthy beverage, and a lot of people consume it for its health benefits. You must be wondering what the right procedure for preparing green tea is. We have got it all researched and covered for … Read more

What is VOC | Volatile Organic Compounds

What is VOC | Volatile Organic Compounds

Did you know? Compounds like Benzene, formaldehyde, tetrachloroethylene, xylene, and methylene chloride are crucial in our daily lives. But what are these substances? These are Volatile Organic Compounds that are found in our homes that might lead to indoor air pollution.  But what are the sources of VOC? Additionally, can such compounds actually harm our … Read more

Air Pollution in India 2022

Air Pollution in India 2022

Air pollution in India 2022 is one of the most serious causes of health issues that most people are suffering from. In the year 2019, the list of highly populated cities in the world, 21 out of thirty is in India 2022 . According to a study based on data in 2016, a minimum of … Read more

Abbott FreeStyle Libre Flash | A Painless Way to Test Blood Sugar Without Finger Prick

FreeStyle Libre Flash: Blood sugar monitor without finger pricks

“The days of routine glucose testing with lancets, test strips and blood are over”—The tagline of FreeStyle Liber Flash. FreeStyle Liber Flash, also known as Flash Glucose Monitor (FGM) is a way to measure blood sugar levels for both non-diabetic and diabetic people. But one thing that differentiates it from other glucose level monitors is … Read more

Disadvantages Of Drinking Cold Water

Disadvantages Of Drinking Cold Water

It is almost reflexive for some people to drink a glass of cold water after coming home from a long day. But drinking water is healthy, isn’t it? Yes, it is but not cold and chilled water. As tempting as it sounds, chilled water is not beneficial for your health. It affects your body on … Read more