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Is Air Cooler Good For Health?

Air coolers have always been a trending and favourable choice, especially for people living in humid regions. This is not only because of its reasonable prices compared to an air conditioner but also due to its several benefits.

It is common knowledge that ACs have certain harsh benefits on our health as well as the surroundings. Moreover, their prices have skyrocketed over the past few years. In such scenarios, people are shifting their demand towards air coolers for all the right reasons.

But don’t they have any negative health consequences, similar to an air conditioner? Well, let us find out.


How Does an Air Cooler Work?

Air Cooler

The functionality of an air cooler can determine its effects on its surroundings.

The working of an air cooler is relatively uncomplicated and straightforward. It works on the evaporative cooling principle, where the water is used to cool the air.

The warm and fresh air from the environment passes through the cooling pads in an air cooler where a water pump is used to move the water. This flowing water extracts the heat from it and evaporates. This process leaves behind moistened and cool air that fills the room through the fan.

Generally, air coolers have dedicated trays for keeping ice cubes. This can lead to getting faster results. While the entire process takes place, you get the liberty to keep the doors and windows open to ensure fresh air circulation.


Benefits of Air Cooler

In India, approximately 3 million air cooler units were sold in 2019. This number has been increasing exponentially with each passing year. Surely, there must be some major benefits derived from it, like the following:

Better Quality of Air

Better Quality of Air

Experts believe that the air circulated through an air cooler is of ideal quality for indoor areas. This is because it cools down the warm air from outside and passes it through water, keeping it less dry.

This cool air is free from allergens that could cause dust or pollen allergies along with asthma.

Moreover, it sanitises the water that could potentially kill the bacteria from the air. This can lead to a decrease in nose bleeds or sinusitis. Besides the health factor, it can also reduce the formation of molds or dust mites.


Light on the Pocket

A simple 1.5 ton AC can cost around Rs. 35000. At the same time, an air cooler can cost Rs. 10000. Do you see the staggering difference?

At the end of the day, both the appliances are used to cool the room, and they do deliver on that promise! So rather than spending more than double on AC, people, especially the ones on a tight budget, choose to buy an air cooler.

Besides the buy price, you could see a difference in the electricity bills as air coolers consume a lot less electricity.


No Installation Process

No installation process is required when it comes to an air cooler. You can simply bring it from the store and place it anywhere in the room as an appliance. They also come with castors, making them more portable and mobile.


Eco-friendly Option

Air coolers utilise water as a refrigerant to cool the air. On the other hand, ACs use CFC and HFC that could harm the environment. So by getting an air cooler, you are giving yourself cool air and saving the environment in the process.


Drawbacks of Air Cooler

After covering the pros of air cooler, it is only fair to understand its cons for a better decision-making process.

Not as efficient as AC

Air conditioners are powerful enough to cool the room within minutes. You must not expect the same from an air cooler as the process is time-consuming.


Can Irritate Eyes and Skin

Air coolers might increase the humidity level, irritating the skin, eyes, and even the throat.



In order for the air coolers to work, fans and blowers are necessary. This can make a loud sound when the fan is on a high-speed level.


Continuous Maintenance

Air coolers need to be regularly maintained. You will have to fill the water in the tank, making it a cumbersome job.


Does an Air Cooler Affect your Health?

Does an Air Cooler Affect your Health

A new air cooler will not cause any harm to your health, but in case there is a malfunction, it can lead to drastic results.

If there are any issues with the functionality of the air cooler, the water will evaporate, leading to humidity in the air. This can increase the bacteria and viruses in the water. Such a situation is not favourable for asthma patients.

Besides that, it can also lead to fatigue or muscle cramp in extreme situations.

However, you can steer clear of such situations by keeping the air cooler in a properly ventilated room. It should be placed near a window or door. This reduces the chances of making the air more humid.


So, Should you Buy an Air Cooler?

After considering all the factors, we believe that it is safe to buy and use an air cooler as long as it is maintained regularly. Lastly, it is a budget-friendly option that can cool you and your family during the hot hours of summers!

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