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Diet Plan of India for Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting in India 2023 is best for weight loss. Different health freak people follow various diet plans, but intermittent fasting tops the list. This fasting includes a specific pattern for fasting. It has become one of the most popular trends for losing weight and is a cycle between eating and fasting periods. You do not have to follow any specific diet chart in implementing Indian intermittent fasting. It is all about a set period during which you will eat and is known as eating patterns.

The people who follow intermittent fasting can see the below changes in their physical appearances:

  • Enhancement in the muscle mass
  • Improvement in the spontaneity
  • Reduction in the body fat
  • A decrease in the time spent on the training

This diet requires minimum behavioral changes. So in this write-up, we will be sharing all the detailed information about Indian intermittent fasting.


How to Carry Out the Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent Fasting

If you are planning to implement intermittent fasting in your life, you should go for a selected period, for instance, 10 AM to 6 PM. Now you have to consume your meals within the set time frame. You can choose three-time frames like 10 AM, 2:00 PM, and 6 PM to intake your meals right at these timings. You will not eat anything in between the other timings, but you can drink plenty of water. There is also approval for black tea or coffee during this time frame.

However, if you are new to this concept, begin with a longer window for eating, for example, 10 AM to 7 PM, and with further practice, you might move to the above-mentioned window. It is the most common pattern of this diet plan, but you might customize other patterns also.


History of Intermittent Fasting

Our ancestors are more accustomed to fasting and feasting methods since they do not include continuous access to the food supply. It was all an integral part of their lifestyle. According to modern research, this cycle of the eating pattern will create various biochemical advantages.


Do’s and Don’ts during Intermittent Indian Fasting

Intermittent fasting is one of the sustainable and safest ways to lose weight, enhance health and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Although this ethos is safer to follow for most adults, we will always suggest consulting with a certified physician first. It is especially significant if you have different health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, low blood pressure, and eating disorders. We will not recommend this for women who are pregnant, trying to conceive, or breastfeeding. If you encounter any adverse effects during this fasting, then stop it immediately. You should avoid any junk food and overcompensate for the food during eating time.


Advantages of Indian Intermittent Fasting

Advantages of Indian Intermittent Fasting

India Intermittent fasting will not only assists you to burn fat or reduce weight but will also enhance your metabolic rate. It will decrease the inflammation and stress within the body. Most significantly, Indian intermittent fasting will also assist in avoiding snacks like unhealthy and junk food items for the entire day. Other reports state that intermittent fasting in India 2023 is significant for brain health and is also perfect for the heart.

Intermittent fasting is a famous practice for weight loss and will work if you follow it religiously. Restriction of meals will instantly reduce the calorie intake and allows you to eat according to your preferences and not limit your options. However, if you are planning to follow intermittent fasting, you should follow a well-balanced and healthy diet for super-fast results. Now let us check out the other benefits of intermittent fasting mentioned below.

  • It helps to keep the unwanted cholesterol in check due to the combination of regular exercises and a nutritious diet
  • It assists in decreasing the resistance of insulin and diabetes management
  • Enhances the functioning of the brain, improves concentration, and protects the memory loss related to age
  • Decreases the cortisol in the body, which means lower stress


What should be the eating patterns of Intermittent fasting in India 2023 ?

There are different eating patterns that you might follow while implementing intermittent fasting. They are as below.

The 16/8 method

This method is an eating pattern mentioned above. You have to fast for 14 to 16 hours every day with a restricted eating window of 8 to 10 hours. You might intake nearly three to four meals during this time frame.


Eat stop eat

For following this pattern, you will need to fast for a full one day once or twice every week. You can stop consuming any food after dinner one night and continue it till dinner time on the next day.


Every alternate day fasting

In this pattern, you have to eat for every alternate day present.


The 5:2 diet plan

This diet plan is slightly complicated as it involves the calculations for the calorie intake. You have to consume nearly 500 to 600 calories for any non-consecutive two days within a week. You might follow a normal diet on the other days of the week.


Food Composition of the intermittent fasting

To become floppy and fat, start eating less and prolong your life and worry less. Intermittent fasting is also one of the best ways to schedule meals and gets enormous advantages from it. It will alter the time of eating but not what you are eating. Mostly during this fasting, the intake of the calorie remains exact in any fat-reducing diet. The food composition should also remain the same as any healthy diet. What will matter most is the intake of calories for the day and not the total number of times you can divide your meals.

  • It should include moderate fat, carbohydrate, and a high amount of protein.
  • Include more fresh vegetables and fruits to fulfill the daily requirements of vitamins and minerals
  • The inclusion of high standard proteins like lean meat, egg, low-fat milk products, chicken, and fish are vital in this diet. It will enhance the BMR and thus assists in fat burning. It will also help in creating lean muscle mass and manage the bulk in the body.
  • Select millets, fiber-rich foods, and whole-grain cereals are assisting in weight loss. It will also remain in the stomach for an extended time and will thus decrease the hunger pangs. It will assist in sugar release in the body with no episodes of fainting.
  • Limit the intake of fat to Omega 3 and MUFA PUFA rich oils. You can also include omega 3 rich fish oils, walnuts, flaxseeds, and olive oil in the diet.
  • Intake 2 to 3 liters of water for avoiding dehydration


Slow Transition to Intermittent Fasting

You cannot change the pattern of eating overnight. Thus in this segment, we will show you the slow transitional way from a regular diet to an intermittent fasting diet plan in the Indian Version. You can slowly follow this eating pattern till you can reach the desired goal on this path.


Monthly fasting routine

If you have no idea about this fasting concept, you can sustain this intermittent fasting, then select for monthly fasting. You can go on a 24 hours dieting once every month. It will assist in getting over every metal barrier that you might have during this fasting. Keep in mind that fasting once in a while will not do any harm to the body. Once you can successfully carry out the monthly fasting with no difficulty, you might move onto the weekly one.


Weekly Fasting Routine

The weekly fasting routine includes eating regular meals for the entire six days, and you will do the fasting for 24 hours. You can either skip two primary meals of the day or do complete 24-hour fasting. This process will not reduce fat or loss weight, but it will help you maintain good body weight. It will assist you in setting your body according to the weekly intermittent fasting process.


Daily Intermittent Fasting Routine

The daily intermittent fasting routine is dependent on the “the Leangains model of intermittent fasting.” In this process, you have to do 16 hours of fasting followed by 8 hours of eating period. It will not matter when you will begin your 8 hours of eating time, as you can start eating during any time of the day. Anyone can get into the habit of implementing this daily intermittent fasting routine. The only disadvantage of this process is you will miss out on the required calories for the week. Thus you will require training the body to eat primary meals and fast more. It is the biggest reason why you will lose more weight with Indian intermittent fasting.


Sample Diet Plan for Intermittent Fasting in India 2023 n Version

Below is the sample diet plan of intermittent fasting in the Indian Version.

Sunday at 8:00 PM

Complete your dinner.

Sunday Night

Fasting (you will have no problem as most of the time you will be sleeping during your fasting).

Monday morning till afternoon.

Fasting continues.

Sunday night to Monday afternoon

16 hours of fasting with black coffee with no sugar, plain water, green tea with no sugar.

Monday afternoon till 8:00 PM.

You can eat in between these times. You split into two primary meals or spread the routine throughout these 8 hours.


1200 calories of meal plan for 8 hours feasting

12:00 PM

Two multigrain flour chapati, one cup vegetable, two chicken pieces or 2 eggs or 1 fish or one cup curd, one cup of Russian salad with sprinkled flaxseeds, one cup rice, and one cup of sprouts.


5:00 PM

One cup sukha Bhel, and one cup tea/coffee/milk


7:30 PM

One and a half cup of vegetable quinoa and mixed dal khichdi, one cup of tomato/ spinach and carrot soup, one cup of seasonal fruit yogurt, and one cup of kadhi/sambar/dal.


Workouts to do during the Indian Intermittent Fasting

Below are some workouts that you could do during the Indian intermittent fasting for a quicker result.

  • High intensified interval training for the higher impact on the fat storage and lean body mass
  • Ignore vigorous exercise before going to bed as it will disturb the sleeping pattern
  • Cardio workouts during this fasting will target all the fat stored in the body.
  • Exercise during intermittent fasting will deliver you maximum results. But if you feel uncomfortable or giddy, then you might begin the exercises 3 hours before consuming a primary meal.
  • Sip on the black coffee or green tea at least one hour before doing the workout. The antioxidants in green tea and caffeine in the coffee will boost the metabolism and assist in weight loss.



During any fasting, the body will use up the fat deposited as fuel for supplying the energy to the body. Thus the body will lose the fat during the weight loss journey while following this Indian intermittent fasting. It will simplify life and will save you time. You can do this fasting anywhere and anytime. But we will suggest consulting a certified physician to know how and when to start this process. We hope this Indian intermittent fasting guide will be of immense help to you.

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