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How To Measure Your Weight Loss Without a Weighing Scale?

The weighting scale doesn’t lie—or does it? Nowadays, most of us have become so conscious of weight that everyone wants to become slim and fit.

They do exercises, yoga, and workout to lose weight, and then to measure their progress, they hop up on a weighing scale.

But keep in mind, the weighing scale is not accurate all the time. After all, no device can be perfect! Besides this, carrying a weighing scale with you is also impossible, especially when on vacation.

Luckily, you do not need a weighing scale to measure your weight loss daily. This article will get to know the various methods to measure your weight loss without a scale.

But first, let’s understand why one should not rely on weighing scales completely.


Why Your Scales Don’t Always Show Your Weight Loss?

Although weighing scales help measure weight, they did not give accurate results sometimes.

Suppose you are trying to be fit and muscular. So, you follow a daily routine, but when you measure your weight on the scale, you will probably find out that your weight has risen.

It is because muscles weigh more than fat. So, when you lose weight, you lose fat, but your muscles gain strength if you are doing a muscle workout.

Besides this, your weight will fluctuate on the scale when you measure before and after drinking or eating something.

Therefore, you should also try other ways to measure your weight loss. So, let’s get started.


6 Ways to Measure Weight Loss Without a Scale

Some of you might already perform the methods which we are going to discuss. They do not involve any rocket science; all are very easy, and we all know about them.

Here are the ways to measure your weight loss without a weighing scale.

Invest in Measuring Tape

Invest in Measuring Tape

Measuring tape might seem old-fashioned to you, but the tape helps measure any weight loss in your body.

When you exercise, your body loses fat, especially in the chest and belly area. So, you should measure your chest and belly area with a measuring tap in 6-7 weeks to see changes.

Note: Place your measuring tape on the same area where you measure last time. Also, it will take time to show changes; so, workout regularly and measure at least after one month.


Check your Clothes Fittings

Check your Clothes Fittings

Are you exercising for 2-3 months? It’s time to try out old clothes! It is the easiest way to check whether you are losing weight or not.

When you lose weight, you will notice that your clothes hang loose. But if you gain weight, then your clothes will not fit you anymore!

So, take out your old jeans and see if your jeans fit your waist. If it is tight, then you have to work harder until it feels comfortable to you.


Measure your Sleep

Measure your Sleep

Sleep is a good way of checking your weight. You are probably wondering what sleep has to do with weight?

Exercise and diet are directly proportional to sleep. So, if you have a healthy diet and exercise plan, you will have a good sleep.

But if you are not getting enough sleep, it increases ghrelin (hunger hormone) that affects your whole diet plan.

In simple words, the lesser sleep you get, the more weight you gain. So, you see, all this is interconnected. Therefore, you should always check your sleep patterns.


Snap a New Selfies

Snap a New Selfies

There was a trend on Instagram where people post their old photos and new photos to show comparisons. It is good in case of measuring weight loss as well.

You have to do nothing, take a regular selfie, and take a new selfie after 1-2 months. Now compare both the selfies; you will see a change if you follow an exercise and diet plan.

Note: Don’t compare selfies daily as it will be difficult to see change so fast. Also, if you are not good at making comparisons, you can ask anyone in your family to check for weight loss.


Measure your Energy Level

Measure your Energy Level

When we lose weight, we can efficiently perform activities such as getting in or out of the car, walking and running.

You are not lazy anymore and get up from bed to do work quickly. So, if you exercise regularly and take your diet correctly, your energy level gets increased.

In simple words, you can measure your weight through the energy level in your body. A high energy level means you have lost weight.


Test Body Fat

Test Body Fat

Testing your body fat is an essential part of measuring your weight. A high-fat level in the body is more dangerous than a high body weight.

Calipers are an excellent way of measuring body fat; you have to pinch your skin in different areas and then use a formula to estimate the body fat.

It is one of the best and accurate ways of measuring weight loss without a weighing scale. However, make sure to invest in high-quality calipers to get a precise measurement.

Now, it’s time to conclude our article.



Although losing weight is essential, but what’s more important is that you feel healthy and confident. You should exercise and eat healthy daily, but it’s better if you do not get obsessed with weight numbers.

Well, that’s all for today. Use anyone way to measure weight loss without a weighing scale and share your experiences with us. Until then, work hard and eat healthy!

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