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How To Become Slim? (11 Tips To Get Slim Body)

Don’t we all want to lose weight and achieve a healthy and fit body? Everyone desires to fight obesity, and rightly so. There are many health risks related to an obese body.

In addition, we all wish to look fit. However, trying to get slim can be a taxing and challenging task. We are here to address precisely that for you.

Even though there are no such shortcuts to get slim instantly, there are few practical things you could do to tone up your body. We have researched some ways for you that seem to have worked for a lot of people in their journey to become slim and embrace a healthy lifestyle.


11 Tips To Follow To Get A Slimmer Body

There are many things you can do to get a healthy and eventually slimmer body. If you follow these simple and practical steps, they will aid you in reaching your dream body. Being mindful of these tips will have an overall benefit on your health and your lifestyle.

1. Try To Consume Homemade Food

Homemade Food

People have become so busy in their lives that they would prefer eating outside or ordering food, rather than cooking it themselves. The biggest pro of cooking your own food is that you can cook as per your needs and preferences, using only the ingredients and amount that suits you. Home-cooked food is always healthier and better for you than the food you eat outside.

Avoiding junk and heavily fried food and consuming healthy food that you cook at home will help you go a long way in your goal of getting slimmer. The idea of giving up junk food might sound somewhat intimidating to you at first, but you can at least start by putting a limit on your junk food consumption.


2. Drink A Lot Of Water

Drink A Lot Of Water

Water is essential for you to keep yourself hydrated. It is also good if you drink some water before your meals. That will keep the possibility of overeating in check. It is a drink that will make you feel full without adding to your calorie intake.

On an average, it is recommended that a male consumes 3.7 litres of fluids in a day. For women, it is 2.7 litres per day. It also helps increase your metabolism. You should replace your sodas and sugary juices with water sooner if you aspire to get a fit body.


3. Avoid Drinking Sugary Beverages

Sugary Beverages

Taking sugary beverages will add a lot of calories to your diet. Hence it is best to avoid them. Switching to low-calorie sugar-free drinks can prove to be the best for you in your journey to becoming slimmer.

You must also cut down on alcoholic beverages since they increase blood sugar and insulin levels, which can result in faster fat storage. Water, with its zero calories, is the best drink to have when thirsty.


4. Eat Your Meals In Small Portions

It is necessary for you to keep your food intake in check. Instead of having more extensive meals, eat smaller portions of healthy food throughout the day or when you feel hungry. It boosts your metabolism rate. Make sure that your diet is a balanced diet and includes all the nutrients vital for your body.


5. Avoid Skipping Your Meals

You need to mark these words! Many people tend to skip their meals expecting they’ll get the ideal body. This, however, is a grave mistake to make and can prove to be unhealthy for you, causing many disorders.

As per a study, skipping meals might increase your cravings for foods high in calories. This will increase the chances of you eating unhealthy food, and you might end up gaining weight instead of losing it.


6. Eat More Fiber

Eat More Fiber

You must consume food that is high in fiber if you wish to get slimmer. It can prove to be healthy for you and aid you in weight loss and prevent you from overeating. These foods will make you feel fuller after you eat.

Also, food items rich in fiber have fewer calories than other food items of the same volume. You must try including fruits in all your meals, and also consume a good amount of fresh salad. Take plenty of vegetables and fruits as they are rich in fiber.


7. Chew Your Food Slowly And Properly

Chewing your food properly will help you with quicker digestion. If you chew your food in a proper manner, this will help you in eating less. Chewing slowly will make you enjoy your food and leave you satisfied; hence you won’t feel the need to eat more.


8. Take A Walk After Your Meals


It would help if you inculcated in yourself that habit of taking a walk each time you have your meals. This will help you burn some calories faster and will also help you with digestion.


9. Get Good Sleep


That’s right! As per research, poor sleeping habits may lead to an increase in weight. Your sleep affects two important hormones in your body- ghrelin and leptin (also known as the “Hunger hormones”).

If you do not get enough sleep, your body releases more of these hormones. This, in turn, makes you feel hungrier, increasing your appetite. As a result, you tend to consume more and more food.

That’s why it is essential to complete your sleep. It affects your overall health and your day.


10. Have Your Dinner Early

I personally have come across people who prefer having their dinner very late. Let me tell you that it is not a good practice if you are in pursuit of getting slimmer, or even otherwise.

If you consume your dinner early, your body will utilise the food better, and aid digestion. It will eventually help you with weight loss.


11. Avoid The Elevators

Avoid The Elevators

Yes! If you want to get slim, you will have to make that extra effort. Instead of taking the elevator, use the stairs. It will help you burn a few extra calories.

If you have a busy lifestyle and barely get time to exercise, then taking the stairs is even more necessary for you. Taking the stairs can be a good exercise for you.



What kind of food should I eat to get slim?

You must take food that is low in calories but high in other essential nutrients. Fruits and veggies are great in that. You can include foods like spinach, kale, broccoli, apples, blueberries, etc., in your diet list. They are rich in nutrients and fiber, which will make you feel full.


Does skipping meals help in getting skinny?

Skipping your meals might not be the best way to get skinny. It is obvious that you will consume fewer calories; however, it can have a reverse effect in the long run. You might get into binge-eating and get trapped in an unhealthy eating cycle.

Also, your body might not be able to burn calories effectively due to the unpredictability of your meals.


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Getting a slim body is a journey and not something that can be done overnight. But as they say, “where there is a will, there is a way.” We are sure that by following these well-researched tips and bits of advice and staying consistent, you can come closer to achieving your dream body soon.

Have you incorporated these healthy habits into your schedule already? Do you feel any changes in your body? Do share your experience with us in the comments below!

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