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10 Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep and Health

Do you wake up with a headache or drowsiness? Do you not know why this is happening? Have you ever thought that the mattress you sleep on can be the culprit behind your poor sleep?

A mattress affects you in many possible ways. You’ll be surprised to know that your mattress not only influences your sleep, also your mental and physical health. Sleeping on a poor bed can lead to many problems.

If you face problems like back issues, joint pains, lack of sleep, or drowsiness, the real reason behind all your problems can be your mattress. In this article, we’ll explore several ways in which a mattress affects you.


10 Surprising Ways Your Mattress Negatively Affecting Your Sleep and Health

1. Back Pain

Back Pain

One of the most common issues people face when they are sleeping on a bad mattress is backaches. Backaches caused by mattresses can range from mild to severe. A new mattress can also cause backache if the firmness of the mattress isn’t correct.

Various reasons exist for back pain. But, the ones caused by mattresses can be felt right after you wake up. If your lower or upper back is sore as soon as you wake up, then the cause is your mattress.

Now, a worn-out or deformed mattress can be the reason behind your sare back. If you have purchased a new mattress, if you still suffer from backache, you should check the firmness level of the mattress. A very soft or a very firm mattress can also lead to backache.

Solution: You can buy a proper firm orthopedic mattress to reduced back pain. Click here to know which are the best ones for you.



2. Body Weight

Body Weight

Are you exercising regularly and still feeling that you are not losing any weight? The thing that might be stopping you from doing so is your mattress.

Your weight affects the quality and firmness of the mattress you should sleep on. But, it is also the other way round. Your mattress has a changing effect on your body weight.

A substandard mattress affects everything starting from your sleep schedule to your eating habits. A poor sleep cycle can lead to overeating at night that can lead to obesity. So, if you can’t sleep on your mattress for no reason at all, it might be time to get a new one.


3. Joint Pain

Joint Pain

Your body needs to align with the curves of your mattress. If it doesn’t, the gap between you and the mattress can disrupt the alignment of your spine. This is common in people who have a very firm mattress.

Joint pain and muscle soreness are some of the leading causes people have to change their mattresses. Patients with arthritis are also advised to sleep on mattresses that are clinically approved.

Mattress toppers can be a temporary solution for firm mattresses. However, orthopedic mattresses are touted to the audience that are suffering from joint pain and muscle aches. Doctors also recommend orthopedic mattresses for arthritis patients.


4. Lack of Sleep

Lack of Sleep

Any uncomfortable mattress can be your way into poor sleep. If you are tossing and turning around all night without any cause, you should go for a cozier mattress.

Sometimes sagging or lumpy mattresses can also be the cause of poor sleep and body pain. Your unhealthy sleep schedule can turn into anxiety in the long run. It can also take a toll on your skin.

Not getting enough sleep is a warning sign from your mattress. It needs an immediate replacement. Sleeping on a mattress that does not give you proper rest has undesirable consequences.

Companies have manufactured mattresses keeping in mind your comfort and sleeping needs. There are mattresses for light sleepers as well as heavy sleepers. The technology used in mattresses has evolved over time for our good.


5. Allergies


Isn’t it surprising to see that as soon as your mattress gets old, your respiratory system starts acting up! Over its course, a mattress accumulates all kinds of dust, bugs, and mites. They can enter your lungs and throat and cause irritation.

If you wake up with a stuffy nose and puffy eyes, you have to replace your mattress. Vacuuming the mattress can be a temporary solution. But, if you have an extra thick mattress it could be tougher to clean.

Here is a Guide on How to Clean Mattress Properly.

As time goes by, we spill a lot of things on the mattress. A part of this spilled material might reach inside the layers of the mattress and become a breeding ground for bacteria or fungi. This might also increase the intensity of your allergies.


6. Immunity


There is a direct correlation between a mattress and our immune system. When you don’t get enough sleep, you are more prone to get sick. Not sleeping enough can be troublesome for your body’s immunity.

A bad mattress can cost you good health. You can catch common colds, flu, or diseases easily when you have low immunity.

Eating and sleeping right are the only two ways to maintain our immune system. If one of them goes in the opposite direction, you are sure to visit the doctor.

So, to save yourselves from hospital bills, you must get a mattress that gives you proper sleep. Proper sleep will help you build a better immune system.


7. Heart Issues

Heart Issues

Your cardiac health can get severely affected if you don’t get enough sleep because of a deformed mattress. Heart diseases are the worst problems. It is better not to take any risks and prevent anything that causes them.

Research shows that cardiac arrest is seen more in people who don’t sleep properly. People with poor sleep cycles are more prone to heart diseases. So, to save yourself from this issue, you should purchase a brand new mattress that gives you relaxation and sufficient sleep.

The lack of sleep can also push you towards higher chances of stroke. It also contributes to high blood pressure and stress which are all interlinked to heart-related issues.


8. Memory


Experts say that to retain what you have learned, you need an eight-hour sleep at night. If your mattress affects your sleep, this implies it also affects your memory. Having a bad sleep cycle can lead to poor memory that is harmful, especially for students.

To create memories, you need proper sleep. Not getting enough sleep can lead to poor memory power. Sleep deprivation can force your brain into forgetting memories or not making them.

It has never been advised to sleep less and work more. There should always be a balance between your sleep and work. Your bed can mess with your brain. It is high time to replace the mattress if it has already started to do so.


9. Night Sweats and Interrupted Sleep

Night Sweats

We all have experienced those nights where you just can’t sleep because of the heat. You keep moving around in your bed, but that doesn’t help. Night sweat and interrupted sleep can take a toll on your health.

Mattresses are supposed to be breathable. High-quality mattresses are fitted with foams that come with features like air circulation. They can keep the bed cool even during warm room temperature.

The fabric used in mattresses also plays a key role. If the mattress has cheap unnatural fabric, it can be sticky and warm. Cotton or cashmere fabric is the best when it comes to mattresses.


10. No Beauty Sleep

No Beauty Sleep

The beauty secret behind youthful skin is good food and proper rest. There is no skincare product as good as the right amount of sleep. Properly sleeping gets rid of dark circles and makes your face look fresh and healthy.

Your skin is more prone to acne when there is dust trapped inside the layers of the mattress. Bed bugs trapped inside the mattress can bite you. Their bites can be very irritating and painful.


Final Words

The bottom line is that a high-quality mattress can improve your sleep and health. But, a bad cheap-quality mattress or old worn-out mattress can sacrifice your sleep and prove to be detrimental to your health.

You can suffer from drowsiness and back pain because of a poor-quality mattress. The other health conditions you might face because of a substandard mattress are heart diseases, high blood pressure, poor memory, and a weak immune system.

It is surprising to see how much a simple mattress can affect you. This is the reason why it is said that a mattress is not a waste of money. A mattress is an investment that can be there in you thick and thin for your year.

We hope that this article helped you understand the importance of a good mattress. Share with us in the comment section how your experience was with your mattress.

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