Vegan Vs Vegetarian Diet

Vegan Vs Vegetarian: Which Is a Healthier Choice

Are you thinking about switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet? Or are you just curious about the new trending vegan society? Some people may be perplexed by the differences between these two diets, particularly those unfamiliar with them. We are here to help! Well, there can be many reasons, but the two most compelling … Read more

How Do Eggs Help In Muscle Building

How Do Eggs Help In Muscle Building?

Are you tweaking your diet to get ripped? Are you someone looking for natural sources of protein? Well, let me introduce you to your new best friend: Egg! Did you know that the calories in whey protein powder are 127% higher than egg, an egg contains 155 calories per 100 grams and the former 352 … Read more

How To Make Potatoes Healthy

How To Make Potatoes Healthy? (5 Healthy Potato Recipes)

Let us face it! Hogging on french fries is one of our favorite things to do. We are often used to eating potatoes in a form where they are deep-fried in most cases. Food items like chips, french fries, wedges, etc are all high fat and high calorie-containing. But, we can make potatoes healthy too. … Read more

How To Become Slim (11 Tips To Get Slim Body)

How To Become Slim? (11 Tips To Get Slim Body)

Don’t we all want to lose weight and achieve a healthy and fit body? Everyone desires to fight obesity, and rightly so. There are many health risks related to an obese body. In addition, we all wish to look fit. However, trying to get slim can be a taxing and challenging task. We are here … Read more

Difference Between Fat Loss VS Weight Loss

Difference Between Fat Loss And Weight Loss (What To Aim For)

You read that right! Losing fat and losing weight is not the same thing. In fact, in this article, we will look at the two in-depth so that by the end of this article you are able to differentiate between the two terms as well as have an in-depth understanding of both. When you aim … Read more

Indian Height To Weight Chart According To Age

Indian Height To Weight Chart According To Age

We all aspire to have a healthy body. A healthy body ensures a happy and good life. If you want a maintain a healthy body, it is essential to keep track of your weight and height. To ensure the healthy functioning of your body, your weight must be in accordance with your height. Many of … Read more

Oats Vs Dalia: Which One Is Better For Weight Gain?

A healthy breakfast is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. When your goal is to gain a healthy weight, it is vital to intake a proper diet. Dalia and Oats are great options when it comes to gaining or losing weight. Oats or Dalia are considered great meals for any time of the day. They are … Read more

How to Prepare Oats for Weight Loss

How to Prepare Oats for Weight Loss (Boost Your Weight Loss Plan)

Oats are jam-packed with nutritious qualities like high fiber content and protein. Many people prefer oats for breakfast because of their taste and nutritional value. Did you know that if you prepare your oatmeal a certain way, you can lose weight? When you want to lose weight with the help of oats, your diet revolves … Read more

What Is Normal Blood Sugar Level According To Your Age

What Is Normal Blood Sugar Level According To Your Age?

The blood sugar level in our body affects our body’s metabolism. But, very few of us know the meaning of blood sugar levels and their standard rate. Our ignorance towards the factors that affect blood sugar levels can lead to health issues in the long run. Blood sugar level maintenance is vital for the well-being … Read more

10 Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep and Health

10 Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep and Health

Do you wake up with a headache or drowsiness? Do you not know why this is happening? Have you ever thought that the mattress you sleep on can be the culprit behind your poor sleep? A mattress affects you in many possible ways. You’ll be surprised to know that your mattress not only influences your … Read more