What should a men’s multivitamin contain?

What should a men's multivitamin contain

If you think both men and women need the same type of vitamins, then you must give it a second thought. Men and women have different body structures and thus their needs for vitamins and nutrients are different. Men need some nutrients more than what women need while there are other nutrients that are needed … Read more

What Is Cold Pressed Oil?

What Is Cold Pressed Oil

With their high nutritional value, cold-pressed nutritionists highly recommend oils for cooking instead of regular cooking oil. Since it is considered to be a rich source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, it can be used as a regular substitute for oil. But before you make the changes in your kitchen, it is necessary for … Read more

CGM Vs BGM | Which Monitor is Best?

CGM Vs BGM | Which Monitor is Best

Do you know? 80% of adults have prediabetes, but they do not see that they have it! It is because most people in the world say prevention is better than cure but do the opposite. In simple words, unless they develop diabetes, they do not go for blood sugar testing. Non-diabetic people should always go … Read more

What Is Normal Blood Sugar Level According To Your Age?

What Is Normal Blood Sugar Level According To Your Age

Prolonged high blood sugar can have adverse effects on your health. It can potentially damage the vessels that supply blood to the other important organs. This can lead to stroke, heart diseases, vision problems, kidney diseases, nerve issues, etc. This is why it is necessary to understand the normal blood sugar level, especially as per … Read more

Best Pain Relief Spray in India 2022

Best pain relief spray

Chances of muscular pains have increased to a high level due to our stressful lifestyle, hectic schedules damaged mattress. Pain is the clear warning of a prevailing condition sent by the body to our brain to register the potential damage done to the tissues. Pain is quite annoying but it is one of the most … Read more

Diet Plan of India for Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting India

Intermittent fasting in India 2022 is best for weight loss. Different health freak people follow various diet plans, but intermittent fasting tops the list. This fasting includes a specific pattern for fasting. It has become one of the most popular trends for losing weight and is a cycle between eating and fasting periods. You do … Read more

List of Tests for Diabetes, Normal Values, Procedure and Estimate Charges in India 2022

List of Diabetes Test & Blood Glucose Level Normal Values

According to an estimate, the diabetic population in India 2022 can grow up to 34.3 million by 2045. Yes, you read it correctly; India is second world capital for diabetes! Diabetes is also known as sugar that happens when your body becomes insufficient in using the glucose (sugar) present in its cells for producing energy. … Read more

Is Air Cooler Good For Health?

Is Air Cooler Good For Health

Air coolers have always been a trending and favourable choice, especially for people living in humid regions. This is not only because of its reasonable prices compared to an air conditioner but also due to its several benefits. It is common knowledge that ACs have certain harsh benefits on our health as well as the … Read more

How to Calculate BMR and TDEE?

How to Calculate BMR and TDEE

Have you failed to maintain an optimal weight despite your regular exercise sessions and weight training? This can be because you are missing one of the essential parameters for weight control – keeping the count of your calories. How many calories your body needs? How many do you burn in a day? Does it matter? … Read more

Is a Hard or Soft Mattress Better for Back Pain?

Is a Hard or Soft Mattress Better for Back Pain

If you wake up every morning with a sore back, it might be the texture of your mattress that is affecting your health. A good mattress is vital for comfortable sleep and maintaining health. Your body weight and sleep position determine how soft or how firm your mattress must be. Back sleepers, side sleepers, or … Read more