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Why Does My Water Taste Like Salt?

Do you know? A human can tolerate salt concentrations in water up to 460 mg/L. And oceans have around 30,000 mg/L of salt in water. That is why ocean water is undrinkable and harmful for humans.

Surprisingly, our tap water also contains some sodium chloride, so that it tastes like fresh water. The World Health Organization has set the limit of 200 mg/L of salt in drinking water.

More than 200 mg/L of salt in water can make the water taste like salt. Less than 460 mg/L of salt is not harmful yet unpleasant to drink, especially when it gets mixed with other reasons.

What other reasons? Are there any other causes for water tasting like salt? Well, yes, some level of sodium chloride concentration cannot alone turn the water salty.

Here’s why does my water taste like salt.


Reasons for Water taste like salt

Our tap water contains at least 316 containments; that is why water has a funny odor and strange taste very often.

Among 316, there are three most common containments due to which water taste like salt. Let’s have a look.

The high amount of Chloride ions

Chloride ions

It is the most prevalent reason for salty water coming through your taps or from your well. Chloride ions are the result of pollution.

Run-off of chemical fertilizers and pesticides from agricultural areas and industrial waste contains chloride (mainly sodium chloride) mixed into underground water.

Through underground water, it reaches to water supply system and wells leading to salty water. Road salt can also enter into the supply system through groundwater or run-off directly into the reservoirs.

Besides this, sodium is naturally present in the earth’s crust, so local deposits are common.

Timely checking of chloride ions in water is essential as they can corrode the plumbing system and lead to further complications.


High Concentration of Sulfates


Sulfates can also cause the water saltier. They are naturally present in the earth, generally derived from Magnesium sulfate and sodium sulfate.

As they are present in rocks and soil, sulfates get mixed in the water whenever underground water passes through them, traveling through the supply system to your home.

Besides naturally, industrial waste and chemicals running off directly into the rivers, lakes, and reservoirs contain sulfates.


Leakage of Seawater

Sometimes, seawater gets mixed with your water due to flooding or leakage in the water distribution system. It usually happens in coastal regions.

Due to flooding, it gets combined in underground water, making the well water also saltier. If this happens a lot in your area, it’s better to get rid of salt through filtration systems or evaporation.


Water Softener Issue

If your water tastes a bit saltier every morning, then there could become water softener issues. Water softeners are very efficient but very complicated devices to handle.

When your water softener is not working correctly, it thinks your water requires more salt than needed.

Clogging issues in the drain lines or tanks can also make the water saltier. It’s better to replace the water softener and make sure that it is programmed correctly. Also, clear the blockage to remove the clogging issues.



Well, sometimes the problem is not in water; it is you! When you exercise, especially in a hot climate, without drinking much water cause dehydration in your body.

When your body dehydrates, your saliva contains salt concentration. That is why whenever you lick your lips, you taste salt.

Similarly, when you drink water, it tastes like salt due to salt concentration in your saliva. Therefore, make sure to hydrate yourselves.


In Conclusion

Salty water is not only unpleasant to drink! It also has side effects such as diarrhea, headache, High Blood Pressure, etc. Besides health side effects, it can also damage your plumbing system.

Although now you have a list of reasons causing water tastes like salt, there’s probably nothing you can do itself. So, what to do? First of all, test your water and contact your water supplier.

However, using RO Water purifier is the best solution to get rid of water containments making the drinking water healthier and safer.


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