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Why Does My Water Taste Like Metal?

We all know that drinking water 8 times a day is healthy! But do we drink healthy water? Sometimes, our water has a funny and strange smell and taste. And out of all flavors, the most annoying is the metallic taste!

When our water smells and tastes like metal, it becomes unhealthy for us to drink that water. But why does water taste like metal?

Well, probably because of various metal contaminants mixed in the water. Some of the common metals include iron, manganese, lead, and copper.

Besides, metals there are other reasons as well that need attention! Here are the reasons for the metallic taste in water.


Reasons for Metallic Taste in Water

When our water tastes like something (suppose dirt), we immediately think that reason will be dirt in the water. Yes, it is! However, there are other reasons as well.

Similarly, for metallic taste, there are various reasons. Let’s have a look.

Low pH Level

Low pH Level

pH (Potential for Hydrogen) level directly affects the alkalinity and acidity level of water. More the pH level, the more alkaline the water. On the other hand, less the pH level, more the acidity level in the water.

It also indicates that a low pH level creates more hunger in water. In simple words, acidic water corrodes when it travels and becomes more prone to contamination.

Metals such as zinc, copper, and metal present in the pipes and faucets get mixed with water through corrosion which causes a metallic taste in water.

So, if your water has a metallic taste, then you can check its pH level. Pure and non-contaminated water has a pH level of 7. 


High Iron Levels

Do you know? Even lower as 0.3 ppm (parts per million) of iron concentration in water can cause a metallic taste in water.

It is the most common reason when water tastes like metal, especially when the pH level of water is lower than 7.

While the low level of iron does not affect health, higher-level iron can lead to unwanted problems.

If you use well water, then a higher iron level is most familiar as the earth’s crust has at least 5% of iron that gets slip into underground water, reaching to well and other water supply systems.


High levels of Metallic Contaminants

Besides iron, other metals can contaminate water. High levels of such metallic contaminants pose a severe threat to humans.

Some metals such as zinc, copper, and chromium are not much harmful if present in low concentrations. However, heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and arsenic are too critical for health, even at low levels.

So, if your water tastes metallic, then it’s better to keep the glass of water aside and contact your water supplier, primarily if you use well water.


Old Plumbing System

Old Plumbing System

Many cities in the world have not updated their plumbing system for years. It makes it easy for the metals present inside the pipelines to get mixed into the water.

Also, an old plumbing system made of copper or brass can cause a metallic taste in the water. Therefore, it’s best to check your pipes and faucets and install new to safe drinking.

If the water supply plumbing system is the one with the problem, then contact your water supplier.


Addition of Chemicals

The addition of chemicals in the water at the time of storm or flood is very often. The water suppliers add chemicals approved by the Government as a disinfectant.

If it is the reason, then your water will taste metallic for some time only. So, no need to worry! You can use that water for all purposes. However, for drinking purposes, it’s better to use a good water purifier system.



Surprisingly, sometimes instead of water, you are at fault for metallic taste. Nowadays, most people consume lots of multivitamins and medication for different purposes.

However, they are a good source of some metals such as zinc, chromium, and copper. No matter how much you take! Multivitamins leave some metallic taste in your mouth.

So, when you drink water, you think your water tastes like metal. But it happens very rarely; the above-given reasons are more prevalent.



So, before ending this article, here’s what to do if your water tastes like metal.

  • Contact your water supplier
  • Use a filtration system such as RO
  • Check your plumbing system and filtration system as well
  • Test the pH level of your water

That was all for today, guys! We hope that the article was helpful for you.

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