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Advantages and Disadvantages of UV Water Purifier

UV water purifiers are a type of device that disinfects the drinking water by implementing the germicidal UV (Ultra Violet rays). The chamber in this equipment contains a lamp that releases wavelengths that can kill microbiological organisms as the water passes through it. The UV rays can terminate cysts, viruses, bacteria, and various types of spores present in the water.

In 1877, the germicidal qualities from the UV light were first invented. In 1903, UV light was implemented to combat the disease of Tuberculosis. Niels Fensen also owns a Nobel Prize for this contribution to science. In 1910, the first Ultraviolet water purification system was installed in Marseilles, France.

The water purifying systems are ideal for the water supply of those areas where there is plenty of cryptosporidium, E.coli or giardia is present. It keeps your drinking water completely safe and pure to consume and ensures that they are free of pathogens and viruses that why every best water purifier system comes with UV filtration or also know as Ultraviolet Filtration.

How Does an Ultraviolet water purifier operate?

Water remains in the disinfected state while passing through a chamber made of stainless steel and containing a UV lamp. As water passes the light, diseases causing microorganisms like viruses, cysts, and bacteria receive a lethal 254 nm wavelength of UV rays that breaks down their DNA so that they will not reproduce further in the water and ultimately kills them.

The remaining of the dead microorganisms remains in the water, but they cannot cause any harm to you. Most of the Ultraviolet purification devices come with enough safety processes like a quartz glass sleeve adjacent to the lamp. This glass sleeve protects the lamp and ensures that power should not get in direct touch with the water. A UV water purifier requires 40-watt power consumption, which is as low as a light.


Is UV really Important for the Water Purifier?

The UV water purification system is most efficient when the water is clear. Thus the machine should include a pre-filter of five microns to stop the living organism from being hidden behind the sediments. A sediment filter should also be present to get rid of the debris and dirt from the water to decrease the iron level. UV chamber is the last thing that the water will pass before you can store it for drinking purposes.


Advantages of UV Water Purifier:

Here are some of the most prominent advantages of Ultraviolet water purifiers.

1. Environment Friendly:

Compared to chemical disinfectants or chlorine that is applied in the municipality water treatment, UV water purification process does not implement any chemicals to decontaminate and thus does not generate any chemical elements.


2. Compatibility with other purification Processes:

UV filters can be clubbed along with RO or carbon filters for a more comprehensive purification outcome.


3. No wastage of water:

The UV process does not need any water for drainage, thus saving it from wastage.


4. Ultimate Affectivity against the Microorganisms:

The biggest advantage of using a UV water purifier lies in the elimination of the microorganisms like parasites, fungi, and bacteria that remain dissolved in the water. When it is a question of producing microbiologically guaranteed water, then those coming out from a UV purification system are the best answer.


5. Without any Maintenance:

The water filters fitted with a UV light are simple and easy to maintain. It only needs a change of a UV light at particular intervals by the manufacturer. Some water purifiers even come with an indicator of the status of the UV light. Also, it’s easy to install, automatic in action, and extremely user friendly.


6. No additional taste or odor:

The water from a UV filtration system does not change its pH, taste, odor, or conductivity. It also does not alter the usual water chemistry keeping it as it is.


Disadvantages of UV water Purifier:

After counting innumerable pros of the Ultraviolet water purifier in the above section, now let us take a quick look into their drawbacks.


1. Heat up the water:

If running water is not entering the machine and sitting in the UV chamber, then the UV machine will heat up the water inside.


2. No alternative to Storage Tank:

You cannot install a storage tank in the UV water purifying device. You have to store all the pure drinking water in a separate container outside the machine.


3. Needs other pre and post-filters:

The water, when exposed to the UV lights, should be with no turbidity. This is due to the reason that particles or sediments present in the water might stop the UV wavelength from destroying the microorganisms. Thus a pre sediment filter is a must-have to terminate any sediment present in the water before entering the UV chamber. Similarly, UV rays cannot remove the loose particles, chemicals like chlorine, volatile compounds, and toxic metals from the water. It would be best if you combine it with other filters to post the UV chamber.

Similarly, UV rays cannot remove the loose particles, chemicals like chlorine, volatile compounds, and toxic metals from the water with high TDS. You need to combine it with other filters like RO in the post UV chamber.


3. Requires Power to Operate:

UV water filtration systems require electricity to operate. Thus this type of machine is not ideal for those areas that have frequent power cuts.


4. UV light cannot be turned off:

The UV light can never be turned off. The UV light is completely invisible, and thus you have to guess if the device is working properly or not.


5. Does remove the dead bodies of the Contaminants:

A UV water purifier can only destroy the microorganisms but cannot remove the dead bodies from the water. For that, you will need a prefiltration system to get rid of those.



UV water purifiers can be defined as the machines that take proper benefit of the UV technique to offer you the purest water form for consumption. The device implements UV radiation to eliminate the microorganisms from the water. Nowadays, many reputed companies include Ultraviolet water purifiers with numerous features. But you must check all the above benefits and disadvantages before installing one in your home or office.

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