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UF Water Purifier (Ultra Filtration) with Advantages and Disadvantages

According to a report by UNICEF, almost 4000 children lose their lives every day due to drinking contaminated water sources. The report also states that the death toll rises to nearly two million annually. Now, after seeing these statistics, you might be wondering about how to lower this mortality rate and end these painful circumstances. Well, the best solution for this is UF water purifier or best water purifier which are available in India 2022 .

UF filters utilize hydrostatic pressure to push it through the semipermeable membrane. The size of the membrane varies from 103 to 106 Daltons. The UF acts as a barrier to the bacteria, suspended particles, viruses, pathogens, and endotoxins to deliver pure and clean water. UF water purifiers eliminate all the colloidal particles, which are less than 0.01 and greater than 1 micron.


Working Mechanism of UF Water Purifier

In the Ultra Filtration water purifier, the water supply flows through a membrane that is composed of hollow fibers. High molecular weight solutes and suspended solids then pass through this membrane. UF is not mechanically different from RO, nano, or microfiltration, except in the molecular size of the particles it retains. UF, when combined with other filtration methodologies, forms a complete water system.


When can you Use Ultra-Filtration Water Purifiers?

UF water purifiers are ideal for those people who prefer to have some minerals left in their drinking water, yet the micro-contaminants should not be present in them. Many customers also select the UF water purification system over a RO purifier due to the massive wastage of water. You can install a UF purifier at home if your water is often regulated and includes very few dissolved minerals. UF is also used to recycle overflow water after purification. In this way, the wastewater can be reused for irrigation.


What Type of Impurities can a UF water purifier remove?

A UF membrane can purify the following impurities and get rid of these contaminants to deliver the purest form of drinking water.


Minimal Elimination

  • Arsenic
  • Fluoride
  • Nitrate
  • Sulphate
  • Salt


Partial Elimination

  • Algae
  • Chloride
  • Copper
  • Mercury
  • Lead


Complete Elimination

  • Benzene
  • Arsenic
  • Crypto
  • Chlorine
  • Rust
  • Pesticides
  • Any foul odor or taste
  • Viruses


Advantages of UF water Purifier

After having a detailed knowledge of what is a Ultra Filtration water purifier and what exactly it does, it is now time to look into the benefits of using the UF water purification system in your home.


No Necessity of Electricity

This type of water filtration system does not need any electricity to operate. Thus it is ideal for those areas where there is a frequent power cut.


Purifies Muddy water

The UF water purifiers can clean even the turbid or muddy water. It even eliminates all the cysts, germs, and invisible sediments from the water. This level of filtration is not possible in UV water purifiers. For the high TDS areas, you will need the Reverse Osmosis purification process for getting clean drinking water.



The membranes of the UF water purifiers are incredibly robust and will never crack. Thus you can be sure that the machine will not supply contaminated water due to failure. For the uninterrupted flow of the water, the UF filter needs to be cleaned from time to time.


Terminates all the pollutants from the water

The UF water filtration process terminates all the bacteria, viruses, and germs. The dead bodies of the removed microorganisms are then rinsed out by flushing it through the drain. By comparing this quality, UF water purifying machines are better than the UV ones.


Delivers the purest form of water

Some purifying systems implement chlorine to get rid of the germs in the water. But the eggs of the cysts are covered by a very hard shell that cannot be penetrated by chlorine also. Even if they can terminate the germs, their remaining and the active eggs are still not filtered out from the water. The UF water filtration machines remove these cyst eggs that are responsible for the amoebic diseases. The UF filtration devices also remove Gastroenteritis parasites like Cryptosporidiosis and Giardiasis.


Extremely Efficient

There is no need for much maintenance of the UF water purifiers. The manual flushing management will wash out all the blocked mud and germs, thereby keeping the machine in top-notch condition. With proper care, the equipment can last for up to 9 years.

Other than the above benefits, below are some additional advantages of UF systems.

  • Most economical and portable than the other water purifiers
  • Do not require any type of installation
  • No requirement of any chemicals
  • Plant and process compactness
  • Eco-friendly process


Disadvantages of UF Water Purifiers

The main drawback of the UF water purification procedure is that it cannot remove the dissolved salts in the water. Only RO filters can eliminate heavy metals and salts from the drinking water. Thus we would suggest UF water purifiers if you have water supply from the community or municipality. Therefore if you are thinking about installing a UF machine in your home, get your TDS level tested before that. With up to 500 ppm TDS, BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) has declared that UF water purifiers are safe to use.



UF water filters usually implement an essential water purification technique for purging all the contaminants from the water. Thus if the TDS level in your water supply is low and free of toxic metals like Lead, Cadmium, and Arsenic, then think no more and start using a UF water purifier right now.

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