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Why Does Your RO Water Purifier Stop Working?

90% of the diseases are mostly waterborne. Thus to purify the water, we need the best water purification system like RO filtration. This is the best choice to remove all germs, viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, and toxic chemicals from your water supply.

But at the end of the data, an RO water purifier is a machine, and it is bound to malfunction. It could be due to several reasons, and the following article is a gold mine if you are looking for the same.

Why Does Your RO Water Purifier Stop Working?

Causes of RO Water Purifier Not Working

There can be many reasons that have caused an RO water purifier to stop working. If you have extended knowledge about the reasons, then you can eliminate the problem from the root and fix your filtration system without any hitch.


1. An issue with Power Supply

The first thing that we normally think of when a machine is not working is the power supply. If there is a concern with the main energy supply point or consuming power by the RO, it will put up an excess load on the machine that will lead to its non-operation. Thus always check the power plug first and ensure that it is inserted into the supply point properly. You can also use a tester to check if there is any problem with the power connection. There can also be a loose connection behind the not working RO machine.


Check for the SMPS Adapter

High power fluctuations can destroy an SMPS adapter of the device. You have to replace the SMPS with a mechanic or an electrician to fix this problem in this situation. This adapter plays a major role in the booster power that, in turn, purifies the water.


Solenoid Valve Issue

The wastewater flows into the RO membrane chamber and gets interrupted when the solenoid valve gets damaged. This valve obstructs the water flow into the RO filter permanently. And this will lead to the problem of the RO water purifier not performing correctly.


Damages due to Air Vacuum

Any kind of air vacuum is rarely present inside a RO water purification machine. Technicians, while installing the RO machine for the first time in your home, ensure that they fit all the parts perfectly. Still, sometimes there can be an air vacuum inside the machine. The vacuum will force the booster pump of the RO device to suck up the air. The air gets stuck inside the machine and forces it to stop working. The pre-bowl filter can also get stuck, which can create a vacuum inside the device and prevent any water from entering the RO chamber. In these circumstances, the airlock becomes the prime culprit behind bringing down the RO machine.


Lack of water Feed Supply

The next thing to check in our lists is the diverter valve. You should check if you have accidentally switched it off or not. This valve supplies water to the RO filter, and when there is enough water inside the chamber, the machine automatically cuts off the supply. But if you have turned it off from the outside, then there can be an absence of sufficient feed water in the device. Also, check for the primary water supply of the house.


Issues of the Low-Pressure Switches

When the input water pressure is pre-defined up to a certain level, then only a RO water purifier will operate. In case of pressure drop, the low-pressure switch shuts down the RO machine and makes it non-operational and unstable. Thus you should ensure that the boosting pump is not becoming completely dry. If yes, then you need to replace this pressure switch with a new one. The level of the feed water always needs to be present above the specified mark.


Problems with the Float valve

The RO water purifiers come with an automatic switch-off feature when the storage tank becomes full. This feature prevents water wastage and overflowing issues. The float valve performs this facility of automatic switching of the machine. Whenever you use the purified water, the internal storage tank gets empty, and the RO machine again starts operating to fill up the tank. But if there is a malfunction or problem in the float valve, the RO device shuts off completely.


Issues with the Pressure Pump

The RO water purifiers operate on the principle of reverse osmosis. This means you require applying pressure on the water for the purification process to start. This pressure pump is one of the most important parts of the purification system. Generally, the pumps are not repairable, and we would suggest installing a new one.



These are a few of the most typical issues that might have to cause the RO water purifier to stop working. You cannot fix some problems on your own. You might require a professional technician for this. If your machine is still under the warranty period, it would be the best idea to call a company technician. If there is any malfunction with any of the past, you will also get a full replacement with no additional charges. To find out which part is wrong with your RO machine and repair it today, consume germ-free pure drinking water!

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