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What is The Best PH Level for Drinking Water

Have you ever noticed the different types of water bottles at your nearby grocery stores? They are not just different in terms of their composition but they also distinguish themselves in terms of their Ph value.

Yes, you surely would have noticed or heard about the different pH levels of the drinking water. But, have you ever focused on its details or benefits? Does the pH value of the drinking water really matter that much?

Well, we are here to highlight every single detail that you want to and must be aware of the different pH levels of the drinking water. So, let’s begin.


What is PH (potential of hydrogen)?

Most of us have heard the term pH but not many of us are aware of its meaning and importance.

In simple terms, pH gives the measure of the electrically charged particles available. It not only ensures the quality of the drinking water but also aware us of the acidic or alkalinity level of the water.

The pH scale generally varies from the value 0 to 14 with different meanings, which are:

  • The water with a pH value of 7 is seen as ‘neutral’ which is neither acidic nor alkaline. It is considered the best for drinking use.
  • Water with a pH value of 8 or above is known as alkaline water. Lye, the most alkaline substance, has a pH value of 14
  • Water with pH value between 0 and 7 is known as acidic water. Battery acid is the most acidic substance with a pH value of 0.


What pH value is considered safe for drinking water?

With so many different pH values available for different water, it becomes important to be aware of the right and safe pH value for the drinking water.

The most recommended pH value which is considered absolutely safe for drinking purpose is 7. Any water with a pH value of 7 can be trusted for use.

Besides, water with a pH range between 6.5 to 8.5 is generally considered safe for drinking needs.


What is unsafe pH water?

One of the most common questions or concerns that most of us have is whether the water falling out of the normal pH range unsafe? Frankly, the purity and the freshness of the drinking water are different globally depending upon the factors like weather and the natural surrounding environment.

Water having extremely low or high pH values often indicate the presence of harmful chemical pollutants which can be dangerous for human health.

Water with a high alkaline value has a quite unpleasant taste and smell. Also, water with such a high alkaline value can damage the water pipelines and the various appliances used for carrying water.

On the other hand, water with acidic value is doped with high concentrations of water contaminations and pollutants. Drinking such type of water can not only have adverse effects on the health and skin but it can also dissolve the metal pipes in which it is stored.

Special efforts are made to test the pH value of the water before delivering it for drinking and home uses. Any change in the pH value of the water indicates the presence of contamination and pollutants in the water. Such water is then treated and made safe and pure for domestic use to ensure the good health of the users.

You can drink impure water after the few process but the instant solution to make impure water into pure is water purifier, we have studied more than 30 water purifiers and made a list of best water purifiers that you can buy now.


How can you test pH value at home?

Generally, the water delivered at home for use is closely tested for safety and purity by maintaining it within the right pH range. Thus, there is no such need to test the pH value at home. But still, if you notice any need of testing the pH value at your place, it is quite an easy task to do.

For testing the pH value of your water at home, all you need a test kit. You can easily find many suitable home test kits at any nearby general store at quite an affordable price.

These test kits contain tester pens for measuring the quality of the water. You just need to simply dip these available pens in the sample water to know its pH value. Once you have dipped the pen in the water, it will automatically show the pH reading within a few minutes.

If the pH value of the waterfalls within the safe range of 6.5-8.5, then the water is absolutely safe to drink and there is no such need to take any action for purification.

So, the next time, you witness any signs of contamination or pollutants in your water, all you need is to get a suitable testing kit and measure the pH value of the water before consumption.


Consequences of drinking water with higher or lower pH value:

If are still not worried about drinking water with unsafe pH value, it is time to take some serious actions. With the continuous consumption of unsafe drinking water, you are putting your health at stake.

There are many health consequences that your body goes through with the intake of unsafe water. Some of the major consequences that we are talking about are as follow:

Side effects of drinking alkaline water

Although drinking water with a little alkaline level is considered to be safe, but drinking water with too high alkaline water can bring a lot of side effects, such as:

  • Nausea
  • Twitching of muscles
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting sensations
  • Skin irritation with degradation in the skin quality and health
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Can also cause metabolic alkalosis, and
  • Hand tremors


Side effects of drinking acidic water 

Acidic water is quite harmful to human health. Any water with a high acidic level indicates the available contamination or impurities. Therefore, it is not at all recommended to drink acidic water. Some of the possible side effects that follow with the consumption of acidic water are as follow:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting sensation and nausea
  • Weakness and joint/muscle pain
  • Weak immune system with abdominal pain, and
  • Breathing problem

With such major health issues, consuming water with an unbalanced pH level should be alarming for you. Don’t compromise with your health and make sure to keep a close check on the pH value of the drinking water.


Final Thoughts:

Drinking water is a necessity for a good and healthy lifestyle. Don’t make a distraction that leads you to an unhealthy way of living with adverse health effects. If you are facing some serious issues with the quality of the drinking water, you can also take professional help for the same.

Why limit yourself to the compromised quality of the water when you can get the best quality water with just a little attentiveness? Don’t let the water contamination hinder your health. Keep a check on the pH value and be safe!

If you still need any other information related to the pH value of the drinking water, then you can get in touch with us by commenting below. We are here to assist you with the best possible help.


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