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6 Inventions that Purify Drinking Water

Food and shelter are the basic needs of a human. However, nothing is comparable to water! But what if we tell you that water is a serial killer? Well, not precisely water but contaminated water.

Water Pollution kills around 3.6 million people every year. We all know that approximately 2.5% of the world’s water is drinkable, but that 2.5% also requires filtration. However, in some parts of the world, people have access to only ocean water. So, how do they drink water?

Thanks to modern technology! Here’s the list of inventions that are helping in purifying the water.


What is Water Purification?

Water Purification

Water purification is removing harmful substances, bacteria, viruses, and pathogens from the existing water source. There are numerous ways to purify the water, but we will not go there!

Most developed and developing countries use municipal water. But many people still use water from wells, rivers, and  underground water Although they are direct consumption of water, they have many harmful bacteria that can cause water-borne diseases.

That is why water purification is every essential. So, scientists are developing many methods of purifying water.


7 Modern Water Purification Inventions

Experts have estimated that access to clean water can produce economic benefits of $ 18.5 billion. Let’s see the inventions that purify the water and give access to clean water.

1. LifeStraw


LifeStraw is a brand of water filtering and purification devices. It was named ‘Best Innovation of the Year’ in 2005 by Time Magazine.

It is straightforward to use and reliable in converting the dirtiest water into clean water. Besides this, it is a go-to invention for emergencies such as floods and storms when local water is at its most contaminated level.

It is ideal when you have to go camping, hiking, and survival emergencies. It can purify at least 264 gallons of water and helps in removing 99% of bacteria and germs.

How does it work? When water enters the LifeStraw tube, the hollow fibers trap all the pathogens, and the clean water passes through and comes to the top.


2. Life Sack

Life sack was designed by three Korean designers–Jung Uk Park, MyeongHoon Lee, and DaeYoul Lee—who were outraged by the existence of water scarcity in starving communities.

As the name suggests, it is a bag that works as a water purifier. It also works as a regular bag to store things. It is easy to carry and can be used as a backpack while hiking or on a trip.

So, it is 3-in-1!

How does it work? To filter the water, a Life Sack uses SODIS Technology (Solar Water Disinfection Process). In this process, UV-A radiation and the bag’s thermal treatment combine and kill microorganisms harmful to human health.


3. Drinkable Book

In my opinion, Drinkable Book is the most exciting invention in purifying water. It is a book that includes a guide to safe drinking water. I know, I know! You are probably filled with questions.

The innovative part is that this book has pages when torn upon help in filtering the water. Each page kills almost 99% of harmful bacteria and can filter 100 liters of water.

The pages of the Drinkable Book contain silver/copper nanoparticles that, instead of trapping microorganisms, kill them. It is cost-effective and filters water in no time.

However, it’s not a perfect solution as it cannot dissolves chemicals from the polluted water. But still, it’s better than ocean water.


4. Hippo Roller

Most women and children in dry regions walk 6-7 hours to get water. Plus, carrying heavy buckets on their head every day makes the situation worse for them.

Technically, the Hippo Roller is not a water purification invention. However, this invention has helped half a million people in carrying water.

It is a barrel-shaped container that enables people to carry 24 gallons of water. Besides transporting water, it is also used in drip irrigation in some countries such as Zambia.

Water is placed inside a rolling wheel that makes it movable and light-weighted. So, women, say bye-bye to your difficult days!


5. Waterstone

Waterstone is another greatest invention of  purifying water quickly and cheaply.. It is a mobile solar Potable water generation from the sea.

It is primarily used in areas where there is no source of pure drinking water. And also, where there is no electricity available.

How to use it? It is a cone-shaped device made from transparent and thermo-formable polycarbonate with a base (a black pan). So, first of all, you have to place the unfiltered water in the black pan and cover it with the cone.

Then, the black pan attracts the heat and enhances evaporation. In the cone, condensation occurs in droplets that go into a particular area different from the base.


6. SteriPan

You can compare SteriPan with a magical wand. We all know that traveling to developing or under-developed countries can cause water-borne diseases.

But Sheridan is an invention that purifies the water when you dip it in water. It is mainly used by the US military, travelers, and trackers.

Sheridan uses Ultraviolet technology to kill the harmful microorganisms in the water and make it safe and healthy for you to drink.



There are many more inventions that have helped the world in purifying the water. But they are yet to become popular in the countries and communities which need them.

Water scarcity has almost taken half of the world in its hands. But still, there is time to correct our mistakes. Inventions to purify water are excellent! But the main aim is–Save water and save the world!

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