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How to Wash Spin Mop Head in the Washing Machine?

Mops are one of the common things that you will find in every home. Every home will have one mop, even if it is not used frequently. The mop is the best way to clean the floors with any stain or dirt. It is one of the best ways to clean the dirty floor conveniently.

But, have you ever cleaned your mop? Yes, your cleaning device needs to be cleaned also. If you are not cleaning your mop, then you are just contaminating your house floor with more germs and bacteria. Using a clean mop is the best way to clean your house and making it free from all germs and dirt particles.

So, what can be the best way to clean your mop? Well, it is quite simple! Just wash the spin mop head in the washing machine. Yes, it is possible to wash the mop head in the washing machine but you should be careful enough to use the proper method of doing so.

So, without wasting any more time let us move towards knowing the correct and right procedure of cleaning your spin mop head in the washing machine.


How to Clean Your Spin Mop Head in the Washing Machine in the Correct manner?

The golden rule of keeping your stuff flawless and for a longer time, it is important to clean them in the right manner. The same rule is applicable for your spin mob head as well. It should be cleaned in the right way and manner to make it properly clean.

Before moving to the steps for cleaning your spin mop head, here are some of the things that you should keep in your mind:

  • Your mop head should be machine washable
  • Your mop head is reusable
  • It should be a microfiber mop head
  • It is secure to wash the mop head in the washing machine

Once, you are sure about the above points, next, you should follow the right and specific steps for cleaning the mop head.

Steps to follow to clean your mop head:

Steps to follow to clean your mop head

  1. Detach the mop head from the handle for making it ready to be washed
  2. Once done with this, now place the mop head in the washing machine for washing
  3. Use a small amount of laundry detergent for washing your mop so that it can get thoroughly cleaned without leaving any grease or dirt in that
  4. Now, set the washing machine for a short and gentle wash cycle
  5. You can read the instructions mentioned on either the mop head or the washing machine for effectively cleaning the spin mop head. This will prevent causing any damage to the mop head during the wash
  6. Remove the mop head once it is thoroughly cleaned in the washing machine
  7. Allow your mop head to get thoroughly dry before using it again. Hang the mop head in a suitably ventilated area for getting air-dried properly

Drying the mop head properly is one of the most essential steps in washing it. To prevent and reduce the risk of growing dirt and bacteria in the mop head, be very sure that the mop is completely dried. For enhancing the use and life of your head mop, make sure to clean it after every cleaning session using it.

Here’s a quick review of the steps that you need to follow for washing your mop head in the washing machine:

  • Use a minimal amount of laundry detergent
  • Gently wash the mop head
  • Squeeze all the excess water
  • Allow it to dry completely


What if the mop head is not machine washable?

There are some mops which are not made for machine washing. If you have such a mop, then need not to worry. You still can clean your mop effectively.

Just take a bucket good enough in size to soak your mop head completely. Add some bleach in the bucket (make a mixture of half water and half bleach) for cleaning the mop. Let the mop head remain in this mixture for about 30-minutes.

After this, take the mop head out and then rinse it with normal water to get rid of the excess bleach mixture. Again, let the mop head dry completely before using it again for cleaning the floor.


Need to clean your mop head:

Need to clean your mop head

Until now we have been discussing to clean your mop head but is it that important and necessary to clean it? Well, indeed yes. It is very essential to keep your mop head clean before every use.

These are some of the reasons to clean and wash your mop head:

It kills germs:

While using the mop head for cleaning, many germs can get collected on the mop head. These germs can further make the floor contaminated and dirty. Therefore, it is important to clean the mop which can kill all the germs available on the mop head.


It prevents mop head from smelling:

Keeping your mop head thoroughly clean, you can reduce the risk of making your mop head smelly. Washing the mop head will reduce the growth of bacteria and as a result, keeps the mop head all fresh and smelling good


To ensure thorough cleaning:

This goes without saying that a properly cleaned and washed mop head will deliver the best cleaning of your house floors. You cannot get the desired cleaning with a dirty mop head. Therefore, it is important to clean your mop head from inside-out.



Keeping your house clean is an art and you should take all the needful measures in keeping your house clean. Washing and cleaning your head mop is one of the most basic needs that you should keep in consideration for properly cleaning your house.

If you use a clean mop for cleaning your house, the result will be germ-free and dust-free house and place. This is simple logic! Isn’t it something that you need? Isn’t it something that we all need?

If you need any other information or detail related to properly washing your head mop, then please do write to us by commenting below. We will assist you with the best details to clear all your doubts and concerns.

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