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How to Use Fabric Softener Without Dispenser?

Washing clothes is a normal day-to-day activity in every house. But, many times we don’t get the desired quality of washing even after using a quality detergent, isn’t it?

Have you ever thought the possible reason about that? Is it because of the detergent that you are using? Are your clothes dirtier than others? Are you not following the right procedure of washing clothes?

If you think any of these as the reasons for not getting the desired clean quality of clothes, then you are missing one of the major reasons. Are you curious to know what can be the other reason for not getting the desired clean quality of clothes?

Well, it can be because of not using quality fabric dispenser while washing the clothes. Yes, you read it right. Not adding a suitable fabric softener while washing clothes can come in your way of getting perfectly clean clothes.


Benefits Of Adding Fabric Softener While Washing Clothes:

Adding Fabric Softener

For all those who are still not aware of the benefits of adding fabric softener while washing clothes, here are some of the possible benefits that you can get:

  • Improves the quality of clothes after washing
  • Keeps the clothes soft and thoroughly clean
  • Reduces static cling in the clothes
  • Helps in quick drying of clothes
  • Makes the clothes easier and convenient to iron
  • Gives a fresh smell to the clothes
  • Helps the clothes to retain their shape
  • Keeps the clothes fresh for a long time
  • Improves the life of clothes
  • Provides the needed protection to the clothes
  • Prevents fading of the color

Now, with so many benefits of adding softener, won’t you be excited to use them while washing your clothes?

If yes, then here you will face the main concern of using a fabric softener in the washing machine. Some of the washing machines come with a dispenser for adding the fabric softener. This makes it easy for the users to add the fabric softener during the wash in the right quantity.

There is no problem for the users to add fabric softener in the washing machine which comes with dispenser. However, the case may get a little confusing when you have a washing machine without a dispenser.

A washing machine without dispenser – does that mean that you cannot use a fabric softener while washing? Well, to be very honest – you can! Yes, you can use a fabric softener even in washing machines without dispensers.

This might have interested a lot many users, isn’t it? If you too are interested in knowing how you can use fabric softener in a washing machine without the dispenser, then let us get into the details.


Use of fabric softener in washing machines without dispenser:

Using a fabric softener in washing machines without a dispenser is not that tough or complicated as it sounds. It is quite an easy process to follow. Let us take a look at how it can be used.

Steps to follow while using fabric softener without dispenser:

The main trick of using a fabric softener in washing machines without a dispenser is adding the same at the right time. If you are adding the softener at the right time, you will surely get the desired result.

Now before you start thinking about the right time of adding the fabric softener while washing clothes, let us give the details. Fabric softener should be added during the rinse cycle as it will allow the clothes to absorb the softener in the best possible manner. Avoid adding the softener during the wash cycle as the softener will get washed away during the wash cycle.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Follow the normal wash cycle for your clothes with the desired detergent
  2. Measure the desired and accurate quantity of the fabric softener before adding it
  3. Once the entire wash cycle is complete, start with the rinse cycle for your clothes
  4. It is the time to add the softener. Make sure to add the fabric softener before the final rinse cycle
  5. You can add the fabric softener directly in the rinse tub/wash tub but avoid making any direct contact with the clothes to reduce the risk of staining
  6. Follow all the normal instructions for rinsing your clothes; just add the fabric softener along
  7. Allow your clothes to absorb the fabric softener by adding its desired quantity

These are the steps that can be followed for perfectly making the use of fabric softener in a washing machine without any dispenser. Aren’t these steps really easy and convenient to use?

So, the next time when you want to use a fabric softener in your washing machine which doesn’t have a dispenser, you exactly know what to do and how to do.


Tips for using fabric softener effectively:

These are some of the tips that you should follow for adding and using your fabric softener in the best possible manner:

  1. Pour the softener in the water pockets
  2. Dissolve the fabric softener in adequate amount of water before using it
  3. Avoid making direct contact of softener with the clothes
  4. Don’t use large quantities of fabric softener with your clothes



Fabric softeners are the best ingredient that you can add while washing your clothes for enhancing their quality. All you need to do is to be sure of the exact quantity and the exact time to add the softener for getting the expected and desired result.

A washing machine without a dispenser is not a drawback for using fabric softener. You still can charm your clothes with the use of fabric softener quite easily and conveniently without any hassles.

If you need any other information about using fabric softener, then please do comment below and write to us. We will provide you with all the required information and details for your doubts and concerns. We will also love to hear from you about your experiences of using fabric softener.

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