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How to Clean a Washing Machine

Mold, grimy residues, and dirt can build up inside the washing machine with time. With proper regular cleaning, leftover detergents, hard water deposits, mold, and mildew might also harbour on the cleaning appliance. This can also leave an unwanted residue on the laundry during washing or can cause the clothes to emerge from a fresh wash with an awkward smell. Thus to ensure that your freshly cleaned linens and clothes are as spotless as possible, follow the below procedures to clean a washing machine once in each month. These steps work perfectly for both top and front loading washing machines.


How to Clean a Washing Machine Properly

What Materials and Tools Do You Need?

For cleaning a washing machine, be it the top or front loading ones, you will require the below tools and materials.

  • White Vinegar
  • Bleach
  • Baking soda
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Sponge
  • Scrubber
  • Toothbrush


How to Keep Your Washing Machine Clean?

Cleaning a Washing machine

If your cleaning device includes a feature of self-cleaning like most of the best washing machine have, then choose that and follow exact instructions from the manufacturer on a manual. Otherwise, you can implement this simple process to get rid of excess build-up inside the washing machines’ pipes and hoses.


Use Vinegar in a Hot Running Cycle

Put two cups of white vinegar in place of detergent inside a regular hot running cycle without any clothes. You have to add the vinegar inside the detergent dispenser. The combo of hot water and vinegar eliminates the chances of bacteria growth. The smell of vinegar also cuts through the mildew smells and also acts as a deodorizer.


Scrub the inside of the washing machine well

In a bucket, mix a quarter of warm water with a one-fourth cup of vinegar. Take a sponge and dip it in this mixture to clean the dirt inside the appliance. Pay close attention to removing the dispensers of the soap, detergent, or fabric softeners. These are mainly present in the opening or inside the door. Soak the detergent dispenser in vinegar along with water before scrubbing it off. Wipe the exterior surface of the machine with a sponge and dry it with a clean cloth.


Again run the Second hot water cycle.

Again run an empty regular hot water cycle without any vinegar or detergent. You can also add a half cup of baking soda inside the washing drum to clear away the loosened residues in the first hot water cycle. After this, wipe out the excess water inside the machine with a microfiber cloth to eliminate any more residues.


Cleaning Tips for a Front Loading Washing Machine

Cleaning Front Load Washing

The rubber sealing or the gasket inside the front loading washing machine’s door is the primary culprit behind moldy smelling clothes. Leftover detergent and the moisture produce a breeding ground for the mildew and mold. To clean the grime in the door area, spray white distilled vinegar, and allow it to rest with the door open for a minimum of one minute. After that, wipe clean the door with a microfiber cloth.

For deeper cleaning, wipe the segment with a solution of diluted bleach. Leave the washing machine’s door open for a few more hours after every wash to allow the moisture to dry out.


Cleaning Tips for a Top Loading Washing Machine

Cleaning Top Load Washing

Always pause the machine before running the first water cycle in a top-loading washing machine. Fill the tub and agitate for a minute. Pause the cycle for one hour and allow the machine to soak the vinegar. Loading cleaning appliances tend to accumulate more dust than front-loading ones. To eliminate the detergent splatters and dust, wipe the machine dials and top with vinegar dipped microfiber cloth. Use a scrubber or a toothbrush to clean the hard to reach areas like under the rim and around the tub’s lid.


Additional Tips for Maintaining the Washing Machine

Below are some of the additional tips to maintain and keep the washing machine clean and fresh.

  • Do not leave the damp clothes inside the washer for a long and transfer them instantly to the dryer
  • Keep the top of the machine lint and detergent-free
  • Get rid of the lint from the dryer after each use
  • Keep the machine jar and lid open for at least an hour to


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Do not wait long to clean the washing machine. If your washer is taking heavy everyday laundry loads, then you should clean the appliance at least once or twice a week. If your washing machine is handling medium to low laundry, then you can clean the machine once every month. Thus take well care of your washing machine so that it can be perfectly clean and wash your precious clothes.

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