TDS Controller in a Water Purifier_

What is a TDS Controller in a Water Purifier?

If you have done some research offline or online before buying the best water purifier in India, then you must have encountered the term TDS controller. Sometimes it is also known as the TDS modulator. A water purifier, especially the Reverse Osmosis ones purify water by terminating all the impurities, including the TDS. It removes … Read more

RO Water Purifier Advantages and Disadvantage

Reverse Osmosis: RO Water Purifier Advantages & Disadvantage

Reverse Osmosis or RO is one of the most evolved water purification technologies that is used in most of the best water purifiers in India. Many countries implement the RO systems to desalinate the seawater to cope up with the water solutions in the primary locations. RO water purifiers include a semipermeable membrane that forces … Read more

TDS Level for Drinking Water

TDS Level for Drinking Water

The drinking water which gets supplied to our home is full of toxic chemicals collected from numerous industrial plants. As a result of this, natural minerals get removed from the water. In this scenario, it is vital to implement proper purification processes to eliminate all the contaminants and ensure that the water is absolutely safe … Read more

What is The Best PH Level for Drinking Water

What is The Best PH Level for Drinking Water

Have you ever noticed the different types of water bottles at your nearby grocery stores? They are not just different in terms of their composition but they also distinguish themselves in terms of their Ph value. Yes, you surely would have noticed or heard about the different pH levels of the drinking water. But, have … Read more

Why Does Your RO Water Purifier Stop Working_

Why Does Your RO Water Purifier Stop Working?

90% of the diseases are mostly waterborne. Thus to purify the water, we need the best water purification system like RO filtration. This is the best choice to remove all germs, viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, and toxic chemicals from your water supply. But if it suddenly stops working, it would give a headache to you, right? … Read more

TDS Meter

What is a TDS Meter? – How do you check the TDS level in the water?

Are you considering to buy a new water purifier machine? Then you must be clear about the term TDS or Total Dissolved Solids. The water should consist of salts, calcium, potassium, and magnesium to retain the required nutritional value and flavour. You just need to ensure that the water purifier that you have installed in … Read more