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Wake-Fit Mattresses Reviews: A comprehensive guide

A mattress is one of the significant aspects of everyone’s life. The place on which you rest your body after a whole day’s hectic schedule is vital in deciding your long-term production capacity. It is high time for you to admit that a bedroom will be of no use without a correct mattress for your body.

Most of the individuals face numerous fitness and health-related issues due to the consequence of using the wrong mattress. Often people overlook the importance of comfort and quality regarding the best mattress. This causes havoc detrimental effects in your health in the long run as it severely affects the spine leading to different types of mental and physical ailments.

Thus, it is essential to buy a mattress from a brand with a large customer base all over the world. When it is a matter of quality, Wakefit is a brand that has already sold more than 125000 products and includes 75000 customers. They implement the latest technologies and science to manufacturing all their mattresses.

Wakefit mattresses come with features like pressure relief that offers a firmness to the spine and proper blood circulation in the body. With more than three years of existence, wakefit has provided uninterrupted services to innumerable customers with explicit design, detailed research, and perfection.

Wakefit Mattress Review- (Made in India 2022 )

Here we have Reviewed there both Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress & Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress – Hard & Soft which are considered as best for sleeping.

Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress Review

Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress Review, Wakefit Mattress Review
credit: Wakefit.co

The Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress is constructed with a better comprising technique that helps find the perfect way of deep and break-free night sleep after a restless day of work. Crafted and designed with new technology, the mattress protects your spine from getting misaligned while sleeping.

The zonal support technology of this orthopedic mattress allows your back and shoulder to sink and keeps your hips in an elevated position on the sleeping surface. You are augmented with a feature to keep your spinal position always in a straight line for better comfort. The Wakefit mattress comes with three useful layers that include high-end Memory Foam at the top, Differential Pressure Foam in the middle, and High Resilience Foam at the bottom.

Composed with Next Generation high-quality Memory Foam material, the mattresses’ top layer is placed in the upper section to make it super soft. The foam has a pressure responsive comfort that can easily get adjusted with your all sleeping position. It also relieves the pressure points of your body to provide a complete uninterrupted sleep.

The design of the differential Pressure Foam layer at the middle position makes the air circulation superior to let you sleep all night comfortably. The last segment of this high-comfort mattress comes with a high resilience foam material that forms the base sturdy and hard to support your all body in a balanced way.

An attractive cover covers the medium-firm orthopedic mattress prepared with high-quality GSM spun knitted fabric materials. The design of the outer covering of this Memory Foam mattress with a removable zipper allows you to remove it from the mattress easily with no effort and wash it properly to get it clean.

Moreover, memory foam is the most premium quality and high-end material advanced with novel technology to make the product an eco-friendly one and to ensure its durability and longevity. Experts always recommend using the outer white surface of the mattress, but you can use both sides as per your requirement.

For a risk-free buying experience, the product from Wakefit comes with a 100-night trial facility for the buyers. It also has ten years of warranty in case of any technical issues or difficulties.

The overall looks, get-up, and technology of this orthopedic memory foam mattress is an eye-catching substance. The product design supports your backside, shoulder, hips, and legs by maintaining proper body pressure to the surface. The mattress also includes doorstep delivery and no-cost EMI facilities to make your buying experience more relaxed and safe.


  • Advanced orthopedic mattress
  • Designed for best spinal alignment
  • Backed with three effective layers
  • Next-Gen memory foam layer at the top
  • Differential Pressure foam mid-layer
  • The base layer made up of high resilience foam
  • Comes with a zipper cover for easy-wash
  • 100-nights trial facility


  • Memory foam can leave a chemical smell
  • Not a soft mattress to relax


Sleeping in Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam medium-firm Mattress always provides you adequate support to your upper and lower body with its perfect balancing feature.

Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress – Hard & Soft Review

Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress - Hard & Soft Review, Wakefit Mattress Review
Credit: Wakefit.co

The Dual Comfort Mattress (Hard & Soft) is the earliest production of Wakefit to meet all the versatile goals of customers according to their sleeping needs. The effective foam formulation, design, and performance of this dual mattress satisfy all users seeking a firmer surface for sound and comfortable sleep.

It is of utmost necessity to keep your spine in a perfect position while you are sleeping to avoid unwanted back soaring issues. The advanced technology and design of this Wakefit mattress take care of your spine, shoulder, and hips by keeping them in a straight-line position.

Moreover, you can use both of the medium-firm and soft surface sides of this all-purpose mattress to sleep. If you prefer a firm surface, then use the grey side and for medium-soft surface use its white side to make your sleep tight and comfortable.

Engineered with two useful layers, the dual comfort mattress provides maximum comfort to its users. At the top, there is a breathable fabric cover that makes your sleep better. The first soft foam layer allows the users to enjoy a cloud-like feeling with its medium-soft sleeping surface. This is an ideal one to use in the hot summer time to have a comfortable tight sleep.

The base layer of this mattress is made up of High Resilience Foam materials that give the mattress a medium-firm touch at the bottom. This is the ideal part for those who prefer a harder surface to keep their spine in a straight position while sleeping. This site is the perfect one to use in the wintertime.

Furthermore, it is the most innovative sleeping solution that comes with zero partner disturbance facility to your sleep, an uninterrupted one. With a 100 nights, trail facility can be a risk-free investment to keep you relaxed after a hard day of work.

The comfort mattress comes with seven years of manufacturing warranty to reduce your buying risk factor into half. The doorstep delivery is also available with this product from the company end.

The outer cover unit of this highly-efficient product is made up of top-quality GSM spun polyester fabric materials that provide breathable support to its users for a comfortable sleep. The Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress offers a real benefit of 2 on one surface that can also suit your health needs. Many health professionals or fitness experts recommend this mattress to treat your shoulder and back pain problems.


  • Both side usable mattress
  • A medium-soft and medium-firm surface
  • The premium quality outer cover (GSM spun polyester fabric)
  • The mattress compressed with soft & high resilience foam
  • Comes with 100 nights free trial facility
  • Seven years manufacturer warranty
  • Provides a cloud-like feeling with soft foam
  • Effective for back-pain issues


  • Non-removable outer cover
  • Little extra soft for medium-soft mattress


So, it’s time to enjoy a cloud-like feeling with this Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress and make your sleep a break-free and uninterrupted one for every night.

Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam MattressWakefit Dual Comfort Mattress – Hard & Soft
Mattress TypeOrthopedic MattressGeneral
MaterialMemory FoamSoft PU + HR Foam
FirmnessMedium FirmMedium Soft
Thickness5 to 8 Inch5 to 6 Inch
Warranty10 Years07 Years

Can you get a custom size mattress by Wakefit?

Yes, you can get a customized mattress from Wakefit. They are now also offering a flat 25% off and a cashback of up to 5000 INR. Just select the size of your bed by putting in the length and breadth and select the mattress height. All the mattresses from Wakefit come with a 100 days free trial period and 0% EMI facility.

Other Products Offered by Wakefit:

Apart from mattresses, Wakefit also offers waterproof mattress protectors to protect it from the damages. They also design Sheesham wood beds engineered explicitly with extra storage. Additionally, they design pure cotton bedsheets that go perfectly well with their mattress. We can use the reversible comforters from both sides, composed of polyester fibre.

Wakefit also produces medium and fluffy pillows that come in a vacuum compressed packaging. The soft and comfortable back pillow from Wakefit is an ideal product to support your back. Other than these products, they also create wardrobes with multiple drawers. We can say that the entire collection of Wakefit is to die for.

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