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Springwel Mattress Review; Advantages & Disadvantages Discussed

Springwel Mattress is one of the most pioneering mattresses manufacturing companies implementing the latest technology in India 2022 . If you are looking for a sleeper friendly option that will offer deep down the spine and mental support to you, then look no further and opt for any mattress from Springwel. This would undoubtedly be your best choice for sure!

They incorporate up-gradation, innovation, and solutions for better sleep of the customer. We can classify all their products as high-end creations with outstanding quality and services. The mattresses from Springwel can be accessed from all leading stores or Online.

You will be delighted to know that Springwel mattresses have become favorite products that are continuously in demand by corporate houses, reputed hotels, well-known personalities, and numerous private organizations. This has been possible only due to satisfied and always increasing customer base. So if you want to lead a happy and healthy life, bring Springwel mattresses to your home in just a click away!

Well, are you going to shift to an entirely new house and have to adjust yourself accordingly? But not any more with your sleep!! It is then just the perfect time to upgrade your mattress as there is an outstanding offer going on the entire pre-booking products from Springwel with up to 60% discounts.

The Springwel mattresses offer an unforgettable experience of sense and touch while sleeping. They are not only one of the leading mattress companies in India 2022 but have also set the highest level of comfort for its users. All the products of Springwel were crafted and designed scientifically on the computerized machines imported from Switzerland.

Manufactured from the high-quality materials, delivered with standard check, and finished with a perfect design, the Springwel mattresses have become the top choice among the customers. In this review, we will be going to discuss the three types of mattresses from Springwel that represent the best services assurance and originality.

Springwel Mattresses can be divided into the following categories based on the material and technology used in them. Now let us review each of them to understand better which product to choose for a peaceful sleep.



Infinity Mattress is one of the most comfortable and premium-class products from the vast collection of Springwel. The bedding unit is specially geared with NASA technology-based Memory foam material that makes the layer a temperature-sensitive one for the sleepers. It also maintains a soothing sleeping-temperature even in the extremely hot season. The mild and soothing softness of the mattress allows the users to sleep in a comfortable and natural position by keeping the body shape perfectly.

The base and thickest part of this mattress is strategically crafted with a highly resilient Polyurethane foam layer for optimal sleeping comfort. The layer helps eliminate the pressure points to reduce the discomfort level, like turning and tossing during your sleep.

The mattress is stitched with luxurious knitted fabric that is tactfully treated with antimicrobial and hypoallergenic facilities to breathe fresh and safe air while sleeping.

The Springwel INFINITY is best Memory foam mattress in India 2022 that comes with a 30 days replacement guarantee to make your investment secure and safe. The superior and imported quality lining ensures its prolonged usability and durability to the users. The soft comfort mattress comes in 2 thickness types (6 inches and 8 inches) that can be the most integral part of a sound and healthy sleeping experience.

Moreover, the robust construction of this Springwel model starts with a Memory foam top-layer for advanced comfort along with balanced body support. The middle part of the mattress is constructed with PU (Polyurethane) foam material and crafted to absorb your body pressure evenly. It also provides extra support with great comfort. The HR (Highly Resilient) foam at the bottom layer confirms a solid base for the mattress’s long-lasting life.

Loaded with various features and benefits, this Springwel Infinity mattress comes in 72 (H) X 30 (W) inches size that is more than enough to give you a cloud-like feeling during your sleep. This double bed king-size mattress weights nearly 28 Kgs and comes with eight years of the warranty period.


  • Composed with NASA Technology-based Memory foam
  • Stitched with premium-quality Lining
  • Quilted with High Resilient Polyurethane Foam
  • Backed with Knitted Fabric outer cover
  • A durable soft-comfort mattress
  • Treated with anti-allergic and antimicrobial fabric material
  • Warranty Period: 6 years for 6 inches and eight years for 8 inches
  • Designed with a temperature-sensitive material


  • No both sides usable facility
  • Heavyweight mattress

Verdict: The Springwel Infinity Memory Foam Mattress is the best choice that suits all the sleeping positions and allows you to breathe fresh and healthy air during sleep.




Springwel Gloria Elite Bonded foam mattresses are scientifically designed to provide maximum comfort and prolonged durability. The mattress results from the hard work on research and development by the Springwel mattress-designers. This Gloria Elite is made-up of bonded Polyurethane foam and premium-quality Memory foam materials with a perfect combination.

The foam bonding provides sufficient density to the mattress that can prevent sagging issues. The Memory foam layer provides excellent support and required firmness to your body to keep it well-shaped while you are sleeping on it. The molding texture of the mattress treats to relieve extra pressure for your painful joints.

Springwel Gloria Elite is one of the best mattress for back pain that comes with top-level comfort and longevity, along with enormous health benefits. They construct the mattresses with multiple high-end layers that start with Memory foam at the top. Strategically placed, the layer supports your back and hips to keep your body in perfect shape while sleeping.

Rebonded Polyurethane Foam forms the middle layer of this Gloria Elite mattress for cushioning the sleeping surface with a medium comfort. HR foam material fills up the bottom layer, which provides the base harder support and makes the mattress a healthy one to eliminate your back pain issues.

They stitch the superior quality outer cover of this mattress with luxurious knitted fabric that delivers you a smooth and cloudy effect. This is a medium comfort mattress as per the ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) scale. The thickness of this bedding unit is 5 inches, and the surface area is 72 (Length) X 30 (Width) inches. The size is suitable for two persons to enjoy a complete break-free night-sleep.

The medium-soft bedding solution comes with five years of manufacturing warranty and ten days replacement facility to make your purchase safe.


  • 5″ medium-soft comfort mattress
  • Top-layer constructed with high-quality memory foam
  • High-end HR foam material in a thick layer
  • Comes with orthopedic benefits
  • Outer cover stitched with Luxurious Knitted Fabric
  • A durable mattress with exceptional longevity
  • A comfortable sagging-free mattress


  • Only a 5-year warranty on the product
  • No free-trial offers
  • No dual side use facility

Verdict: This Springwel Gloria Elite mattress is the ultimate solution for an inclination towards a healthy and sound night’s sleep after an entire day of hard work.




It is now a perfect time to take a step ahead towards a complete and peaceful sleep by choosing the Springwel Victor Plus Coir Mattress. The soft-comfort mattress is specially crafted with premium quality rubberized coir blocks to supply extra soft cushioning effects. The mattress allows you to feel the luxurious cloud-like sleeping experience every time you snooze on it.

Other soft-comfort mattresses come with a possibility to lead you to the back-pain related issues. But with Victor plus, you can enjoy the softness without compromising on back-related issues. The premium-quality high-density PU foam is tactfully placed at the thick middle layer between rubberized Coir to balance the softness of the mattress.

Moreover, this 75 (Length) X 42 (Width) X 5 (Height) inches dimensioned Coir mattress from Springwel is covered and stitched with tapestry and stylized outer shell cover. It is made with high-quality Viscose Cotton fabrics. This makes the look of the mattress more attractive to its users. You can easily use both sides of the mattress according to your sleeping needs.

The Coir comfort mattress from Springwel weights around 30 Kgs and comes with five years of guarantee. The twin-capacity mattress comes in an utterly pre-assembled condition. The mattress also includes enormous health benefits. The textures and softness of the sleeping surface allow your body pressure to be distributed in an even manner to make your sleep more comfortable.

Further, the efficient Coir mattress from Springwel comes at an affordable price range that can make your investment a risk-free concern. There are thousands of appreciating customer feedbacks that you can see in the review section. Mainly they are about the highly-effective customer service and product delivery system of the company.

This VICTOR PLUS mattress is the most durable and long-lasting product from Springwel with high-level comfort. The advanced coir blocks ensure a contented spinal alignment for ultimate relaxation.


  • Constructed with high-quality Coir materials
  • High-density PU foam Middle layer
  • A soft-comfort mattress
  • Outer cover made with premium quality Viscose cotton
  • Cushioned with Rubberized Coir
  • Excellent customer service and product delivery
  • Both-side usability


  • Short warranty period (only five years)
  • No offer for free trials

Final Verdict: The Springwel VICTOR PLUS Coir mattress is the optimal solution for those suffering from back and joint-related problems. This is the ultimate way to make your sleep a peaceful and uninterrupted one with the best quality mattress.


Can you get a custom size Springwel mattress?

The answer is YES! Springwel offers mattresses of every size. However, if you need something with a different size, then they accept customized orders also. They can deliver any size mattresses according to the customers demand. Different ranges of Springwel mattresses include Bonded, Memory foam, spring, PUF, latex, and Luxury celeb collections.


Other Products offered by Springwel

Besides mattresses, the Springwel Company also offers Latex, Fibre, and memory foam pillows, various accessories for office and home use, Kids’ pillows, and beds. The microfiber pillows from Springwel are soft, lightweight, and form protection against different allergen and dust mites.

The memory foam pillows are ideal orthopedic solutions that will offer comprehensive support and posture to your neck and head. Also, surprise your little ones with an adorable soft toy shaped pillow.

Hope by now, you have selected your ideal mattress from Springwel for uninterrupted and comfortable sleep. Stay tuned to this website for more reviews like this next week. Happy sleeping!

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