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Springtek Mattress Review – Are they good Enough?

Sleeping peacefully and without any problem in the body is what every single human desire. But, the reality is mostly untrue to it. Well, this can be made possible only with the Springtek Mattresses as they include an immense collection of the entire range of mattresses like a hybrid, orthopedic, and spring mattresses. With more than 1 million users love and word of praise from the customers, Springtek has become one of the best mattress brand in India 2023 .

We have researched millions of customers to create customized mattresses for special comfort built for everyone. The hybrid range from Sprintek comprises over 2000 innovative and super light springs that are perfectly fitted with the base of the mattress. The company guarantees ultimate support and comfort to all its customers like never before.

The multiple layered designs and unique materials of the Springtek mattresses maintain the temperature according to the surrounding. This will help you to sleep peacefully throughout the year. The microgel capsules of the 3D foam absorb the body heat through the 3D airflow technology.

In other words, Springtek mattresses help you to enter into the world of uninterrupted sleep. Thus if you want for a perfect Springtek mattress to shop online, you will have landed at the perfect place. So go ahead and take a quick look into this article.


Here Are The Reviews of Springtek Mattress

Based on the mattress quality, uses, performance, and features, below we have reviewed the top-selling mattresses from Springtek mattress. Now let us take a quick look into each of them.


Springtek Aspire Orthopaedic Memory & HR Foam Dual Comfort Mattress

Springtek Aspire Orthopaedic Memory & HR Foam Dual Comfort Mattress Review

The Dual Comfort Orthopaedic Memory & HR Foam Mattress from Springtek Aspire is a tactfully designed and developed product. Crafted by the experienced team, this mattress provides the best comfort with quality to its users. This is the ultimate solution that comes with a perfect combination of comfortability, support, and coziness. The multi-layer mattress is immune to the effective benefits of top-quality materials such as HR foam and memory foam.

The medium-firm dual comfort mattress comes with a zip-off cover that is made-up with upholstery-grade knit to last for long. You just need to turn the mattresses to convert your comfort level from medium to firm. The Memory foam is a high-end material that is specially placed in this mattress to maintain an even distribution of the weight of your body on your sleeping surface. It also reduces the disturbance caused by turning and tossing from your partner.

The ventilated design of this dual comfort product allows a healthy airflow through the layer for memory foam. It also increases the breathability to provide a complete and break-free sleep. The transition layer in the middle is crafted with premium quality Polyfoam to provide ultimate cushioning support to your body while sleeping.

The high-density HR (High Resilience) foam ensures the durability, strength, longevity, and the structural firmness of the mattress. If you prefer a firm-comfort bed, then this HR foam layer can provide you the ultimate back, spine, and hip support to your body. This 198.1 (H) x 182.9 (W) x 10.2 (D) cm dimensioned luxury mattress is particularly intended to relieve the pressure points and body stiffness by maintaining the optimum balance of the bed.


  • Both-side usable mattress
  • A dual comfort mattress
  • Brings Orthopedic benefits
  • Backed with high-end memory foam and HR foam
  • Ensures zero disturbance sleep
  • Designed to maintain airflow for better breathability
  • Minimal motion transfer facility
  • Comes with zipper cover
  • 11 Year warranty against manufacturing defects


  • No waterproof cover


The rigid and flexible nature of this Springtek mattress offers excellent back support, total comfort, quality sleeping session, and durability in a single package.


Springtek Rubicon 8-inch Queen Bed Pocket Spring Mattress

Springtek Rubicon 8-inch Queen Bed Pocket Spring Mattress reviw

Rubicon 8-inch Queen Bed Pocket Spring Mattress from Springtek is the ultimate sleeping solution with a medium plush comfort facility. The mattress is an ideal one to provide exact comfort to your body. The Heavy-gauge tempered steel Pocket coils are the basic reason behind the longer durability of this product.

The spring mattress is advanced with top-quality foam and premium knitted anti-microbial fabric that is an ultimate solution for a family or kids’ room. There is stretch fabric at the top layer of this medium comfort mattress that makes your sleep 100% break-free and comfortable.

Foam encasement support of this Rubicon Queen-sized bed allows you to sleep all the way you want without any disturbance and sagging. The individual pocket springs layer is especially encased to provide extra support to the mattress. This feature makes it a zero partner disturbance one to create a healthy and tight sleeping experience for you.

Moreover, the luxurious Knitted cover of this model comes with a naturally hypoallergenic facility to make your breath fresher and cleaner. The dimension of this product is 198.1 (H) x 152.4(W) x 20.3 (D) cm that is very much suitable for family use. It comes with 11 years of warranty support against all the manufacturing defects that can make your investment a risk-free one.

The HR (high resilience) foam of this creation supports your spine, shoulder, back, and hips by keeping it always in perfect shape while you are sleeping on this mattress. The model comes with an inner cover for extra safety and comfort of the users.


  • Made with steel pocket coils
  • Anti-microbial fabric cover
  • Backed with removable zipper cover
  • Highly breathable and hygienic mattress
  • Zero disturbance pocket spring technology
  • Designed to provide medium plush comfort
  • Supports all sleeping position
  • Removable outer cover


  • Weight is a little high (29Kg)
  • Comes in only one color


The innovative mattress is technically backed with breathable and hygienic fabrication for better ventilation in your sleep. Hence, if you are seeking for premium quality mattresses that can support your overall body weight, then Springtek Rubicon can be the best choice for you.


Springtek Dreamer Bonnel Spring 6-Inch Spring Mattress

Springtek Dreamer Bonnel Spring 6-Inch Spring Mattress Review

It is time to upgrade your sleeping habit with a greatly manufactured spring mattress that can provide ultimate body support to all of your pressure points. Springtek has brought to you its latest Dreamer Bonnel Spring 6-Inch Spring Mattress, specially geared with innovative technologies and facilities to meet all your sleeping requirements in the best way.

The mattress is made with top-quality heavy-gauge tempered steel Bonnell springs materials to add robustness to the surface. This makes it a durable and long-lasting one for its users. The anti-microbial quilted fabric cover and foam structure of this product provide ultimate support on the surface and side-edge areas to make it comfortable to use.

The Bonnell spring construction design makes the mattress a lighter one. Also, it enhances the model’s airflow ability to make your breath completely comfortable while you are in sleep for a long time. The anti-corrosive springs are made up of high-quality carbon wires that ensure its long life and durability for the users.

Also, the Springtek Dreamer mattress is technically backed with a high-performance design. This helps to maintain a firm posture and provides needed spine support to your body by keeping your spinal column straight while you are sleeping on it. The hypoallergenic and antifungal properties of this mattress allow you to take fresh and healthy air during your sleep.

The PU foam layer at the top provides an advanced cushioning effect on your body and distributes the pressure to all of your pressure points evenly. It helps you relieve stress after a long hard day of work. The mattress comes with six years of warranty period against all the manufacturing defects.


  • Made with top-quality steel Bonnell Springs
  • Anti-microbial breathable quilted premium fabric cover
  • Firm comfort Orthopaedic mattress
  • Premium quality PU foam
  • Antifungal and hypo-allergic mattress


  • Only six years of warranty
  • No waterproof outer cover


This Springtek spring mattress is ideal for people with joint and back pains problems to get ultimate relief conveniently.


Springtek 3 Folding 4 inch PU Foam Mattress

Springtek 3 Folding 4 inch PU Foam Mattress Review

Springtek has introduced you to a highly efficient tri-fold mattress that is endowed with multiple features and functionalities to make your night sleep comfortable and peaceful. The 3 Folding 4 inch PU Foam Mattress allows you to take your comfortable bed anywhere in your house.

The PU foam layer of this mattress is specially placed to make your resting time a soothing one. PU (POLYURETHANE) foam is one of the most high-quality and effective materials of this mattress. It provides 100% back, shoulder, and hips support to make you always feel better when you wake up from your tight sleep.

Moreover, this Springtek PU Foam Mattress is a travel-friendly and portable one with enormous health benefits. The superior high-density construction of the mattress supports all your sleeping positions and habits. You can also be relieved from your back, shoulder, and hip pain problems if you have any.

The premium knitted ultra-soft cover of this three folding mattress comes with an anti-slip bottom to keep the mattress firmly connected with the ground base. The robust construction of the mattress allows keeping the bed’s shape and posture well-maintained for a long time, even after regular use. With its folding facility, you can easily store this mattress wherever you want as per your requirement. Moreover, the product has a 1-year warranty.


  • A foldable mattress
  • A travel-friendly and portable one
  • Backed with high-density construction
  • Luxurious foam layer for a great sleep experience
  • Backed with premium knitted ultra-soft cover
  • Crafted with anti-slip bottom
  • A multi-use mattress with tri-fold facility


  • Only 1-year warranty


Springtek 3 Folding is the advanced foldable model that can be the best choice for you. It allows you to take rest wherever you want.


Can you get a custom size Sprinktek mattress?

Sprintek offers tailor-made sizes for the mattresses based on customer demand. All you have to do is just enter the length, breadth, and height of the product in inches you want, and they will deliver you the required product to your doorstep.


Other Products offered by Springtek

Apart from mattresses, Sprintek also offers a range of products like a duvet, pillows, mattress protector, sofa cum bed, and a rollaway bed. The duvet from Springtek is extremely cozy, lightweight, and soft. It can also be used as a reversible comforter. The pillow offered by the company is made up of microfibers that keep your head cool while sleeping. You can also protect your mattress with a waterproof cover that keeps it dust-free. Fashionable and stylish sofa cum beds will save space while adding comfort to your sleep. Springtek also offers a space-saving folding rollaway bed that comes with a 6 inches mattress.

Choose from any of the above accessories, and rest be assured about its quality.

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