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SleepyCat Mattress Review

No matter what and how much you do but if you are not sleeping on a comfortable and quality mattress, your health won’t be benefitted.

In general, as well, all of us wish to get a nice, comfortable, and cozy mattress to sleep. Isn’t it?

How about if we can get a mattress that not only provides quality sleep but also brings a ton of health benefits? That would surely be great.

If you are wondering about which brand we are talking about, then it is none other than – SleepyCat. The brand has been one of the favourites of many people right from inception. Let us take a closer look at the brand to understand what makes it so popular and amazing.


SleepyCat Mattress:

Breaking the stereotype, the SleepyCat mattress brand is the latest sensation in the mattress market. Right from its inception, the brand has never missed a stone to impress its users with all its amazing and high-quality advanced mattresses and products.

SleepyCat came into existence in August 2017 with the firm and sincere efforts of Kabir Siddiq – the founder. Unlike the many other mattress brands, SleepyCat is an Indian brand or mattress in a box company that works on the factory-to-doorstep model. It helped to revolutionize how Indians shop for their mattresses and took it to a whole new and advanced level.

The brand believes in making sleep as the most luxurious experience that you won’t forget easily. SleepyCat is all about bringing the luxury of a nice, decent, and comfortable sleep for all the users at an affordable price. As per the brand, price should never compromise on someone’s desire to get the best sleeping experience ever.

SleepyCat works on its passion and zeal to provide its customers with a never before sleeping experience. The brand put its best foot forward, to combine the latest innovations and advanced technology together to simply enhance the way Indians sleep.

With its goal to be everyone’s ideal sleeping partner, the brand has worked consistently to mark its achievements in the market. Care enough to know?

Right from its introduction, SleepyCat has:

  • Sold 31986+ products to their customers
  • Delivered their products to 4149 pin codes
  • A total of 7100 positive reviews of happy customers
  • 11cr of institutional funding
  • 8 customer rating out of 5

With all these excellent achievements and their sincerity, it won’t be wrong to admit that SleepyCat is surely a new and sensational way to look for finding the best mattress for an amazing sleeping experience and treat.


SleepyCat Mattress Review:

SleepyCat Original – 6 Inch Mattress:

SleepyCat The Original Mattress Review

The first mattress that we are talking about from the brand is it’s ultimate and the best mattress for back pain which is none other than the original 6-inch mattress. The mattress is very commonly known as its orthopedic mattress which is designed for the ease and convenience of the users who have been suffering from back pain like forever.

This 6-inch mattress is made with 2 different layers:

  • 1-inch gel memory foam
  • 5-inches of high-density foam

Talking about the first layer of gel memory foam, it is quite beneficial to absorb the body’s heat during the sleep. It works at its best to ensure that the users get a soft and cool sleeping surface to get sound and uninterrupted sleep. It also ensures to adjust its shape according to the sleeping position and needs of the users.

Moving to the second layer, the high-density foam is all about offering the best of comfort and support to the users with back pain. It properly aligns with the lower back of the users to give the users the needed stability during the sleep, irrespective of their sleeping position.

On top of these two layers, the brand offers premium outer cover which further enhances the charm and looks of the mattress. These covers are easy-to-wash and maintain which offers the needed convenience to the users. Also, these covers are skin-friendly and are hypoallergenic to avoid causing any allergies or skin problems.

Special care is taken to maintain proper breathability to the mattress and the cover so that it avoids causing any bad odor during the use. It takes care of each and every need of its users in the best possible way.

Overall, the mattress is an orthopedic mattress available within an affordable price which will never disappoint you with its benefits to improve your health conditions.


  • Provides excellent support and comfort to the users
  • Aligns and adjusts according to the user’s need
  • Balances the body temperature to offer a soft and cool sleep
  • Available at an affordable price range
  • Skin-friendly and non-toxic material to avoid any health issues


  • Mainly targets back pain


This mattress is simply the best for all those users who are looking for firm and soft support for their back as they sleep.


SleepyCat Plus – 8 Inch Mattress:

SleepyCat Plus Mattress Review

The next mattress that we have from the brand is its 8-inches the plus mattress. This mattress is specially designed for all those users who are looking for a mattress which is not too firm. It makes all its efforts to provide its users with a softer and cozier sleeping surface for a sound and perfect sleep.

This mattress from the brand is made with the help of 2 different layers, which both are super amazing. The two combined layers are:

  • 2-inch gel memory foam
  • 6-inch high-density foam

Beginning with the first layer of gel memory foam, it provides the much-needed orthopedic support to the users. It is beneficial for users who constantly have the problem of back pain and are looking for an effective solution. Along with this, the high-quality gel memory foam used in this mattress also brings desired relief against the pressure points.

Moving to the second layer which defines the structure of the mattress, we have high-density foam. This layer signifies and highlights the strength and durability of the mattress. Thanks to this layer, the users always get the desired and needed comfort and support while they are sleeping on this mattress.

Just like the other mattresses from the brand, even this mattress is also covered with its high-quality and premium cover. The cover is skin-friendly and hypoallergenic and thus avoids causing any kind of skin problems or allergies.

SleepyCat also keeps their mattresses and covers breathable so that they avoid getting into any kind of bad odor. The cover is also quite easy to use and wash. This provides the needed convenience to the users for maintaining their mattress as well as the available cover.

The mattress is loved by all the users as it provides them with great value for their money along with the desired comfort and luxurious sleeping experience.


  • Not too firm as a mattress
  • Provides good support, comfort and luxurious sleeping experience
  • Skin-friendly and hypoallergenic to avoid skin problems
  • Adjusts according to the user’s body
  • Reliefs the pressure points of the users


  • Not suitable for users looking for a firm mattress


This mattress is a perfect fit for all those users who are looking for a product to provide them with moderate firmness and comfort during the sleep.


SleepyCat Latex – 7 Inch Mattress:

sleepycat latex mattress review

You can never get enough from SleepyCat quality mattress and this mattress confirms the same. We are talking about the 7-inch Latex mattress from the brand. The mattress combines all the essential parameters and benefits that the users expect from a high-quality mattress.

The users can expect the benefits from this mattress with the combination of its 2 effective and high-performing layers. The two layers with which this mattress is formed are:

  • 2-inch of latex foam
  • 5-inch of high-density foam

The first layer of latex foam is necessary as it is 100% natural and comes in 7-zone design for supporting each and every part of the body. Along with the comfort and the bounce, it ensures to provide an uninterrupted sleep to the users with the help of its zero partner disturbance feature.

The second layer of high-density foam is all about forming the structure of the mattress. It also helps in defining the strength and durability of the mattress. Not to forget, it is mainly because of the second layer that the users can be sure of the fact that the mattress will last for the maximum time while benefitting them with all its amazing benefits and features.

It is the perfect blend of both these layers that the mattress brings the best to its users without any hassles or degradation in its quality.

Apart from these layers, the brand also works for coming up with the best mattress covers. These covers protect the mattresses from possible damages and thus are really important.

Special care is taken to make these covers from a skin-friendly and hypoallergenic material so that it doesn’t cause any skin problems and allergies. Also, these covers offer an easy hand and convenience for their washing, cleaning, and maintenance. The users need not to put any special efforts for the maintenance of the mattress cover for its long-lasting use.

Thanks to the breathable fabric of the mattress and the cover, both of them are protected from getting any kind of bad odor when in use. With its little bounce and high-quality, you will never regret your decision of buying this mattress.


  • 100% natural latex mattress
  • Offers 7-zone comfort and support to the users
  • Skin-friendly and hypoallergenic to avoid skin problems
  • Provides cool and soft sleeping surface
  • Absorbs the skin temperature to be a cool mattress


  • Might be bouncy for some users


This mattress is perfect for all the users who are looking for a cool mattress that also offers a slight bounce to their sleep.


SleepyCat Baby Mattress:

SleepyCat Baby Mattress Review

Last but not least, we have this very amazing mattress from the brand which is oriented to the varying needs and requirements of children and kids. This mattress can be trusted to put your little ones instantly to sleep.

To begin with, the mattress entirely focuses to deliver sound and cozy sleep to the growing kids. Every specification of the mattress is designed to offer the maximum benefits to the kids’ sleep.

The effectiveness of this mattress is the result of its 2 different combined layers, which are:

  • 1-inch latex foam
  • 3-inch high-density foam

The first layer of latex foam keeps the mattress in its 100% natural form to provide the maximum benefits to the kids. Along with this, it works as a natural cooling to provide the kids with a soft and cool sleeping surface that can absorb their body heat and temperature throughout the night.

The second layer of high-density foam works at the best to define the structure of the mattress. It also specifies the durability and reliability of the mattress along with providing it with the needed strength to withstand all the extreme conditions. This layer of high-density fabric is also responsible for providing the kids with the needed support and comfort for a peaceful and sound sleep.

To protect the mattress from any kind of damages, the brand also offers hypoallergenic covers. These covers are free from any kind of allergic particles and as a result, protect the skin from possible allergies or problems.

Also, it is made from a breathable fabric that keeps the problem of bad odor away from the mattress and cover. This assures the users that their kids will feel all refreshing and energetic as soon as they get up after sleeping on this mattress.

If you care for your loved little ones and are looking for a mattress that can help them to feel good even during sleep, then this is the right mattress to invest in.


  • Suitable for the needs of every child
  • Provides the needed support and comfort for their sound and undisturbed sleep
  • High-quality and hypoallergenic material; suitable for skin
  • Offers cool and soft sleeping surface
  • Breathable fabric to keep the mattress fresh and smelling good


  • Strictly not for adults


It is a mattress that is recommended for all the parents who are looking for a natural and high-quality mattress for their kids.


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Can you get a custom size mattress?

Yes, you can absolutely get custom size mattress from SleepyCat.

Amidst all their outstanding products, the brand provides this luxury to its customers to customize their mattress according to the desired length, width, and style. The brand is all about delivering comfort to its users with a mattress that they would love.


Other Products Offered by SleepyCat:

Without any doubt, SleepyCat is known for its wide variety of amazing and high-quality mattresses. The mattresses under the brand have no comparison in terms of their style, design, and quality.

But, there is a lot more than the brand offers to its customers other than their excellent mattresses. Yes, SleepyCat also focuses on some other products as well that when combined with their mattresses will provide an ultimate sleeping experience.

So, along with their mattresses, SleepyCat is also known for its Pillows, and Protectors

Just like their mattresses, both these products are also amazing in their quality and performance.

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