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Kurlon Mattress Review

A mattress is one of the essential purchases for a peaceful night’s sleep. A comfortable and supportive mattress delivers an uninterrupted sleep and helps you in functioning actively throughout the day. It is undoubtedly is one of the most reputed Mattress brands in India 2023 for years. All their mattresses consist of high standard memory or PU foam. Also, each product guarantees a high level of durability, assurance, comfort, and support to the users.

The mattresses from Kurlon are lightweight in design because of implementing the latest technologies. All their products are safe to use as they do not contain any insensitive materials and can fight against any sleeping stress or disorders.

Previously, Kurlon was known as Karnataka Consumer Products Limited. At present, they are the top mattress companies offering best selling mattresses which offer an outstanding sleeping experience to its users with more than 126 unique configurations. Kurlon is playing their A-game and has already added different milestones in their journey to the top. In this article, we will share a complete review of some top mattresses from the house of Kurlon. So continue to read on and clear all your confusions about Kurlon mattresses.


Kurlon Mattress Review

Kurlon Angelica Box Top

Kurlon Angelica Box Top Mattres Review

The Kurlon Angelica Box Top mattress can make you feel like an angel while sleeping on it. Infused with advanced MSI technology, this high-end bedding product comes with a high tensile pocket spring to make your comfort-level better. The technique leaves a positive impact on shaping the mattress more bouncy. It also allows zero partner disturbance facilities by reducing all the movements of your spouse.

The mattress is an ideal one to make your sleep break-free and calm your mind and energize your body. This Kurlon model comes with a Helical border wire support facility that can protect the spring of your mattress from getting aged. It can also keep the sleeping surface always well-maintained and well-shaped even after more prolonged use.

The pocket springs cover the smart layer of Thermobond Felt both at the top and bottom. It keeps the springs well maintained and allows the distribution of the human body pressure evenly on the pocket springs. To reduce the sagging problem of this Kurlon mattress, they make the side support with high-quality PU foam. This high-density foam also provides some extra body support to the mattress.

The 75 (H) X 72 (W) X 8 (D) inches dimensioned luxury mattress comes with a superior and tightly locked knitted tapestry and finished by a Poly web tape. The product comes in an assembled condition along with ten years of manufacturing warranty that make your investment risk-free and secure.


  • A comfortable luxury mattress
  • Backed with high tensile pocket-spring
  • Advanced with MSI technology
  • Zero partner disturbance facility
  • Thermobond Felt cover to protect pocket-spring
  • Polyurethane foam outer cover
  • Made up with top-quality material
  • An anti-bug mattress


  • Little bit expensive
  • Non-removable outer cover



If you are looking for the best way to make your night sleep and undisturbed one, then Kurlon Angelica Box Top mattress can be the best choice for you to invest in.

Kurlon Magnum Plus

Kurlon Magnum Plus Mattress Review

Magnum Mattress is one of the best inventions from Kurlon that comprises all-natural raw materials to give you 100% satisfaction and comfort while you are resting on it. They compose the mattress with purely natural coir core and are technically prepared with advanced densification technology to enhance the comfort level.

The advanced Kurlon product is aided with the latest ACD and VCT technology specially designed to provide superior and ultra-firm support to your back. The feature keeps your spinal position always straight and comfortable to protect your body from any back pain or back soaring effects which make it one of the best orthopedic mattresses for back pain.

Moreover, they cover both ends of this Magnum Plus coir mattress with premium-quality bonded foam covers for extra protection. The cover designs provide extra comfort and support to your back for a healthier sleeping session. To make the Box Top layer more bouncy and comfortable, a PU foam comfort quilt is placed at the top.

The same PU foam is also used to provide additional side support to enhance the model’s longevity. The perfectly crafted surface design of this Magnum Plus foam Kurlon ensures ultra lush knitted tapestry. The exclusive quality web tape has been used to prepare the thread lock of this model that shows its durability.

The model comes with an extended five-year manufacturer warranty that can make your investment a risk-free one. This Coir mattress is particularly optimized to regulate temperature naturally with no harmful effects on your body. The materials used in this Kurlon Magnum Plus mattress are high in quality and offe0072 ultra-soft feeling on your bed.


  • Made with natural coir
  • Comes with anti-bug facility
  • Anti-dust Mite
  • An anti-microbial mattress
  • Advanced with ACD & VCT technology
  • Backed with top-quality PU foam


  • Price is a little high
  • Only five years warranty



This can be the best buy in your life that will make you feel 100% comfortable and relaxed.

Kurlon Dream Sleep

Kurlon dream sleep Mattress Review

It is now time to wake-up with a refreshed and healthy mind with Kurlon Dream Sleep luxury mattress. The mattress design provides formidable body support comfortably. Infused with High Tensile Bonnell spring and optimized with helical wire technology, this mattress promotes the bouncy effect to make you feel better in comfort.

The Helical circular wire of this advanced technology Dream Sleep mattress locks the spring and avoids extra movements. The PU foam materials support the side portions of the comfort layer that enhance longevity and durability. The side portions of the comfort layer are supported by PU foam materials that improve the spring’s longevity and durability. The feature is also useful in keeping the shape of the mattress unchanged for a long time, even after regular use.

Moreover, there is a layer on top and bottom of the spring that comprises High-density cotton. This is individually prepared to provide extra firm support to your body. They also place the layer to increase the comfort level of the users.

The Kurlon mattress is an art of perfection in design stitched with Polyester jacquard tapestry. The anti-bed bug thread comes with a web tape finishing feature that is used to lock the mattress with maximum support to your body. The dimension of this invention is 182.9 (H) x 152.4 (W) x 15.2 (D) cm that is enough to enjoy a break-free night with a deep-sleep. You can also have a 100-night trial offer to make your investment a risk-free one.


  • Great in quality materials
  • Infused with flexible comfort layers
  • Made with High Tensile Bonnell spring
  • More bouncy with helical wire technology
  • Circular Helical wire support
  • PU foam Comfort layer


  • Too much spring
  • May cause back-pain issue



Kurlon Dream Sleep Mattress is the No.1 product in the Spring Mattress segment. So make your night comfortable with this highly effective mattress.


Kurlon Desire Top

Kurlon Desire Top Mattress Review

It is time to enjoy a blissful sleep with Kurlon Desire Top mattress advanced with great comfort and advanced technologies. The flexible core base of this model offers undisturbed nights with added calmness. Augmented with Kurlo Fresh technology, this mattress unit especially keeps the bacteria, dust, and fungi away from the mattress.

The firm mattress from Kurlon is engineered with anti-bed bug technology that prevents your mattress from getting damaged by bugs. With its effective Anti-microbial technology, you can quickly get rid of all harmful microorganisms.

Besides, this is a top pillow mattress centralized with a Bonnell Spring core layer. They equip the spring of this model with helical wire technology that enhances the bouncing effects and comfort level of the mattress to make your sleep tight and break-free.

The Thermobond felt layer covers the spring to prevent it from aging and promote its longevity even after daily use. The mattress comes with extra comfort & softness, and the credit goes to its Polyurethane Foam layer. You can find this layer on both sides of the mattress.

Moreover, the multi-coloured Desire Top mattress from Kurlon comes with an extended ten-year warranty that makes it more attractive for the customers. We would suggest using a damp cloth for cleaning the mattress and do not use detergent.


  • A high-quality and healthy mattress
  • Anti-bed bug technology to keep bugs away
  • Kurlo Fresh technology to prevent from bacteria
  • Backed with anti-microbial, anti-dust mite features
  • Infused with Bonnell Spring
  • Helical wire technology for spring longevity
  • Thermobond felt cover
  • Added comfort with Polyurethane Foam
  • 10 Years manufacturer warranty


  • No trial offer



This Desire Top mattress from Kurlon is the most worthy model to invest in. You can also switch the mattress sides as per your requirement in every three months.


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Can you get a custom size mattress?

Kurlon does not make customized mattresses. Though each of the mattress categories comes with a large number of sizes, they do not tailor the products to the customers.


Other Products offered By Kurlon:

Other than mattresses, Kurlon even offers different types of pillows and accessories. The U neck pillow gives support to your neck during a stressful day. There are also pillows for kids in toy shape. The PU foam pillow from Kurlon provides perfect posture for the shoulder and neck of the user. The memory foam pillow named Grazel adjusts itself according to the user and helps release the body heat. The Glacies pillow is made up of gel technology and offers you continuous sleep even on a hot day. Kurlon also delivers adjustable beds and comfy to your doorstep.

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