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Emma Mattress Review – Things to Know Before Buy

When it comes to choosing such a bulky purchase like a mattress, that requires and demands a long-time investment, it can get very confusing to look for the ideal features in a mattress.

But Emma Hybrid Mattresses are hassle-free!! Tested on real customers to give you the real-time feel and being scientifically approved, this mattress is bound to give you comfort in all sleeping positions. Emma mattress is a brand that is eminently known in across 17 countries and 3 continents and continues to expand each day.

Their innovative ideas are directed solely to provide you comfort sleep and relieve you of stress as well as orthopedic conditions. Their passion for their sole objective makes them everyone’s favorite mattress and has won them accolades as a brand.

Hence, we decided to bring across to you, some detailed and exclusive reviews of the Emma Mattress that has been driving people to sleep peacefully across the globe.


Emma Mattress

Don’t Worry, Sleep Happy!! That is what Emma wants to achieve from its range of mattresses. The company, Emma Mattresses was founded in Frankfurt, Germany in 2015 and since then aims to provide people with a better sleep experience across the world.

It is developed by their eminent group of award-winning researchers and promises to support your spine and provide proper alignment for anyone and any size.

It provides all the comfort and support that is needed for a good night’s sleep. The Emma Mattress has been a successful and fast-growing start-up across Germany and Europe. It is also India’s best-selling mattress since 2019. Their umbrella of success is spread across various countries and they have won many awards in every country that they are present in.

Emma just doesn’t stop at success but strives forward to build and innovate better. They have an on-site state of art testing facility and a veteran product development team that promises to offer just the perfect mattress. One thing that makes Emma mattress stand apart is that they manufacture and produce their products locally. For the same reason, they have been able to reach out to the amazingly German-engineered mattress across different countries and also support the local economies to grow and manufacture.

Emma Mattress is the winner of two Tech 5 awards as they are one of the fastest-growing start-ups in Europe. They entered the French market in 2017 and also ranked first in the tests conducted by the Consumer’s association. Emma Mattress is also a part of the American, Swedish, and Indian market and is spreading across the globe to provide top-class comfort. They also ranked 1st in the Consumer’s Association of UK in 2018 and 2019. In 2018, they were elected as the product of the year in France.

Each mattress and product offered by Emma undergoes rigorous testing, and is manufactured through extensive research and comes through a lot of brilliant brains put in one design. The mattress adapts to your body shape and supports you while sleeping. Emma has been a representative of excellence and has been successful in bringing across an inventive and pioneering technology to our 20th century.

They have nailed the performance in sleep tech engineering by using the most leading-edge materials like their avant-garde Airgocell foam, HRX cold foam, and the outlandish Diamond Degree Graphite Foam that makes them different from others and thereby produce the best mattresses in India 2023 .

Currently, Emma offers two types of mattresses to suit your health and comfort-based needs. Let us review each one of them for you to help you make a better choice so that you do not compromise on your sleep.


Emma Mattress Review

Emma Original Mattress

Emma Original Mattress Review

The Emma Original Mattress has been the winner of the Best Mattress Award, more than any other mattress in the sleep tech industry. The Original Mattress range by Emma has also been Europe’s Most awarded mattress and has been selected by 47 independent Consumer Associations as the best mattress across Europe. Its high-quality cutting-edge German-engineered memory foam is made in India 2023 .

The mattress has been crafted so strategically that it has temperature controlling layer that improves breathability and allows you to sleep even in the most extreme of temperatures.

It is made of highly breathable Airgocell Foam, viscoelastic memory foam, and the cold foam layer that makes the perfect combination of comfort and support.

One of the most durable forms of mattresses, it has a 20 years durability warranty and comes with 100 nights free trial that allows you to choose the kind of comfort you want to opt for. The cover on the top is removable and comes with a zip. It is made of breathable fabric that is machine washable making it very easy to maintain. It is a temperature regulating elastic cover. It helps in controlling humidity and does not retain heat.

The adaptive Airgocell Foam is of around 1.5 inches that possesses an open pore structure that is ideal for air circulation. It also helps to support your body’s pressure points.

The Visco-elastic memory foam is of 1.5 inches and is made for relieving pressure, uniformly distributing the weight of the body on the mattress, and providing optimum spinal support.

The 5 inches of supportive base foam comes with a unique cut out technology that provides support to other parts of your body like shoulders, and your lower back. It is available as a single bed sized mattress, double bed, queen, and king-sized bed mattresses. The smallest size would be around 72 inches by 36 inches and the largest king-sized mattress would be around 84 inches by 72 inches.

Emma mattress gives you the comfort of getting your product delivered at home, with zero delivery and returns cost as well as allows you to sit back, relax, and order without jumping from showroom to showroom. It provides you optimal spinal alignment irrespective of your size and offers you the best price of purchase with 0% EMI.

The mattress is made of natural and eco-friendly materials so it is non-toxic for your family and is 100% organic. The cooling properties of the cooling foam are unbeatable and ensure low temperatures for the optimum sleeping experience.


  • German quality engineered memory foam
  • Extensive cooling properties to ensure a comfortable sleep at night
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly mattress
  • Comes with an adaptive foam that adjusts according to your body shape


  • The memory foam is too soft and feels very spongy
  • Not quite optimum for people with back and joint issues

Verdict: The Emma Original Mattress is indeed a product that redefines comfort and support but is costly and could be better in terms of the spongy feeling of the memory foam. All in all, its comfortable, soft, maintains optimum temperature and is best for most kinds of sleepers. However, it is very soft to help in spinal alignment.


Emma Ortho Mattress

Emma Ortho Mattress Review

The Emma Ortho Mattress is scientifically developed and tested upon customers and has been proven to alleviate and relax people suffering from back and joint pains. The mattress is quite suitable for all sleeping positions and the best part is that it comes with zero partner disturbance. The Emma Ortho Mattress is truly like no other. The mattress is engineered and designed in Germany but manufactured and built of Indian quality.

It promises to offer premium quality spinal alignment irrespective of your weight and shape. The zero-motion transfer has motion isolation properties that ensure that you are not disturbed if you have a kid or partner who moves frantically while sleeping. If there is the slightest movement on the Emma Ortho mattress, the mattress absorbs the movement due to its patented foam layers and then the motion is dispersed so that you and your partner get a sound sleep.

Their high-quality foam makes sure that you forget aches and pains as it evenly distributes your body’s weight and relieves pressure points each time you sleep. It also aligns your posture and spine while sleeping which is necessary to provide you a restful sleep to make you feel energized. It also supports your shoulders and hips at proper points for uniform weight distribution. It adapts to your body type and shape to provide you the best quality support even if you sleep in any position.

Talking about the layers, the Airgocell Foam has an open-pore cell structure that allows free air circulation so that the mattress is breathable and comfortable to sleep in. The Orthopaedic memory foam is visco-elastic and adjusts to your body’s shape ensuring optimum pressure distribution in the areas that require support and relief. It molds to the shape of your body. The cold foam forms the base of the mattress and avoids building up humidity and lets you sleep in a cool environment.

This is Best Orthopedic Mattress comes with a 10 years durability warranty, 100 nights free trial, and no delivery or return charges. It is available in a varied range of sizes, just like that of its Original Mattress variant.


  • Breathable fabric
  • Adapts to your body type and shape
  • Zero motion transfer for undisturbed sleep
  • Easy delivery and returns
  • Fits in any type of bed
  • Wide range of sizes to choose from


  • The king-sized mattress is priced very high

Verdict: While the bed is excellent in terms of providing comfort and cozy sleep, we feel it could be better in terms of support as it may not be as firm for a person suffering from chronic back and joint pain.


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Can You Get a Custom Size Emma Mattress?

Emma mattress is available in a range of sizes to suit your sleeping preferences. However, if you are looking for a custom size mattress, then it may or may not be available.

They have mattresses for single beds, double beds, queen, and king-sized beds and you can easily squeeze in a slightly larger mattress into a specifically sized smaller bed. For example, 75 inches by 60 inches queen-sized mattress can easily fit into 74 inches by 58 inches bed by squeezing the mattress in.

Moreover, the 100 nights trial offer is always there to help you make a better choice in terms of comfort and size both.


Other Products Offered By Emma Mattress

When it comes to providing you quality and all-round sleep, Emma is always a step ahead and provides you the best sleeping experience. Not just mattresses, Emma has a whole sleep universe with its range of pillows and mattress protectors. Emma offers the Micro Fiber and Memory Foam Pillow. The Micro Fiber Pillow is made of 200 GSM Fiber and is German quality designed.

It is washable as well as zippable. The pillow provides softness and unbeatable comfort. The memory foam pillow makes a perfect companion for a memory foam mattress and both of them can be combined for a perfect night’s sleep. It has a 3-layer construction and a climate regulating removable and washable cover. The probiotic cover improves the lifespan of your Emma mattress and ensures safety and comfort for your entire family. It is a waterproof and breathable cover fabric.

Emma mattress has proved to be the pioneers of sleep and grows each day with innovation and comfort to provide you sleep of a lifetime. Read our reviews on the Emma Hybrid Mattress and tell us which one is best suited for you.

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