Blue Star Majesto Water Purifier Review

In the quest of having safe and pure drinking water for your family, you might get confused about which water purifier model to buy. Taking this confusion into account, we will be reviewing one of the best RO and UV water purifiers in the market. This machine comes with an 8 litre of storage capacity that is more than enough for handling the daily water requirements of a small to medium-sized family. The water goes through the six stages of UV and RO purification technique for eliminating all the potentially dangerous materials from it.


Blue Star Majesto Water Purifier Features

Below we have mentioned some of the most significant features that distinguish it from the other water purification system.

Blue Star Majesto Water Purifier Review

RO and UV Double purification system

The water purifier implements double layered RO and UV protection to ensure that the water you consume is pure and clean from the microorganisms and the dissolved impurities. The RO filter is efficient in eliminating all the radioactive matters and heavy metals, while the UV deactivates the microorganisms like cysts, viruses, and bacteria present in the water.


ATB or Aqua Taste Booster

This feature helps to rejuvenate the water taste and maintain an optimal pH level for giving you fantastic and fresh-tasting water.


Aesthetic design

The user loves the aesthetic architecture of this water purifier. The sleek and stylish design makes this product pleasing to the user’s eyes.


6 stage Purification System of the Water

The 6 stage purification system passes the water through the pre sediment chamber, pre carbon filter, sediment filter, RO membrane, UV lamp, and a post-carbon filter together with an Aqua tasting booster. The fine sediment filter eliminates even the finest particles of sand, dust, mud, and other suspended particles.


Child Locking System

This facility prevents your children from messing around with the machine and preventing any wastage of water.


Enormous Purification Capacity

Unlike other machines in the market, the purification capability of this device is enormous and can clean up to 285 litres of water throughout the day.


Indicator for Tank full

This property alerts and indicates the user when the water storage tank becomes full.



The machine comes with one year of warranty from the company, covering all manufacturing problems and defects.


Copper Infused Activated Carbon

Water that comes directly to our house is full of foul odor and contaminants. The copper-infused activated carbon in this water purifier removes all the odor, smell, and VOC components from the water.

Know More About Copper loaded on activated carbon on RSC Advances 2007.



Storage capacity8 liters
Purification TechniqueRO and UV
Operating voltage220 volt
Tank materialABS food-grade plastic
Type of Membrane0.01-micron UF membrane
Rate of purificationMaximum 12 liters every hour
The temperature of a water inlet2 to 38 degree Celsius
Water OutputAmbient
Power consumption24 watt
Installation TypeWall mount or tabletop
Weight10.5 kgs

Advantages of Blue Star Majesto Water Purifier

After reviewing all the features and specifications, now it is time to check out the benefits of using this product.

  • Stylish and sleek construction
  • High capacity of water purification
  • Child locks facility on the machine
  • RO and UV double layered protection
  • 8 liter of enormous storage capacity
  • The taste of the resultant water is outstanding
  • One year of company warranty on the machine
  • The countertop or wall mount can also be replaced
  • The device comes with a pre-filter at the time of installation by the company


Disadvantages of Blue Star Majesto Water Purifier

Well, now that we have seen its advantages, it also includes a few drawbacks which are mentioned below.

  • There are no lights
  • Do not include any alert for the filter change.
  • Wastage of water is more compared to other devices.



At the end of this article, we hope that all your confusion and doubts about Blue Star Majesto Water purifier have been clear. You can trust this machine for safe and pure drinking water if you have a small or medium family.

Blue Star Majesto Water Purifier Review - Apolloedoc

In the quest of having safe and pure drinking water for your family, you might get confused about which water purifier model to buy. Taking this confusion

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