ProLab Advanced Caffeine – 60 Tablets

ProLab Advanced Caffeine

  • An effective fat burning supplement for men & women
  • Made with a blend of all-natural caffeine
  • A gluten-free product to intake
  • Helps to burn calories while workout
  • Boost up the energy level for the workout
  • Helps to focus on weight loss goal


Did you need some special supplements to reduce extra fat from your body? If yes, then you should try ProLab Advanced Caffeine weight loss tablets to get rid of this problem in a shorter time. This health care medicine can simplify your performance by boosting your energy level and intensify your mental focus to loss weight.

This Advanced Caffeine from ProLab has not only works as a pre-workout supplement to re-shape your body but also helps to burn calories during your workout. It comes in a small-sized bottle that contains 60 tablets inside it and you need to consume 2 tablets daily with a meal to have the best impact on your body.

Now, what about the core ingredients? Both men and women can take it while heading towards the gym and this is one of the healthiest supplements to intake without any worries of side effects. These supplement pills are 100% free from yeast, gluten, milk, artificial colors, wheat, unhealthy preservatives, soy, sugar or artificial flavours that can easily harm your health badly in the long term.

It is suggested to take this pill 20 minutes before you start a workout. It is a vegetarian product that contains all the effective fat-burning ingredients like glycerin, Cellulose, maltodextrin, stearic acid, silica, cellulose gum, magnesium stearate, methylcellulose and more. It is highly recommended to keep his tablet in dry and cool places and keep it away from children.

The pills are specially designed to increase your energy level at workout time to achieve maximum impact on your body. Let’s take a quick look at the highlighted features of this health supplement.