The 13 most important tips for glowing skin

Best Tips for Glowing Skin

Who does not dream of having glowing skin? But, most of us struggle to achieve good healthy and glowing skin. In these erratic times, it is even harder to follow a routine. Stress, mental health issues, work commitments, and the rapidly progressing city life can be taxing. Therefore, its effects are quite evident on your … Read more

Military Diet India

Military Diet India

The obsession with weight loss is not new for the Indian people. Even the slimmest person becomes uncomfortable whenever there is a slight increase in weight. This profit-oriented industry has seriously affected the mind of consumers. For instance, a new diet plan followed by a celebrity will promise to shed a few kilos but will … Read more

Best Deo for Men in India 2022

Best Deo for Men

Have you ever met somebody who doesn’t want to smell nice? We hope not. While some people are born with natural odor, others have to resort to perfumes and deodorants. Since deodorants have a negative affiliation with being unsafe for the skin, choosing a reliable brand that will not irritate the skin is necessary. If … Read more

The 10 Best Night Cream in India 2022

Best Night Cream in India 2022

Aren’t we always on the lookout for something extra for our beauty routine? Well, night cream can go a long way to guarantee us moisturized and rejuvenated skin. Your skin repairs itself during the night time; therefore, a carefully chosen night cream should be the prime focus. However, in India 2022 , it can get … Read more

How to Lose Fat Face? 6 Effective Tips

How to Lose Fat Face

Face fat is always due to unhealthy diet intake. Your double chin can be due to genetics, sedentary lifestyle, medications, underlying illnesses, etc. Irrespective of the reason, you can lose face fat and get a sleek face cut by making a few lifestyle choices. While it might take some time, the results shall definitely be … Read more

Best Hair Straightener in India 2022

Best Hair Straightener in India 2022

Whether you have short or long hair, hair straighteners provide one of the best solutions to straighten out your hair at home every day. Many of us spent an enormous amount to do the straight styling of our hair in the salon. Having a hair straightening machine will cut down the time required to style … Read more

How To Know Your Skin Type

How To Know Your Skin Type

A brief understanding of your skin type is the most critical aspect of caring for your body. You need deep knowledge about how your skin type changes across different seasons and adapt to the environment around you. We’ll discuss each method that helps you analyse and decide which product could be helpful for your skin … Read more

Best Shampoo for Hair in India 2022

Best Shampoo for Hair

If looking for the best and suitable shampoo is wrong, then it makes no sense to be right. Every girl/women need the best shampoo for hair that can nourish the hair to make them as long, healthy, and shiny. Haircare is as important and essential as skincare and therefore, you should be very particular while … Read more

How to Make Nose Thin?

How to Make Nose Thin 1

The overall appearance of your face highly depends on your nose. This is why most people are insecure about their noses, thereby prompting them to find newer ways to alter their appearance. While surgery might not be a viable career option for all, you can try one of the following ways to make your nose … Read more

How To Apply Face Serum

How To Apply Face Serum

People often question the functionality and effectiveness of a face serum. This is because they do not get their desired results. But is that because of the face serum? Not necessarily. Buying a face serum is not enough. It is necessary to understand the correct way to apply face serum to reap maximum benefits. We … Read more

How To Make Rose Water At Home?

How To Make Rose Water At Home

The versatility of rose water is no secret. It is used for a variety of reasons and has many benefits. You can use rose water for your skin. You can also use it in various kinds of recipes. It is also popular for its fragrance and its flavor, and has calming properties. For these reasons, … Read more

South Indian Diet Chart for Weight Loss

South Indian Diet Chart for Weight Loss

South Indian food is exceptionally delicious to eat. The magical and flavorful aroma of the curry leaves, nutty coconut chutney, and popping mustard seeds go perfectly well with the dosas. But it is needless to say that overeating south Indian food might lead to an excessive weight gainer. But this totally does not mean that … Read more