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Military Diet India

The obsession with weight loss is not new for the Indian people. Even the slimmest person becomes uncomfortable whenever there is a slight increase in weight. This profit-oriented industry has seriously affected the mind of consumers.

For instance, a new diet plan followed by a celebrity will promise to shed a few kilos but will not be that great for glowing skin, immunity, or hair. Eventually, everything will only come down to weight loss. In 2018, one such diet that is present in the market was the military diet. In this article, we will be giving information on everything related to the military diet and help you to decide whether it is suitable for your body type or not.

Definition of Military Diet

Military Diet

The origin of the military diet is still a big question for many people. Some people say that the USA military men curate it in losing weight before undergoing any medical test. According to another theory, it is assumed that USA military doctors introduce this diet to keep every army man in shape. Even though inception is not a point in question here, however, the fact remains the same this diet is doing the rounds in the military and is helping people lose weight. However, it does not include any affiliation or accreditation from any reputed institution.

The experts have divided the diet into two-phase: three-day low calorie and four-day usual diet plan. The chief idea is to repeat this process till the time when you will not attain your ideal weight. The diet plan comes with the promise to reduce fat in one week. This diet is also popular with various names like ice cream, low calorie, or even army diet.

How does the Military Diet in India 2022 help in reducing weight?

Military Diet in India 2022 help in reducing weight

The military diet plan usually revolves around the list of low-calorie foods and ice cream. On the very first three days of the diet plan, you will not consume more than 1100 to 1200 calories. It is much lower than the daily consumption of a person. For the next four days, you have to intake calories of 1800; however, many people continue to stick to healthy food at this time.

There are no fixed rules that state that you cannot eat fiber, carbs, proteins, vitamins, or fats. You can eat anything but in a very controlling proportion. The concept of eating everything in moderation results in the fat burner process. The principle of taking calories in and out results in this diet plan and hence helps the person to burn fat much faster.

Is it Okay to try the Indian Military Diet Version?

Most of us come with a constant desire to lose weight and fit into our most favourite dress. Most of us start doing crash dieting and starve ourselves to get that perfect look. Numerous other diets also claim faster results. But this also causes a dilemma in our minds. Is it okay or safe to follow this diet or not? How many kilos will I shed? Will the diet plan be organic or vegetarian? In this scenario, we turn to the internet and keep searching for the perfect diet that will work for me.

This Indian Military Diet will surely deliver a result for weight loss. Weigh down all the pros and cons and then plunge on taking up the diet challenges.

Meal Plan for Indian Military Diet

Meal Plan for Indian Military Diet
1100 grams of one fruit serving, two tablespoon peanut butter with one  whole-grain bread slice, and one cup of tea or black coffee with no milk or sugarHalf cup tuna, one  whole-grain bread slice, and one cup tea or black coffee with no milk or sugar100 grams of chicken or meat, 1 cup vegetable, 1 two one and a half fruit serving, and one scoop of vanilla ice cream
2100 grams of one fruit, one  whole-grain bread slice or five cracker biscuits, and one  hard-boiled eggOne cheese slice or 50 -gram cheese, one  whole-grain bread slice or five cracker biscuits, and one  hard-boiled egg100 grams of chicken sausage with no bun or 100 grams of ground or minced meat, 1 to 11/2 serving of vegetables, half to 1 serving of fruit, and a half scoop of vanilla ice cream
3100 grams of fruit serving, one whole-grain bread slice or five cracker biscuits, one  cheddar cheese sliceone whole-grain bread slice and hard-boiled egg50 grams or 1 cup tuna fish, half banana, half scoop ice cream

Day 4 to 7

You have to maintain the rest four days a 1400 to 1800 calorie diet with minimum restrictions to maintain proper fat cutter results.

Vegan or Vegetarian Military Diet India

Vegan or Vegetarian Military Diet India

For a vegan or vegetarian Indian military diet, you can replace the meat, eggs, and tuna fish with your favourite protein sources like pulses, paneer, tofu, dal, sprouts, or nuts. You can replace any vegetable or fruit you do not like with other sources full of multiple vitamins.

Why is the Indian military diet so famous?

The calorie restriction in the body leads to a calorie deficiency. The stored fat present inside the body acts as fuel, and you will experience the required weight loss. Intermittent fasting for the entire day will enhance insulin sensitivity and might control the blood sugars. Calcium, fiber, and high protein in the military diet improve the fat-burning mechanism. There will be no burden for the additional supplement of nutrients.

How Trustworthy is the Indian Version of the Military Diet?

For an average person, a short-term military diet will not cause any harm. But if you follow it for a few weeks, there might be a risk of nutrient deficiencies. The case might worsen if you neglect the vegetables and fruits for a longer duration. Additionally, eating ice cream and crackers might also include some effects on the body’s metabolism. There are studies about the military diet. However, it is generally observed that a person might lose a few kilos due to the calorie restriction for the entire week. Fewer intakes of calories mean lesser deposition of the fat in the body.

The Indian military diet burns fat and enhances metabolism, but there is no written proof for this. Green tea and coffee consist of compounds that will slightly improve metabolism. Foods that contain a higher protein amount boost more metabolisms than the other foods. The military diet helps you to lose weight as it comes with a limited intake of calories. It does not contain any other pros that will make it more efficient than the other lower-calorie diets.

What exactly will you lose?

When a person is a high weight gainer, obese or overweight, their weight varies widely between the ideal and original range. Thus the weight loss range in such a person with calorie limitation becomes fast. But in reality, the maximum weight loss amount occurs due to water loss and not amount. With calorie and carbohydrates restriction, there is a lower glycogen store and lower body muscle mass. With the decline in the glycogen stores of the body, the water will drop quickly.

This scale will display the desired result but at the cost of the water and muscle loss. Such crash weight loss will result in mass gain once you begin the usual eating pattern. Hence efficient weight loss will result in a better strategy to operate in the long run and keep the patient healthy permanently.

Advantages of the Indian Military diet plan

Advantages of Indian Military diet plan

The primary reason for following the Indian military diet plan is it is simple to follow. It is due to the diet not giving suggestions for reaching out for expensive foodstuffs and supplements. Now let us take a close look at some of the benefits of the Indian military diet plan mentioned below.

You do not require enormous willpower to carry out this diet.

You need to follow this diet only for three days in one week and will get the required result. You do not have to wait further for a few months or years to observe the outcome.

The intake of calories takes a backseat.

Most of the dieting plan asks you to keep track of your calorie. But this Indian military diet plan will not demand to eat this amount of calories for lunch, dinner, or breakfast. Therefore, you do not have to spend many long hours cooking the meals and chalking out the recipes based on calorie intake. The menus included in this diet are simple and straightforward, and you can tuck in with no worry about everything else. Each meal is designed in such a way that it will include adequate protein, fat, and carbohydrate amount. Thus if you are a vegan or a vegetarian, you have to follow some simple substitutes.

Diet enhances metabolism.

Diet enhances metabolism

The diet is perfect for boosting metabolism power, as it adds three vital things to your diet. They are high protein to make your stomach full for a longer time, high calcium foods like ice cream and cottage cheese will bind to the fat and help in digestion, and high fiber foods like green beans, apples, and broccoli to enhance your metabolism.

Ideal for busier people

Ideal for busier people

Most people skip their diet plan due to excessive grocery shopping and have to eat something in particular for the entire day. Thus most diet plans become difficult and inconvenient to follow by people. But you can follow this Indian military diet plan as it is not complex to follow and doable.

An Intermittent fasting form

An Intermittent fasting form

We are all accustomed to the concept of intermittent fasting and how it can enhance your insulin sensitivity. Intermittent fasting is a blending of two different eating phases. One is following the fasting period, and another one is the usual eating period. When you eat food after a long time, it gets directed towards the liver muscles and cells, in place of taking it to the fat cells. It also reduces insulin growth factors which enhances muscle growth, decreases the type 1 diabetes risk, and boosts fat burning. Thus we cannot name it a fast in a real sense, but since the calorie intake is pretty much within the 1000 calorie intake, it comes close to a fast.

Things not to do In the Indian Military diet plan

There are some factors to remember that you should not do while following this diet meal plan. The stricter you will become with your diet plan, the quicker you will get the results.

No Weekend indulgence

No Weekend indulgence

We mostly indulge ourselves during the weekends and feel guilty for the entire week. It will also add a few inches to your process while you, following the meal plan.

No snack diet

No snack diet

There is no option for a snack in a military diet plan, unlike the other meal plans. This part is the hardest section of them all. In every other diet plan, there is always an inclusion of a snack. It might be a difficult phase for endurance, but you will surely get a reward at the end of this regimented diet plan.

Do not skip the second phase of the diet.

If you continue to phase 1 of the diet for too long with no second phase, it will leave a negative impact on the body. Also, if you want to get back to the old eating ways, you will find it difficult to maintain weight. So always make healthy foods an integral part of your lifestyle to maintain the required weight efficiently.

Final Thoughts

After reading all of the above meal plans and their advantages, if you are wondering if the diet plan will work or not, then there is only one way to find out. Start practising the Indian military diet plan if you want to lose a high amount of weight within a short time. This plan is exceptionally safe for healthy people. However, it might initially lead to some nutritional deficiencies. If you want a fast and temporary weight loss, a military Indian diet might work and will not lead to long-lasting weight loss. But if you can adhere to a healthy lifestyle, then you will be able to maintain your weight. So do not wait any more, and start following this diet plan today!

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