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How to use toner? A Complete Guide on Face Toners

Many beauty experts and influencers on social media recommend adding toners to your skincare routine. But, we often aren’t aware of what toner actually is or how to use it the correct way.

Using toner regularly can provide benefits for your skin especially in the long run. Unlike cleansers, toners clean out the impurities from your face and leave it refreshed. There are various toners designed specifically for special needs.

In this article, we’ll help you explore the basics of using a toner and which toner can suit you the best.


What is toner?

A toner can be defined as a water-based skincare product that evens out your skin pigmentation and maintains the pH level of your skin. Not only that, but a toner rejuvenates your face and makes it brighter.

When toners came into the beauty market, they were alcohol-based. That is why they received a backlash for leaving the skin dry and moist-free. But, today the toners are water-based and hydrate your skin.

Toners are usually made from essential oils or flowers that have a mesmerizing and soothing effect on your skin. They come in distinct flavors and they smell amazing. Based on the main ingredient used in the making of the toner, they can have a very specific function.


What does a toner do?

What does a toner do

A toner can become a magical potion for your skin if you use it regularly. You can say hello to wonderful and younger skin with the help of your new toner. In this section, we’ll tell you how toner can be the go-to thing in your skin-care regime.


1. Maintains pH balance

Some cleansers dry out the moisture from your skin and disrupt its pH level. These face cleansers contain chemicals that are very harsh on the skin. They need to be immediately replaced with toners.

Toners soothe your skin and regulate the pH level of the skin as it should be. Maintaining the pH of your face is necessary because it not only keeps the skin healthy but also gets rid of germs and bacteria.


2. Complete Cleansing

Washing your face just isn’t enough to remove the dirt and impurities that are trapped underneath your skin cells. A toner helps to clean the face completely and remove every bit of dust and undesirable impurities from the skin. The best part is that it does not deprive your face of natural oils.


3. Pores Tightening

Skin with large pores is more prone to acne and blackheads. Using a toner regularly can shrink the size of the pores on the face. As a result of this, the accumulated dirt on your face won’t be able to penetrate through. This prevents acne and infections.


4. Nourishes Skin

One of the most salient features of a toner is to trap moisture and keep your skin hydrated. Toners contain different nutrients that are essential for keeping the skin healthy. Whenever you use any skincare product right after using a toner, it will work more effectively. It is because moist skin after using the toner absorbs products better than dry skin.


When and how to use a toner?

How to use toner properly

Applying toner must be the second or the third step in any skincare routine. The first step is always washing your face with a face wash that suits your skin type. The next step is exfoliating which is optional.

Toner must be applied after cleansing your face and before applying the moisturizer. The face wash cleans the impurities and dirt from your face skin. The toner helps in cleansing and hydrating the skin.

After this, a moisturizer must be applied to keep the skin moist and soft. Applying the serum or essential oil is the last step of the skincare routine. You can incorporate a mask at the beginning of the whole process.



A toner can be added to your morning or night skincare regime. It can also be used as a makeup cleanser or to treat dark circles under your eyes. Although, cleanser must not be replaced with toner.

Toners work better when they are used with cleansers. They help maintain the original nature of your skin and keep your skin healthy and glowing. If you do not own a toner, we advise you to buy one as soon as possible and use it regularly.

So, start using a toner and share the experience with us in the comment section below.

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