How To Remove Tan From Face

As fun as basking in the sun and soaking up all that Vitamin D sounds, there are repercussions that come with it. Among which, sun tan might be the most common.

Whether it’s your outdoor job, or a sports you like to play, or your recent trip to Maldives, sun is everywhere and so is the tanning caused by it.

Although there are preventive measures that you can take before the tanning takes place, who are we kidding, a little tan is inevitable, especially if you live in harsher climates.

The worst part of getting tanned is the difference it makes upon the skin tones of various regions of your body.

Your face, having a sensitive a more sensitive type of skin than the rest of your body, is more prone to getting a tan. Tanning on your face can get really annoying when the rest of your body stays unaffected by the sun.

If you hate tan lines around your face, you aren’t alone.

But the bigger concern is, how to remove tan from face?

In this article I cover everything you need to know about successful face tan removal. I’ll talk about everything from home remedies to clinical treatments. Here’s a list of all you can go to get rid of that tan on your face.


How to remove tan from face: Home Remedies

tan from face

Let’s start our tan removal process with things easily available in our kitchens.

Here’s what you can put on your face to de-tan it:

Chlorinated Water

Now this might seem unlikely, but putting on chlorinated water on your face is an easy and quick way to remove tan. Chlorinated water isn’t hard to find, and using it isn’t difficult or time consuming either.

Wash your face a couple of times a way with chlorinated water or take a dip in a swimming pool full of chlorinated water.


Lemon Juice With Honey

Lemon Juice With Honey

It’s no secret that acidity of lemon has natural bleaching effects. The vitamin C in lemon acts as an excellent tan removing agent.

Add some honey to freshly squeezed lemon juice and leave it on your face for 30 minutes.

This method is proven to remove tan instantly.

Note: Remember to be careful while using lemon on your face, as it can cause inflammation in some people. Don’t use lemon juice on alone, mix it with honey that’ll help to nourish your skin.


Tomato Juice

Tomato Juice

Much like lemon, tomato has skin bleaching qualities as well. Because of antioxidants, tomato brightens and lightens your skin too.

Simply take a slice of tomato and rub it on affected areas.

Or, you could run it in a food processor and make a paste. Keep the paste on your face for 30 something minutes and then rinse off.  Your de-tanned skin is ready!


Oats with Buttermilk

Oats with Buttermilk

Oatmeal works as an excellent exfoliator and buttermilk’s lactic acid has cleansing properties which are perfect for tan removal.

Just soak up a couple teaspoons of oatmeal in some water for a few minutes. Add 2 teaspoons of buttermilk and mix it well.

Apply this paste on your face, and rub for a few minutes. Leave for 10 minutes and wash it off.




Like buttermilk, yogurt has cleansing properties too, and is widely used for de-tanning your skin. Treating your face with yogurt is pretty simple, and works wonders for a good skin.

Take up some yogurt and apply it to your face, keep it on for half an hour, and rinse.

You’ll instantly be rewarded with a de-tanned, clear and smooth skin.


Papaya with honey

Papaya with honey

Papaya is a magic fruit that is extremely beneficial for skin for a lot of reasons. It contains some enzymes that are amazing tan removers. Papaya along with honey, which is the cherry on top, makes this remedy the most effective one.

Mash some papaya, and add honey to it. Rub it on your face and leave it for 15-20 minutes.

You’ll see instant results with this remedy.


Coconut Water

Coconut Water

Coconut water is great, not only for tan removal but for detoxing your skin as well.

Wash your face from time to time with coconut water, it will get rid of the tan and keep your skin hydrated too.

For more effective results, mix up coconut water with sandalwood powder or multani mitti, and use it as a face pack. Keep it on your face for 30 minutes and wash off the tan.


Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel

Needless to say, aloe vera is the one stop solution for all problems concerning skin. It soothes sunburnt skin and removes tan. Aside from this, it lightens scars and marks and keeps the skin moisturized.

Extract aloe vera gel from a plant or use a store-bought product. Apply a coin-sized amount on your face for a couple of days, and you will be sure to see the changes in your skin.




Sandalwood has been used for centuries in our households for a better, glowing skin. It has tremendous benefits, one of them being tan removal. Owing to it’s cleansing properties, sandal does a good job of removing sunburns.

The easiest way to use sandalwood is by mixing up sandalwood powder with some water or honey and putting it on your face. Keep this mix on your face for about half an hour, and rinse it off with cold water.

Remember to rub the mix on your face while washing it off, in order to exfoliate away the dead, tanned skin.


Gram flour with Turmeric

Gram flour with Turmeric

Turmeric with its natural antioxidants makes a sound cleansing agent. Gram flour has similar properties and together, they are well known for their skin cleansing and lightening effects.

Mix up 2-3 teaspoons of gram flour with half a teaspoon of turmeric, add water and make a thick paste. Rub this paste on your face for 5-10 minutes before your shower. And then wash it away.

In some days, this method is sure to give you a glowing, de-tanned skin.


How to remove tan from face: Make a run to the market

There is a wide range of various products available in the market specified for the purpose of removing tan from your body and face.

These products are easy to use, and work effectively.

If you don’t want to go all natural, you can get these products from the market to remove tan from your face:

Face washes for tan removal

Face washes for tan removal

Certain face washes are meant to get rid of the tanned tissue on your face. Look for these in your local store and use them to wash your face at least two times in a day.


Exfoliating Scrubs

Here’s the mechanics behind exfoliating. Tanning dries up the topmost layer of your skin, and using an exfoliator gets rid of that unwanted dead skin, revealing a fresh line of new cells, in turn, de-tanning your face to a huge extent.


Face masks

Face masks

Peel-off face masks work in a similar fashion, by peeling away the layer of dead skin cells and giving you a rejuvenating skin.

You could also choose natural face masks like multani mitti and sandalwood masks, well known for their cleansing effects.


Tan removal creams

Tan removal creams do a very effective job of de-tanning. There are overnight cream options available in the market, which are more convenient to use, and do the job while you take your beauty sleep.


How to remove tan from face: Clinical treatments

These measures may sound a little extreme to many, but are quite popular among the professionals in the beauty industry.

If you want a quick fix, here’s some options you can consider:

Chemical Peel

It is the type of dermatological treatment in which some chemicals are applied to your face which help to remove the top layers of your skin.

There are different types of chemicals used for different types of skin problems.


Laser Toning

Toning is yet another skin treatment. It uses a laser beam which breaks down skin pigments, removing tan and dead skin cells.

This is claimed to be the most effective method for tan removal.



Microdermabrasion is a kind of exfoliating treatment which helps to get rid of tan and dead tissue. It uses a special wand that sprays crystals onto your skin, exfoliating it.

This treatment is minimally invasive, hence preferred for easy tan removal.


How to prevent tanning:

Although there are a long list of measures you can take to remove tan from your face, it is better to prevent your face from getting tanned. Like they say, prevention is better than cure.

Keep these things in mind the next time you decide to step out in the sun:

  • Always put on sunscreen before heading outdoors, even if the sun isn’t directly visible.

Reapply the sunscreen every two hours.

  • Use SPF based lip balms and eye creams.
  • Avoid going out during peak sun hours, if possible.

I get it, sometimes you are forced to go out and face the harsh sun, but if it is possible, avoid early afternoons to run errands.

  • Hydrate your skin. Drink a lot of water. Wash your face 3-4 times. Dry skin is more likely to get tanned. Use water-based moisturizers, they keep the skin hydrated for longer.
  • Wear hats and sunglasses when out in the sun. You could cover your face with a scarf too.


Bottom line

sun tanning is natural and fades away on its own as well. But if you want to make this process faster, I have complied a bunch of methods you can try using to de-tan your face quicker.

Take a good look, and figure out a way that works out for you!

And always remember to wear sun-protection to prevent tanning.

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