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How to Make Nose Thin?

The overall appearance of your face highly depends on your nose. This is why most people are insecure about their noses, thereby prompting them to find newer ways to alter their appearance.

While surgery might not be a viable career option for all, you can try one of the following ways to make your nose thinner. Don’t worry; apart from surgery, none of them are invasive.

Go through each and every one of them to make an informed call.

4 Ways to Make the Nose thinner

There are both natural and unnatural ways to reshape your nose in the way you desire. While natural ways are free and affect you for a certain period, an operation can give quick results.

You can straighten it, shorten it, or sharpen it using these methods.

1. Nose Massage

Nose Massage

To tone the muscle around your nose, you can use massaging. These exercises work slowly on your face, but with patience, they can make your nose thinner. They can also be beneficial for people with sinus or migraines.

A few massaging techniques are as follows:

  1. Use the tip of your fingers to make circular motions on the edges of your nose for 5 minutes.
  2. Slightly hold the fat around your nose with the tips of your fingers and leave it within 1 second. Do this for 5 minutes.
  3. Smile and push your nose upwards with the help of your index finger. Do this 20 to 30 times a day.


2. Breathing Exercises

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises affect all parts of your body. They improve the respiratory system, from your nose to the windpipe and the lungs. Breathing exercises can help you sharpen your nose if you practice them regularly.

You can do yoga exercises like pranayama. We’ve mentioned the correct way to do pranayam that can shape your nose and increase your lung capacity at the same time.

  1. Sit down with cross legs. Make sure your back is straight.
  2. Cover the left nostril and breathe from the right.
  3. Hold your breath for 5 seconds.
  4. Cover the right nostril and release the breath from the left nostril.
  5. Do this and vice versa for at least 5 minutes a day.

Note: There is no scientific evidence that massaging or exercising can change the shape of your nose. However, many social media influencers have used these techniques and have gotten results. There are face yoga instructors that advise face yoga for toning your nose.


3. Makeup


For those looking for a less permanent solution, makeup is the best way to make your nose appear smaller or thinner. It is beneficial for people who can’t make time for massaging or exercising.

You can watch several makeup tutorials online that can help you contour your nose with the help of a blender, bronzer, or highlighter.

Note: Your nose contains very little muscle or fat. It is entirely made up of cartilage and tissues. Thus, it cannot have much inflammation at any point.

There is a trend going on the internet where people say that applying toothpaste can slimmer it down by reducing inflammation. But, the truth is that neither toothpaste nor any other ointment can reshape your nose.


4. Surgery


There are permanent and temporary surgical treatments available for your nose. However, this is recommended in very severe cases. Surgeries can also be expensive. Before you go through any surgeries, you must consult with a cosmetic surgeon.

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty

This is a non-surgical procedure in which a temporary filler is injected into your nose. It can even out the bumps and make your nose symmetrical. The effect of nonsurgical rhinoplasty can be seen for up to six months.

Surgical rhinoplasty

A nose job or rhinoplasty involves injecting your nose with anesthesia and removing the extra tissues and cartilage. The plastic surgeon will shape your nose according to your preferences. Rhinoplasty is of two types. Open rhinoplasty for major procedures and closed for minor ones.

Note: A nose surgery is not free of risks. It can lead to infection, anesthesia reactions, bleeding, and even breathing difficulties.



Reshaping your nose is a serious decision. You must think twice about it before taking any action. The techniques mentioned above are effective but aren’t free of drawbacks.

We hope this article helped you in clearing your nose-related queries. We also hope that you may get your desired nose shape as soon as possible!

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