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How To Apply Face Serum

People often question the functionality and effectiveness of a face serum. This is because they do not get their desired results. But is that because of the face serum? Not necessarily.

Buying a face serum is not enough. It is necessary to understand the correct way to apply face serum to reap maximum benefits.

We have formulated the following article for the very same reason. We have explained the correct way to apply a face serum so that you can make the most of your skincare products.


Face Serums 101: Applying them the right way

Face Serums 101 Applying them the right way

Face serums are different from moisturizers and facial oils. While the latter work on the skin’s surface, face serum delivers active components underneath the skin. It permeates the skin and works on the epidermis to reduce scars, spots, blackheads, etc., on your face.

With the proper routine and the right preparation, they can work wonders on your skin. And this guide will teach you how to maximize their output and use them in the best way possible.

Step 1: Preparing Your Face

Preparing your face for the application of face serum is as essential as the application itself. If you do this step correctly, consider half your work done already.

To prepare your face and make your skin ready for the face serum, follow the steps below:


Wash your face with a face wash to clean your skin properly. This will remove all the dirt and dust that has settled on the surface of your skin. Spread your face-wash uniformly across your face and use your fingers to scrub off the dirt and dust from your face.


Once the face wash has spread across your face, use your fingers to clean each area of your face properly. Rub the tips of your fingers in an outward, circular motion on your cheeks and under your eyes. Scrub your forehead lightly and work on your jawline too. This process removes the dead skin cells from your skin that you need to shed off every 30 days.

Layer It Up!

The process of layering plays a vital role in setting up a skincare routine. Layering is the process of applying one product on top of the other in the correct order. Use the density of the products to determine the correct order of application.

The general rule of layering is to go from thin to thick products. In other words, apply products with a lower density first.

For applying face serum, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. You can use a toner/ mist/ water as per your convenience for this step.
  2. After washing and cleansing your face correctly, take some alcohol-free toner on a cotton ball.
  3. In a circular motion, rub the cotton ball on the different areas of your face gently.
  4. Work properly on your chin, hairline, and nose. Go all the way down to the neck.
  5. If you are using a mist, spray it uniformly across your face.
  6. If you are using water, use a clean cloth and submerge it in lukewarm water. Then, pat your face gently with the cloth. Make sure you don’t leave any area untouched.

This step is vital because facial serums work by permeating your skin and going all the way down to the epidermis. This step will open your facial pores and make your skin more permeable, allowing the facial serum to enter your skin correctly.


Step 2: Work with The Serum

By following the above steps, your skin has become ready to work with the face serum. To apply the face serum, you must keep two things in mind:

  1. The quantity of the serum
  2. The application procedure

The correct quantity and the proper application can do wonders for your skin.

Choosing the right quantity

To choose the right amount of serum, follow this general idea – less is more. Face serum is not a product that you have to overuse for it to benefit you.  Small, ideal quantities can be very beneficial to your skin.

Follow the steps below to take the correct quantity of serum for your face:

  1. If you are using a serum with a pump, hold out your other hand and pump the serum 2 times in it. For reference, the amount should be a bit more than the size of a green pea.
  2. If you are using a dropper, take 3-4 drops of the serum.

Face serums are highly potent and have a concentration of active ingredients. Hence, it would be best if you considered using them in small quantities only.


Applying face serums in very large quantities can cause irritation to your skin. It can also lead to poor absorption of the serum. Do not use large quantities of serum in one go.


Applying the Serum

Applying the Serum

It is finally time to apply the serum! Excited? You should be. Because ultimately, after a long-drawn cleansing process and taking the right amount of serum for yourself, you will get to experience the benefit of facial serum in the best possible way ever.

There are two ways of applying the serum, and you can choose either of them at your convenience.

The Fingertip Application

After you have the required amount of face serum in your palm, use the fingertips of your other hand to apply it to your face gently. Tap your skin gently and spread the serum all over your face. Do not massage firmly. Let the skin absorb the serum on its own.


Using your palms

Another way of application is by using your palms. Once you’ve taken the serum in your palms, rub your palms together to warm up the serum. This process activates the serum and makes it more suitable for absorption by the skin.

Then, pat your face gently and use your palms to apply the serum to your face and neck.

In both methods, you must adequately coat your face with the serum. When working on the neck, make sure that you lightly cover it with serum and not coat it.


Consider changing your serum if it leaves you with an oily residue. Face serums are supposed to be absorbed quickly and fully. If your serum does not fully disappear into your face and neck, then it’s not working effectively.


Time to Moisturize

After following the steps above:

  1. Wait for nearly 2-3 minutes.
  2. Give time for the serum to absorb into the skin thoroughly. Once it is completely absorbed, it is time to moisturize your skin.
  3. Squeeze some moisturizer into your hand and rub it uniformly all over your face.

Doing this helps the serum to stay intact. The moisturizer seals the serum and adds glow and radiance to your skin.

If you are also following a makeup routine, you can start it after the moisturizer dries out.

And with this, you’re all set and good to go. No more steps. No more efforts. Just you and your fresh, dewy, moisturized skin. So get to your routine and make the most out of your face serum right away!



What are the other products I can use along with face serum for my skincare routine?

You can use all your beauty products along with face serum. Using face serum will not affect your usage of other products. However, keep the layering of the products in mind. Use the ‘thin to thick’ rule mentioned in ‘Step 1’ and get the most out of all your products.


What should be the order of application of the products that I use?

We have listed a preferable order for applying your skincare products below.

  1. Cleanser
  2. Exfoliator
  3. Toner/Mist
  4. Treatment products (such as the ones you use to fight acne)
  5. Face serum
  6. Eye cream
  7. Moisturizer
  8. Facial Oil
  9. SPF
  10. Lip Balm
  11. Makeup

If you don’t use any of these products, you can always skip and go to the next one. Working in this order will ensure that all of your products are used to their maximum possible extent.


How should I select a face serum for myself?

Although all face serums are generally effective, you can always do a patch test to determine the best one for yourself. If you are potentially allergic, do the patch test on the side of your neck. Observe how much time it takes for the different serums to disappear. Please choose the one which absorbs itself quickly. Don’t select a serum that causes redness, itchiness, or rashes.


How should I store my serum?

Store your serum in a cool, dry place. This will also extend its life.


The Verdict

Face serums are excellent products that can fill your skin with goodness. With the proper application, they can be a wonderful addition to your skincare routine. So if you are looking to work on your blackheads, spots, scars, or generally wanting to add to your beauty, go for a face serum and add it to your skincare product roster.

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