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Best Hair Straightener in India 2022

Whether you have short or long hair, hair straighteners provide one of the best solutions to straighten out your hair at home every day. Many of us spent an enormous amount to do the straight styling of our hair in the salon. Having a hair straightening machine will cut down the time required to style your hair in any way. You can also enhance your hair volume while styling it through this product. The right type of hair straightener will also protect your hair from breakage, damages, uneven textures, and splits.

Straight hair can go well with any attire- be it formal, semi-western, or ethnic. Some women are born with straight hair, while others have to do it artificially through this gadget. Thus to help you in making the correct choice, we have prepared this review list of the top 10 hair straighteners available in the Indian market.


Best Hair Straightener in India 2022

Based on the hair type, plate width, temperature, plate type, and other useful features, we have selected the below 10 hair straighteners in India 2022 .

Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener

Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener

It is time to give your hair a different straight look with the new Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener. The model hair-styling gadget comes with SilkPro Care technology that minimizes the chance of hair damage because of heat and delivers the perfect heating temperature for a salon-like impact on your hair.

For extra smooth and easy gliding, the Philips model has an inclusion of Keratin Ceramic Plates for easy straightening. The device also comes with heat control intelligence that can give your hair a new and salon-like finish at home within a few minutes. The Ionic Conditioning facility is present in this handy styling device that makes your hair extra shiny and glossier.

Moreover, the HP8316/00 model from Philips comes with a super flexible Swivel cord that prevents unwanted tangles and accidents that make its use safe for the users. The ultra-fast heating technology is also present in this model that allows the device to get ready for use in just 60 seconds. If you have thick and long hair, then the extra-wide plate lets you make your hair-styling comfortable.

The net weight of the model is just 0.53 Kg, allowing the users to get a flexible and smooth experience. With 210°C professional hair straightening temperature, the model is one of the most popular and demanding ones in the market. The safe cord of this unit is 1.8 meters long that helps the users to enjoy a tangle-free experience.

Highlighted Features:

  • Silk Pro-Care technology for low heat exposure
  • Ultra-smooth gliding with Keratin ceramic plates
  • Wide plates for long and thick hair
  • 210°C professional heat level
  • Fast-heating technology (60 seconds)
  • 8 m Swivel cord for tangle-free handling


  • Stylish looks and design
  • Comes with advance technology
  • Long size cord
  • Easy-to-maintain model
  • Ionic coating includes


  • No auto shut-off
  • No heat-setting option


Philips BHS386 Kera Shine Straightener

Philips BHS386 Kera Shine Straightener

If you are looking for an effective hair-styling solution to treat your frizzy hair, then Philips BHS386 Kera Shine Straightener can be the ultimate solution for you. Straight hair makes you look more confident and stylish everywhere. This Philips hair- straightener device has a technical inclusion of Silk Pro Technology that controls the heat for a safe and accident-free styling experience for its users.

The hair-treatment device comes with Keratin-infused ceramic plates that give you an ultra-smooth gliding experience for styling. There are a couple of professional temperature setting switches that allow the users to put the heat according to their requirement. The Fats Heat-Up technology is also present in this device that allows the device to heat up in just 60 seconds.

Besides, the Philips BHS386 hair straightener model is suitable for all hair types like open, wavy, and curly. Now it is easy to manage your long and thick hair with the long and wide plates of this unit. The 1.6-meter long tangle-free and a heat-safe cord allow you to handle the device smoothly in your room.

The Ionic Conditioning facility is present with this hair straightener model that gives your hair a glossier and shiny look. We will suggest softly brushing your hair before using the device and cleaning it with a dry and soft cloth after use. It is a very light-weight and handy model with just 300 Grams.

Highlighted Features:

  • Silky smooth plates with less heat exposure
  • Keratin coated ceramic plates for smooth gliding
  • Ionic conditioning facility for shiny and glossier hair
  • 210°C professional heat temperature level
  • Backed with two temperature settings
  • Fast heat-up technology (60 seconds)
  • Wide and longer plates for thick hair treatment
  • 6-meter swivel cord for tangle-free use


  • A light-weight and sleek model
  • Get locked smoothly
  • Eliminates frizzy hair problems
  • The effect lasts for 2-3 days


  • Makes humming sound after heat-up


Havells HC4045 5 in 1 Hair Styler

Havells HC4045 5 in 1 Hair Styler

Havells is one of the most popular electronic appliances manufacturer brands in India 2022 , and now it has introduced its latest HC4045 5 in 1 Hair Styler model that comes with some efficient advancements and features. The model includes a crimper, curler, straightener, and brush comb in a single device. With a single temperature setting option, this highly-efficient hair-styler unit comes with ceramic coated plates for smooth and easy gliding.

190 degree Celsius is the only temperature of this unit that can help you to design your hair like professionals. The smooth plates allow the users to glide safely without any risk of hair damage by extra heat. The unit has a convenient ON and OFF button on it. 40 Watts is the net power consumption rate of this unit that shows the power efficiency level of the device.

The PTC Heater technology of this top-end hair straightener manages the heat distribution process evenly to reduce the change of hair damage. The unit also comes with a 1.8-meter long cord that allows you to use the device without any chance of tangle-up. You need to have a 220-volt power supply to run this device properly for styling.

Highlighted Features:

  • 5 in 1 hair-dressing device
  • Highly effective styling output
  • 190 Degree C highest temperature
  • Backed with 1.8-meter cord for tangle-free handling
  • Power efficiency rate (40 Watts)
  • PTC Heater technology ( for evenly heat distribution)


  • Energy-efficient hair straightener
  • Stylish and crimp appearance
  • Volumes and well-bouncy curls
  • Well insulated tip
  • Convenient power ON/OFF button


  • No option for temperature control


Havells HS4121 Wide Plate Hair Straightener

Havells HS4121 Wide Plate Hair Straightener

Straight hair is the most catching part of today’s styling and having the perfect device to treat your hair like professionals is the most significant matter. Havells brings its latest HS4121 Wide Plate Hair Straightener model that has optimum technological inclusions to deliver top-end performance to the users.

The 40×100 mm Ceramic coated floating plate of this Havells unit makes it time-saving equipment to use. The Floating plate is there to adjust the individual hair strands without the breakage problem. The ceramic plate ensures easy gliding benefit that leaves a shiny effect and eliminates frizzy hair issues. Overall, the model is very much suitable for all types of hair to treat with extra and gentle care.

The digital temperature display board in this electronic hair straightener unit allows the users to check and set the perfect temperature for styling. It comes with two temperature control buttons (plus and minus) that permits you to increase and decrease the heat between 150°C to 230°C. You have five different options to select the temperature settings.

The latest inclusion of this hair straightener unit is Plates Lock System that offers you total storage flexibility and allows you to travel with this unit safely. Fast Heating technology is also there that makes it heated-up and ready-to-use within just 60 seconds. The model also comes with a 1.8m long flexible rubberized cord that helps you to experience a tangle-free styling with this product.

Highlighted Features:

  • Effective hair straightener device
  • Comes with adjustable temperature setting options
  • 40×100 mm large plates
  • The floating plate prevents hair breakage
  • Ceramic coated plates for smooth gliding
  • Comes with Plates Lock System
  • Backed with a long 1.8meter cord


  • Attractive looks and design
  • Tangle-free operational benefit
  • Prevent hair from damage
  • The fast heating facility includes
  • Easy handling facility


  • Overheating problem
  • Not for rough hair to treat


VEGA 3 in 1 Hair Styler Hair Straightener

VEGA 3 in 1 Hair Styler Hair Straightener

If you are looking for a hair straightener, curler, and crimper in a single device, then VEGA 3 in 1 Hair Styler can be a smart pick for you. The electronic hair designer machine comes with numerous advancements and utilities that help you to have a professional touch to your hair at home. The crimper plates of this highly-efficient hair styler come with five ridges for an impact on your hair.

The ceramic coated plates of this VEGA unit provide even heat distribution to reduce the chance of hair damage while applying it. The 32 mm barrel diameter size of the curler allows a comfortable application with extra ease. It is not a difficult task to switch different hairstyles with just a press of a button. There is also an alternative to lock the styler with that switch.

Moreover, 45 Watt is the net power consumption rate of this efficient hair-styling device that shows its power-efficiency level. The inclusion of a 360° swivel cord protects the users from unwanted tangles and difficulties while using it. You require 220-240V of power supply arrangement in your home to run this device successfully and style your hair with a professional touch.

The slide switch for On and Off takes the appearance of the product to the next level. The easy lock system of this unit lets you travel freely with this device in your backpack. So it is time to glam up your hair with better styling with the new invention from VEGA.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3 in 1 model from VEGA
  • Effective straightener, curler, and crimper
  • Single switch styling facility
  • Lock system includes for safe travelling
  • 360° swivel cord for tangle-free handling
  • 45 Watts power consumption rate


  • Power-efficient hair styler
  • Stylish switch for different styling
  • five ridges in crimper
  • Ceramic coated plates for glide
  • 105mm X 30 mm large size plates


  • No temperature control option


GHD Platinum Styler Hair Straightener

GHD Platinum Styler Hair Straightener

Making your hair straight is the new trend in the current era and having the best equipment in your hand is the safest way to do it yourself at home. GHD Platinum Styler Hair Straightener is one of the latest models that comes with all the advanced technologies and features to deliver a top-end performance like a professional.

The attractive white and black colour of this GHD model makes it a cool one to choose from. The impact and result after applying the device make it one of the most demanding models in the Indian market. The ergonomic design of the plate comes with ceramic coated on it to prevent unwanted hair damage and provide a smooth application of the unit.

The net weight of the device is only 340 Gm that allows the users to glide freely and comfortably through their hair. The model is a suitable one to treat all hair types with extra gentle care. The sleek design of the unit makes it a travel-friendly product for its users. The fast heat-up technology is also present in this GHD system that allows the model to heat-up within seconds. The highly effective plates provide uniform distribution of the heat to protect your hair from getting damaged.

This GHD hair straightener model is one of the most effective hair-styling devices that come with a limited power consumption rate. You can easily glide the unit without any expert’s help and enjoy frizz-free gorgeous looking hair within a few minutes.

Highlighted Features:

  • A premium quality hair straightener model
  • Provide complete user safety
  • Effective styling impact
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Effective for travelling with
  • Includes advanced features and technologies
  • Fast heat-up facility present


  • Sleek and compact design
  • Comes with attractive black and white colour
  • Tangle-free handling
  • An easy-to-use product
  • Light-weight product with minimum power consumption


  • No temperature setting option
  • No safety lock


Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener

Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener

Straightening your hair at home and making it more beautiful is not a difficult task for anyone today. You need to have the perfect and suitable device to treat with gentle care. Philips has introduced its latest HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener that has inclusions of technologies and advanced features to deliver such professional-like service at home.

The latest SlikPro Care technology is the most efficient inclusion of this model that makes the gliding easy and smoother for its users. The ceramic plates of the unit make it simpler to use for great styling at home. 210°C is the highest and optimal temperature of the hair straightener that can give a perfect style and looks to your hair like a pro.

The HP8302 Essential Selfie model from Philips comes with Instant Heat Up technology that makes the unit heated up within just 60 seconds and makes it ready for use. A 1.6-meter flexible cord of the gadget provides a comfortable movement with a tangle-free experience. The Swivel Cord of the straightener confirms its durability that lasts for a long period, even after regular use.

Further, 110-240 voltage connection is the compatible power supply to run this hair-treatment unit at your home. You need to brush your hair softly and divide it into different sections for easy-styling. Now, place your hair between the plates and gently glide the unit through it. Regular application of this unit can make your hair smoother and silky.

Highlighted Features:

  • Effective hair styler
  • Comes with SlikPro Care technology
  • Backed with ceramic plates for easy gliding
  • 210°C styling temperature
  • 6-meter heat-proof cord for easy handling
  • Instant Heat-up technology includes (60 seconds)


  • A stylish and sleek model
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Easy steps for use perfectly
  • Hair damage prevention technology includes
  • Smooth gliding facility


  • No heat control option
  • No safety-lock system includes

Havells HS4101 Ceramic Plates Hair Straightener


Havells HS4101 Ceramic Plates Hair StraightenerHAVELLS is one the most trusted names in the electronic appliances manufacturing industry, and now it has brought its latest HS4101 Ceramic Plates Hair Straightener. The model comes with multiple technological advancements and features that help you to give your hair professional looks at home without any expert.

The ceramic coated plates of this Havells straightener allow the users to glide freely and smoothly through the hair and resulting in beautiful, stylish, and shiny tresses. You can twist the straightener to have curved edges and better looks of your hair.

The 25×120 mm large size ceramic coated plates of this Havells model let you glide the straightener smoothly even on high volume hair. The advanced technology helps the unit to eliminate the frizzy-ness and make your hair shiny with regular application. The convenient plate lock system of this unit allows you to travel with the product safely.

Moreover, the HS4101 model form HAVELLS comes with an efficient power button on it for switching the device on and off. The instant heat-up technology is also there that makes the unit in working condition within just 45 seconds for styling. 210°C is the only and optimum heat level of this unit to treat your hair with gentle care.

The model comes with an 18-meter long power cord for comfortable and tangle-free styling. A convenient hanging loop is also there to store the device safely on your desk. The model has the latest PTC heating element that keeps the gadget safe and secure for optimal hair styling.

Highlighted Features:

  • Instant Heat technology includes
  • Effective hair-dressing experience
  • Backed with PTC heating element
  • 210 degree Celsius highest operating temperature
  • Ceramic coated plates
  • 18 Meter long power cord for tangle-free handling


  • Power effective hair styler
  • Smooth gliding facility
  • Technically advanced model
  • Makes hair smoother and shiny
  • Instant heat-up in 45 seconds
  • Comes with plate lock system


  • No temperature setting option


SYSKA HS6810 Hair Straightener

SYSKA HS6810 Hair Straightener

SYSKA is one of the most famous and up-rising electronic gadgets manufacturing companies, and now it has introduced its HS6810 Hair Straightener device that comes with enormous advancements and features. The model has all the potential facts to deliver top-end hair-dressing performance to its users. Sixty seconds of Rapid Heating technology is the center attraction of this product.

The advanced Heat Balance technology is present in this model that prevents your hair from all the risks of damage. The machine comes with a 360-degree swivel cord that delivers the user the most convenient and tangle-free hair. 230 degrees Celsius is the highest temperature of this unit that allows you to style your hair like professional experts.

The Auto-power off and Overheat protection technology keeps the users always safe from all accidental damages. The ceramic coated plates of this hair straightener make your gliding smooth and easy for styling. The model comes in a travel-friendly posture that includes a 360° swivel cord and a push-button lockable handle with it.

The Syska SuperGlam hair-dresser model comes with a stylish and sleek body that attracts the most users in the market. It is a 100% Indian originated product that has an excellent customer support unit for the buyers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with Rapid Heating technology
  • Backed with heat balance technology to prevent damage
  • Comes with a travel-friendly design
  • Indian originated product
  • 360-degree swivel cord includes
  • Simple gliding facility with ceramic coated plates
  • Heat temperature resistant plates


  • Comes with affordable price
  • Safety lock facility
  • Effective styling at home
  • Easy-to-handle and smooth gliding facility
  • The instant heating facility includes


  • Only one temperature level


Nova NHS 860 Professional Hair Straightener

Nova NHS 860 Professional Hair Straightener

Nova NHS 860 Professional Hair Straightener comes with multiple features and the latest technologies that allow the users to make their hair look better and stylish like a salon. The plates of this unit are composed of top-quality Titanium material that ensures the prolonged longevity of this product. The plates are also ceramic coated, one that makes the gliding smooth and easy for the end-users.

The model is 100% suitable for all hair types. The digital control board of this unit allows you to select the temperature level from 160 degrees C to 220 Degree C according to your styling requirements. Nanosilver technology is also present in this gadget that makes the use 100% comfortable and risk-free. The Quick-Heat technology allows the unit to heat-up within 30 seconds.

With Nova NHS 860, you can enjoy a comfortable styling session with maximum hair damage protection. The large size Swivel Cord of this unit gives you complete freedom to use the device comfortably without any tangling issues.

The model comes in a complete pack that includes one hair straightener unit, user manual details, and warranty documents inside the box. Now you can easily manage your frizzy and rough hair with this optimum hair-straightener device and makes it the gorgeous one at home.

Highlighted Features:

  • Backed with digital control option
  • Comes with four temperature control setting
  • Nanosilver technology includes smooth gliding
  • Suitable to manage wet hair
  • Quick-heat technology (30 seconds)
  • Ceramic coated plates for smooth gliding


  • Attractive looks and design
  • Energy-efficient model
  • Easy and safe handling facility
  • Digital control option available
  • 4 Temperature control setting option


  • Little heavy to use (430 gm)


How to Choose the Best Hair Straightener in India 2022?

There are certain features that you need to check before buying a hair straightener. Also, the efficiency of the device depends on the hair type that you possess. So with our expert knowledge, we are sharing the best buying guide on every aspect of hair straightener that you should be aware of. The perfect device will last for a long time, will treat your tresses well, and offer you the perfect style you want with no compromise.


Type of Hair

It is the topmost element you should consider before purchasing a hair straightening device. They interact differently with every hair type of the user. For example, there are many straighteners present in the market that supply high heat and temperature to your curls. If your hair type is not suitable for such, then it might do immense harm than good to your locks.


Fine hair

The hair strands are usually weak for fine hairs. Thus, you should not buy a hair straightener with high heat as a low-temperature device can also straighten fine hair.


Damage hair

You should not use any hair straightener on this kind of hair type. But if you want to straighten your tresses, then we would recommend using it often with heat protectants. You can also use the machine near the edges for the damaged hair to prevent breakage and snagging.


Thick Hair

You will require a hair straightener with broader plates and high temperatures to style thick hair. If you use a device with small plates, you need to run repeatedly over the same hair sections that might damage the cuticles.


Curl Hair

They are the most difficult ones to straighten. For straightening out a curl hair, you will require a device with support of high heat and ceramic coating plates to cover the large chunks of your curls.


Chemically Treated Hair

Hair covered with colours and chemicals is more fragile and sensitive. Thus they require more care, and the use of this device can be a bit risky. However, if you want to use any one of them, then you should choose something with high-quality plates and the lowest temperatures. We will suggest selecting something lower than 230 degrees Celsius heat.


Type of Plates

You should pick the correct plate size for the efficient use of the straightener. From the mini travelling ones to the heavy-duty ones, each one of them comes with a particular plate type and size.


Tourmaline plates

Tourmaline plates come with an efficient coating of ceramic. Thus the plate creates negative ions that will counter-attack the positive ions present in the damage and dry hair. The ion sealing technology in the natural oil of the hair prevents it from damage due to exposure to heat. The infrared heat produced will offer you shiny and smooth looking hair. If you are buying the hair straightener for regular usage, then go for this one.


Ceramic plates

The hair straightener with ceramic plates will help to spread the temperature evenly by keeping it at a constant level. They are perfect for users with frizzy hair.


Titanium Plates

Titanium plates highly heat conductive and durable. Thus it can heat up quickly. The hair straighteners provide high quality and instant results irrespective of the condition of your hair. You should be extra cautious while using these plates as they can deliver high heat temperatures.



Using the wrong temperature on the incorrect hair type will burn up your tresses. For instance, implementing high temperature on damage or fine hair might cause severe trauma to them. A temperature of 180 degrees Celsius or lower will be perfect for them. For thick hair, a straightening device with a temperature range of 190 to 210 degrees Celsius.


Plate Width

Hair straighteners come in all sizes and shapes. They can be wide or narrow and affect the tresses differently. For traveling purposes, a narrow plate hair straightener is perfect. In the case of thick hair, wider plates would be more suitable for you.


  • 5 to 3 cm plates are ideal for short hair
  • 3 to 4 cm plates are best for medium and short hair length
  • 6 cm or above plates are perfect for thick and long hair


Grip and Weight

You should always consider the weight of the device before buying it. For example, a heavy straightening machine will be bulky and is not ideal for holding it continuously. On the other hand, in the case of small hair straighteners, they might be light and easy to hold but may often get broken with no difficulty. Also, grip size is vital in the case of these machines. If you do not buy a product according to your own grip size, then it will be difficult to hold it. For instance, if you have large hands, pick something large for raid transformation.


Floating Plates

These plates can adjust your hair pressure that protects the shaft of your tresses from damage and reduces the split end chances.


Heating time

Some of the machines include technology for advanced heating. It means you have to wait for less time before they get hot and are ready to use.


Infused Plates

The infuse plates come with ingredients like argan oil or keratin to promote the health of the hair.


Automatic shut off

Always buy a hair straightener that comes with an automatic shut off and on feature after a particular time to prevent the risk of overheating. It is a pretty useful property for those who often forget to turn off the machine.


Push Button Locks

A lock system near the plate end will lock the plates together for easy storing and portability. It helps the user to travel along with the hair straightener.


Worldwide Voltage

A broad range of voltage means you can use this device anywhere in this world.


What should we apply on hair before straightening?

If you are straightening your hair frequently, then you need to use some hair protectants before applying heat to your curls. The protectants are mainly non- aerosol sprays that form a layer over the cuticles of the hair, protect them from direct heat, and keep the moisture locked inside. You can also use natural protectors of heat like coconut or argan oil. There are some models of hair straighteners that also come with these ingredients infused in their plates. The heat protectants also protect the curls from damage and dryness. The sprays will make your hair damp and acts as a shield between your beautiful curls and the heat.


Frequently Asked Questions

Well, below are some of the most commonly asked questions with answers.


Is it ok to use a hair straightener every day?

No, it is not ok to implement a hair straightener often. Everyday straightening will remove the natural moisture from the hair, thus leaving you with more brittle, dry, and split ends hair. We will suggest you style your hair with this device a maximum of twice a week. You should also apply a hair protectant before applying the heat.


What straightener does Kim Kardashian use?

According to the hairstylist of Kim Kardashian, Justine Marjan, use GHD platinum plus hair straightener. The rounded edges of the device make it easy to uses and can create both wavy and sleek looks with it. The ultra zone heating technology makes sure that there is an even distribution of heat in the plates. The device heats up super quickly and can create any hairstyle with just one pass.


What should we apply on hair before straightening?

You need to apply to spray against heat protection, especially to the end of the hair. The ends are mostly that pair of the hair that gets cracked or damaged by the heat. The protection also forms a thick layer that acts as a security barrier between the hair cuticles and the high temperature and heat.


Overall Best Hair Straightener

Now that we have come to the end of this write-up, we would suggest purchasing any hair straightener from this list that will suit you the most. We have focused our attention on finding those devices that will deliver you maximum styling with minimum hair damage. Well, among these 10, the one that has won our hearts is Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener. Due to SilkPro Care technology, keratin ceramic plates, professional heat level, and swivel cord, it has become our favourite. Now it is up to your preference which one you will use.

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