Best Hair Dryer in India 2021

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Nowadays, it is significant to take care of the overall grooming to represent an outstanding appearance, whether you are going to any party or at the office. The way you are carrying you and dressing up will surely catch up with the surrounding people’s keen eyes. If you are a woman or a girl, then hairstyling and hairdo are as significant as the dress for their outing. Hairdryers have taken a vital part in the girl’s everyday routine. They reduce the time for drying wet hair by nearly up to 89%. These gadgets also assist the user in straightening and curling the hair. In this article, we will be reviewing the Best hairdryers so that you can make a decisive conclusion before purchasing it.


Best Hair Dryer in India

These are Best Hair Dryer in India 

  • Philips HP8232/00 Professional Thermo Protect Ionic Hair Dryer
  • Philips BHD007/20 Hair Dryer
  • Braun HD580 Satin Hair 5 Power Perfection Hair Dryer
  • Wahl 5439-024 Super Dry Professional Styling Hair Dryer
  • Philips BHD006/00 Hair Dryer
  • Havells HD3201 Hair Dryer with Ionic Air Flow
  • Philips Hair Dryer Bhc017/00 Thermoprotect 1200W with Air Dryer
  • Havells HD3151 1600W Foldable Hair Dryer
  • Philips HP8120/00 Hair Dryer
  • Havells HD3162 Men’s Hair Dryer
  • SYSKA Hair Dryer HD1610 with Cool and Hot Air
  • Panasonic EH-ND11-A62B 1000W Hair Dryer
  • Syska HD1600 Trendsetter Hair Dryer


Best Hair Dryer in India 2021

Based on the motor, type, heat settings, power consumption, filter, weight, and other accessories, we have selected the finest below 13 hairdryers present in the Indian market.

Philips HP8232/00 Professional Thermo Protect Ionic Hair Dryer

Philips HP823200 Professional Thermo Protect Ionic Hair Dryer

Philips HP8232/00 Iconic hair dryer comes with multiple augmentations and features to deliver premium quality service to its customer efficiently. The 2200W Professional Thermo Protect model is the perfect one to treat your hair like a salon. The latest ThermoProtect technology allows the unit to provide optimal drying temperature to your hair to protect them from getting damaged due to additional heat.

The perfect combination of optimum power and speed, the device makes your styling and drying simple, easy, and fast. The inclusion of six convenient setting options for temperature and speed allows the users to control the styling. Regular application of this unit can enhance your hair’s glossiness and shine with its Ionic conditioning impact.

Moreover, Philips’s hairdryer unit comes with a 1.8-meter cord that allows the user to implement it freely without any tangling issues. The machine also has a Cool Shot button that provides mesmerizing cool air to set your hair after styling. The slim styling nozzle is another significant part of this unit that can help the device in polishing your hair to make them shiny and glossier.

At the bottom, this HP8232/00 Professional model from Philips has a handy storage hook that helps you to store the dryer easily anywhere. It is a 670 gm product that promotes the volume and thickness of your hair and makes it beautiful and bouncy with regular use. You can also straighten your hair by using some round brush while drying your hair with this model.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal product for professional styling
  • Backed with Thermo Protect technology
  • Comes with Slim Styling Nozzle
  • Designed with six temperature and speed control options
  • Cool shot for after dry setting
  • 2200W professional hairdryer device


  • Safe and secure product
  • Backed with easy storage hook
  • 8-meter cord for tangle-free handling
  • Promotes hair volume
  • Condition hair to make it smooth and glossy


  • The little high power consumption rate


Philips BHD007/20 Hair Dryer

Philips BHD00720 Hair Dryer

Philips BHD007/20 is one of the most popular and demanding hair dryer models in India that comes with innovative features and technologies with it. The 1800 Watt hair styling unit allows the users to set their hair like professionals at home. It can produce a perfect level of airflow and optimum level of drying power to make your hair glossy, bouncy, and thick like a salon.

The model from Philips comes with a professional inclusion of Cool Shot that provides cool air to your hair after styling it down quickly. The feature helps you to hold your style for a longer time, especially at a party. The Ionic conditioning feature is also present in this superior hairdryer model that uses negative ions to eliminate the static ones and intensifies the shine and glossiness of your hair.

For a safe and secure experience, this BHD007/20 model has Thermo Protect temperature present in it. The technology can protect the machine from getting overheated and also protect your hair from getting damaged and provides an optimal drying experience to its users.

However, the machine from Philips consists of a DC Motor that requires 220-240 Volts of the power supply to run successfully at your home. Its three convenient speed setting options allow you to choose the perfect drying speed according to your needs for precise styling. The 1.8-meter handy cord of this device makes the use tangle-free and comfortable. With its efficient hanging loop, you can easily store the device anywhere.

Highlighted Features:

  • Cost-effective hair dryer unit
  • 1800 Watts motor for perfect drying
  • Ionic conditioning feature for extra shiny hair
  • ThermoProtect technology for safe handling
  • 8-meter cord length for tangle-free use
  • Cool Shot system for after dry setting
  • Backed with three convenient speed setting option


  • Great looks and design
  • Power-effective dryer machine
  • Promotes hair glossiness and shine
  • Safe and secure to use
  • Lightweight model (450gm)


  • No temperature setting option


Braun HD580 Satin Hair 5 Power Perfection Hair Dryer

Braun HD580 Satin Hair 5 Power Perfection Hair Dryer

If you are looking for a powerful hairdryer unit for professional styling at home, then Braun HD580 can be the ultimate choice for you. This 5 Power Perfection hair-care device comes with multiple optimum technologies and features to deliver premium quality drying service to its users. The compact design and attractive looks of the model make it one of the most demanding ones in the Indian market.

The IONIC function of this Braun unit provides an efficient conditioning impact to your hair that makes them shiny and glossier with regular application. The device comes with a couple of speed setting options that allows the users to choose the perfect speed for their styling at home. The 2500 watts power is the ideal one to get professional styling at home with this device.

The powerful motor of this hair dryer unit makes your hair dry faster. The unique design of the model allows you to hold it while using it at home. The dryer releases millions of active ions that help every strand to combat static. This Braun HD580 hairdryer model can double-up your drying speed and gives your hair a new and gentle look.

Besides, the Cold Shot technology is also present in this system that provides a blast of cool air to your hair to make then set after drying. It also ensures the long-lasting effect of your styling. The overall weight of this unit is just 620 gm and allows 360° use to make the application easy and handy for the users.

Highlighted Features:

  • Efficient drying service
  • Backed with a powerful motor
  • 2X speed facility
  • Comes with Cold Shot technology
  • 360-degree easy handling
  • Ionic function for extra shine and glossiness
  • 2500 Watt professional hairdryer


  • Comes in a compact design
  • Effective hair drying
  • Better hairdryer speed
  • Backed with conditioning effect
  • Perfect for long-lasting styling


  • Little heavyweight to handle (620 gm)


Wahl 5439-024 Super Dry Professional Styling Hair Dryer

Wahl 5439-024 Super Dry Professional Styling Hair Dryer

Wahl 5439-024 is one of the most beloved and demanding hair dryers that come with multiple technological advancements and inclusions to deliver top-end drying service. The super-dry professional styling model has a 2000 Watt powerful motor for optimum drying result output to its users. The Tourmaline Technology of this unit allows it to blow anti-static air for smooth styling and helps to maintain healthy hair.

The inclusion of 2 professional nozzles with this model allows the users to attain their desired style at home with no expert. The diffuser attachment system is the latest addition in this unit that helps the gadget to diffuse the airflow for superior styling. Heat setting options are a significant fact in any hairdryer, and this Wahl 5439-024 has three settings in drying your hair effectively and rapidly in a shorter time.

Moreover, the professional styling unit from Wahl comes with a 2-speed setting option that allows you to dry your hair easily and quickly in your busy schedule. Cool Shot technology is also there to make your styling stay for a longer time. The system also helps to retain the inner and natural shine of your hair and prevent the damage issues caused by the heat.

The Professional AC Collector Motor of this unit ensures the durability and longevity of the product. It requires 220-240 Volts of the power supply line to run at your home. You can easily use the model for professional styling like a salon. A handy hanging loop is also there to store the unit comfortably anywhere you want.

Highlighted Features:

  • Professional hair styling unit
  • 2000 Watt effective motor
  • Backed with three heat-setting option
  • 2-speed setting option
  • Comes with Tourmaline technology
  • High-speed drying service
  • The cool Shot system includes for hair setting


  • Advanced technologies and features
  • Safe use facility
  • Attractive design and looks
  • Double-up the drying speed
  • Diffuser attachment for superior styling


  • Heavyweight unit with 1.35 Kg


Philips BHD006/00 Hair Dryer

Philips BHD006 00 Hair Dryer

Philips brings you its most effective and efficient hairdryer unit that has enormous features and facilities to deliver optimum drying service to its users. The 1600 Watt motor of this unit provides gentle and safe drying power for superior hair styling. The Thermo protect technology is also there to provide additional protection from hair damage caused by heat.

The cool shot system is one of the most-needed features in a hairdryer that is present in this unit to provide a powerful burst of cool air to set-down and finish your styling. Technology also helps to retain the style for a longer time. The air inlet grill design of the unit improves the airflow by up to 20% for a faster drying experience.

The 1.8-meter cord is another vital inclusion in this unit that provides maximum flexibility for the user to experience tangle-free handling. It also comes with a concentrator that helps the device focusing the airflow onto specific and required areas. There are 3-speed setting options in this machine that assists you to use the perfect airflow speed for advanced drying and precise styling.

The easy storage hook of this BHD006/00 hair dryer from Philips allows you to store the model anywhere in your house or hotel safely. The light-weighted (567 Grams) model makes the use very handy for the users. The energy consumption rate of this unit is very much cost-effective, and you need to have a 220-240 V connection at your house to run the machine for styling.

Highlighted Features:

  • Better quieter drying experience
  • 1600W gentle hairdryer
  • Comes with Cool shot technology
  • Backed with Thermo protect temperature setting
  • Inclusion of 3 flexible speed setting option
  • Crafted with easy storage hook


  • Power-efficient hairdryer
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Looks compact and attractive
  • Lightweight product
  • Generate less operating noise


  • No temperature setting option


Havells HD3201 Hair Dryer with Ionic Air Flow

Havells HD3201 Hair Dryer with Ionic Air Flow

If you want to style your hair with an attractive gadget that has less noise, then Havells HD3201 hairdryer can be the ideal product for you to try. This 1500 Watts hair-dressing unit comes with multiple features and augmentations to provide top-end drying service to your beautiful hair. The Ionic Care technology of this model helps to reduce the frizzy-ness and make your hair smooth and shiny for a longer time.

This HD3201 model comes with a Fixed Concentrator that helps the machine to focus the airflow in a specific area for better drying. The Ionic care features are also present in this top-end hairdryer unit that can make your hair shiny and glossy with regular application. It has three temperature control settings (Hot, Warm & Cool) that allow you to set the perfect temperature according to your requirement.

This Havells HD3201 is an efficient low-noise dryer model that comes with Heat Balance technology. The feature helps the unit to distribute heat evenly to make the drying session safe and secure for your hair. The long size power cord allows you to use the device with extreme comfort with no tangling issues. Also, the handy storage hook of this machine lets you store the unit easily by hanging it anywhere in your house or hotel.

440 Grams is the net weight of the machine that comes with 2-speed setting options to control the airflow. The device makes your drying time shorter by its super-fast performance.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1500 Watt gentle dryer model
  • Backed with Ionic feature
  • 2-speed control option
  • Comes with three temperature settings
  • Backed with nozzle concentrator
  • Helps to retain hairstyle perfectly
  • Backed with Heat Balance technology


  • Ergonomic design and look
  • Promotes shiny and glossy hair
  • Comes with a long 1.6-meter power cord
  • Easy handling facility
  • Power-efficient model


  • Not a silent dryer


Philips Hair Dryer Bhc017/00 Thermo protect 1200W with Air Dryer

Philips Hair Dryer Bhc01700 Thermo protect 1200W with Air Dryer

It is time to take easy care of your hair with Philips Bhc017/00 Thermo protect air dryer. The new 1200 Watt powerful air dryer comes with multiple augmentations and features to deliver optimum quality drying service to its users. The Thermo Protect is present in this model that protects the device from getting overheated and also protects your hair from getting damaged by the heat.

The Cool air setting option is there in this Philips hair-care device that can minimize the chances of hair damage by blowing cool air after drying. It also helps you to set the hair-style and make them stay for a long period. The compact hair drying device offers three efficient speed and heat setting options for the users to select the perfect one that suits their styling.

The ergonomic design and lighter weight (422 grams) of the advanced hairdryer let you handle the unit freely and comfortably without any expert. The model comes with a foldable handle that is a new addition to its features and allows the user to store the device safely anywhere in your home. This aspect also makes the unit a travel-friendly one for travel lovers.

Moreover, the machine comes with a Brush diffuser that can make your styling and hair management easier. The Fast air setting feature of this high-level unit offers an outstanding drying speed with powerful airflow and higher temperatures. The elements are especially present to help the users to manage their frizzy and thick hair at home.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1200 Watt hairdryer unit
  • Backed with Thermo protect heat setting technology
  • Designed with three-speed & temperature setting options
  • Cool air technology for styling
  • Unique foldable handle design
  • Packed with a Brush diffuser for advanced care
  • Comes with Fast air setting option


  • Compact design and looks
  • Easy handling facility
  • Backed with advanced control option
  • Safe and secure for hair
  • Travel-friendly and space-saving model


  • No Ionic facility to make hair shiny


Havells HD3151 1600W Foldable Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer in India

If you are searching for the perfect hair dryer cum styler, then Havells HD3151 can be the best choice for you to buy. This 1600 Watts foldable hairdresser unit comes with enormous features and facilities to deliver premium quality drying service to its users. The device promotes the shine and glossiness of your hair by its powerful and gentle airflow.

The optimum level of hot airflow from this Havells unit allows you to get faster hair drying and styling service. It leaves a bouncy impact on your hair that stays for a long time after use. The technology is also there to set down your styling for a longer period by blowing the cool air after drying. The lighter weight of this machine (335 Grams) makes the use simpler and comfortable for the users.

This highly-efficient hairdryer unit offers three temperature setting options that are Hot, Warm, and Cool for advanced drying and setting. It comes with a fixed nozzle that helps the machine to focus on the specific and required areas for drying. The Honeycomb inlet design of this powerful hairdryer ensures a tangle-free hair-dressing session for the end-users.

The Havells HD3151 model has 2-speed control options that can help to check the speed level of air for precise styling. The Heat Balance technology is also there to secure your usage and hair from getting damaged by the heat. The technology confirms the even distribution of the heat to reduce the damage.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1600 Watt powerful hairdryer
  • Technically advanced features
  • Backed with Cool Shot Button for styling
  • Infused with Heat Balance technology
  • Designed with a fixed nozzle
  • 3 Temperature control option
  • 2 Speed controlling option


  • Double protection for overheating
  • Advanced honeycomb design
  • Power effective model
  • Backed with convenient storage hook
  • Lightweight device for easy handling


  • High operational noise


Philips HP8120/00 Hair Dryer

Philips HP8120 00 Hair Dryer

Philips HP8120/00 advanced hairdryer unit is one of the most efficient and demanding models in the Indian market. The hair-care appliance comes with great features and technologies to deliver superior quality drying and styling service to its users. The 1200 Watts unit has a powerful motor that makes the machine work like a professional one at your home.

The HP8120/00 hairdryer machine looks very attractive with its compact body and color. The Thermo Protect technology is present in this model to ensure a safe and secure hair drying experience. The Cool air option of the device allows you to make your styling stay for a longer time and reduce the chance of hair damage.

The foldable handle of this unit makes it the most travel-friendly hair drying and easy-carrying gadget. The energy-efficient machine from Philips comes with 3 Pre-Selected Drying setting options to measure the speed and temperature according to your styling needs.

Moreover, this hairdryer is one of the most light-weighted models (381 Grams) among the others. Its 1200W motor produces high-level airflow and provides a gentle hair drying session for the users. The concentrators of the unit allow you to focus on the selected areas for drying. If you have 220Volt of power connection in your home, then you can successfully run this machine.

Highlighted Features:

  • A light-weighted hair dryer model
  • Efficient and high-quality drying service
  • Backed with Thermo Protect technology for safe use
  • Designed with a foldable handle for easy carrying
  • Engineered with three flexible drying setting options
  • Fast air option for quicker drying and styling
  • 1200 Watt powerful motor
  • Cool Air technology for safe styling


  • Attractive looks and design
  • A travel-friendly and easy-to-carry model
  • Gentle on every hair types
  • High-level drying service
  • Promotes hair quality and make then shine


  • No Ionic technology includes


Havells HD3162 Men’s Hair Dryer

Havells HD3162 Men’s Hair Dryer

It is time for all men to dry their hair with Havells HD3162 hairdryer, an advanced version of the dryer that is fit for the use of men. The device comes with a narrow concentrator that helps to focus the selected areas in drying. With 1565 Watts of powerful motor, the machine delivers professional performance to its users at home.

There are two speed and temperature setting options in this device that allows the users to choose the perfect heat and air-blowing speed for precise styling. There is a Cool Shot button designed in the model that blows cool air to make your style stay for long and also makes the user safe and secure from damage.

The latest Heat Balance Technology is the most important inclusion in this device that provides helpful protection against overheating problems. This 440 gm hairdryer unit comes with a lightweight benefit to using freely in your home with no difficulties. You can easily manage your Frizzy and thick hair with this dryer and go for an exclusive styling with the device.

The attractive design and shape of the unit allow you to carry the device comfortably while you are travelling. It is the most effective hair dryer for men that gives you enough options for easy styling.

Highlighted Features:

  • Most effective hair dryer unit for men
  • 1565 Watts powerful motor
  • Backed with Cool Shot button for advanced styling
  • Comes with two temperature and airspeed control options
  • Engineered with Heat Balance technology for extra safety
  • Designed with thin concentrator for focused performance


  • Powerful air blowing facility
  • Built-in thermostat for overheating protection
  • A safe product to use
  • Lightweight product with 440 gm weight
  • Specially designed for men


  • Only two heat and speed control options
  • The product is a little noisy


SYSKA Hair Dryer HD1610 with Cool and Hot Air

SYSKA Hair Dryer HD1610 with Cool and Hot Air

Syska HD1610 is one of the most demanding and effective hair dryer units that have numerous advancements and high-end features to deliver superior drying service to its customers. With 1200 Watts powerful motor, the device can produce strong airflow that meets your everyday hair styling and drying requirement.

The compact and lightweight model from SYSKA comes with a foldable neck that makes the users comfortable to carry it while traveling. It also saves storage space and allows you to handle the device effortlessly for styling. The device comes with two pre-selected temperature and speed setting options that can help you in precise styling like a professional one at home.

With the latest technology and expertise from Korea, this hairdryer device is one of the safest products to use. The Heat Balance technology is there to protect the device from overheating and secure your hair from getting damaged caused by heat. The big size wind inlet helps the unit to reduce air swirl for exclusive styling.

The weight of the hair-dressing device is just 440 Grams that lets you dry your wet hair comfortably. It comes with an attached concentrator that helps the unit to balance moisture in your hair and makes it bouncy and glossy in regular use. The convenient 1.6-meter power cord allows you to experience a tangle-free drying session with this device.

Highlighted Features:

  • Effective hair drying service
  • 1200 Watt powerful motor for strong airflow
  • Two temperature and 2-speed setting option
  • Comes with a convenient concentrator cap
  • Backed with Heat Balance technology
  • Provide ultimate protection against hair damage
  • Foldable handle for carrying facility
  • Tangle-free handling with 1.6-meter power cord


  • Low-noise operational benefits
  • Strong over-heat protection
  • Save and secure product for use
  • Big size wind inlet
  • Maintains natural moisture level of hair


  • No Cool Shot facility includes


Panasonic EH-ND11-A62B 1000W Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer in India

Panasonic brings its latest EH-ND11-A62B 1000 Watt Hair Dryer model that delivers premium quality service to its users for styling. The device contains multiple facilities and features to provide advanced drying and styling service at home like professionals. The 1000 Watt motor of this unit produces powerful air-blow to manage your frizzy hair.

The compact design and portable size make the unit one of the most convenient and demanding hairdryers in the market. It offers a couple of speed control options for different hair styling. You need to push a handy button to control the heat and the speed for drying and enjoy a salon-like finish at your home in a shorter time.

The hairdryer device from Panasonic comes with a turbo mode that helps the unit to speed-up the air-blowing speed to a higher level. The 1.8-meter long power cord of this hair-dressing model allows the users to experience a tangle-free and easy hair drying session with minimum effort. The little hanging hook of this unit makes your storing task easy and convenient.

The EH-ND11-A62B model from Panasonic comes with a design to provide fast drying and easy styling to its users. It allows you to try the most complex hairstyling at home with no help from the expert. The Uniform Blow technology helps to distribute the heat evenly to your hair to reduce the chances of hair damage.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1000 Watt power effective hair dryer unit
  • Comes in compact shape and design
  • Backed with in-built concentrator
  • Uniform Blow technology for even heat distribution
  • Two airspeed setting option
  • Cold Air feature present for advanced styling
  • Crafted with 1.8-meter power cord for tangle-free handling


  • Compact design and shape
  • Suitable for all hair types to dry
  • A lightweight model with 460 Grams
  • An energy-efficient model
  • A durable and long-lasting unit


  • Only a 2-speed control option
  • No temperature control setting


Syska HD1600 Trendsetter Hair Dryer

Syska HD1600 Trendsetter Hair Dryer

Syska introduced a beautifully designed Trendsetter Hair Dryer unit that has multiple technological advancements and the latest features to make your hair-dressing session better and effective. The HD1600 unit comes with a 1000 Watts powerful motor to deliver professionals-like performance at your home. With just 327 grams of weight, you can go for some advanced styling with no support from the expert.

The in-built concentrator is the most efficient part of this hair dryer that helps the unit to focus on specific areas to dry-up. The Heat Balance technology is there to protect the device from getting overheated and save your hair from getting damaged due to excessive heat. It has 2-speed control setting options in the body that allows you to choose the perfect air-blowing speed for drying and styling.

Moreover, the uniform temperature facility of this HD1600 unit helps to maintain a healthy moisture level of your hair and makes it shiny, glossy, and healthy with regular application. The machine is very much suitable to apply all hair types to manage. It is 1.8-meter long; a convenient power cord allows you to handle the device freely to enjoy a tangle-free hair-dressing session.

The instant heating-up and fast drying feature of this SYSKA unit allows you to style and dry your hair in less time. Overheating protection is always present to save your hair from unwanted damage caused by the heat. The handy hanging hook at the handle ensures comfortable storing anywhere you want.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1000 Watts powerful motor for high-speed airflow
  • 2 Speed control option
  • Backed with in-built concentrator
  • Heat Balance technology present
  • 8-meter long power cord
  • Promotes healthy and shiny hair
  • Instant heat and dry facility presents


  • Helps to maintain the natural moisture level
  • Safe device to apply
  • Evenly heat distribution facility
  • Attractive colour and design
  • Tangle-free handling


  • No cold air technology
  • No option for temperature setting


How to Choose the Best Hair Dryer?

When it comes to hairdryers’ question, it has become an essential gadget for both women and men. But there are specific primary factors that you should be aware of before making a final decision. They are as follows.


Types of Hairdryers

Depending on the build-up material, there are different types of hair dryers like:


Ionic Hairdryer

This type of hair dryer uses negative ions in breaking down the water droplets on the shafts of the hair. It reduces drying time drastically. The negative ions do not open the cuticles of the hair and dry out the tresses with no damage. It also decreases frizzy hair by neutralizing the positive ion. It is ideal for frizzy and thick hair.


Ceramic Hair Dryer

This type of hair dryer comes with a metal or plastic plate coated with porcelain or ceramic. This coating distributes the heat evenly and ensures the correct amount of heat is used to dry the hair, thus reducing the damage and drying time. Since it prevents the curls from becoming highly dehydrated, it is ideal for dry and fine hair.


Titanium Hairdryer

The heating element in this gadget is composed of titanium metal. It is much faster when compared to others. It is not suitable for dry, small, and thin hair as the temperature can damage the shafts of the hair. They maintain and distribute the heats at a steady level and are ideal for thick and long hair only.


Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Tourmaline hair dryers are much more effortless than ceramic and ionic hair dryers. In some products, tourmaline is used in the motor, while in others, it is implemented as a heating element. They are safer to use as they apply even and gentle heat on the hair. Tourmaline is 50% faster than ceramic and ionic hair dryers and is ideal for frizzy and thick hair.



The motor is the next significant thing to keep in mind for the efficient performance of the gadget. A motor with high wattage will offer enough pressure and heat to dry the water quickly with no damage to it. A high torque AC motors are ideal for your hair as they come with a higher capacity of moving the air through your tresses. As if you are planning to sue the hair dryer for regular use, then always go for a high-quality motor.


Heat Settings

Just like the motor, a dryer with different heat settings is also vital. Search for a product that includes at least three different high, medium, and low heat settings. Apart from these, some particular models come with a manageable heating option. You can adjust the warm airflow according to your hair type and requirement.


Power Consumption

The wattage of the motor determines how fast the machine can dry up your hair. For thin and curly hair types, a device with 1400 watt motor is perfect for drying up the hair shaft with no damage. However, for thick hair, a gadget with 1800 to 2000 watt is ideal for use.


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FAQs Related to Hair Dryer

Is there a battery-powered hairdryer?

Yes, some hairdryers drive power by batteries. The cordless hair dryers mostly drive their energy from the batteries. These wireless machines are usually small in size, portable, lightweight, and ideal for travelling. The dryer can run for 180 minutes in the cold setting and 15 minutes in the warm setting when the batteries are in full charge condition.


Are expensive hair dryers worth it?

Expensive hair dryers are worth every penny as they can dry up thick hair much faster and with equal effectiveness. A low-cost hairdryer might seem to be a worthy investment right at this moment, but in the long run, only a product with high wattage and a powerful motor will sustain. An expensive hair dryer will also protect the tresses from further damage and can make them dry in half the time of the low-cost machines.


Is Dyson supersonic worth it?

In our opinion, Dyson Supersonic is worth buying as you can often style your tresses the way you want. It will also cut down the time to dry out your thick hair by almost 50% every morning when you will be getting ready for a meeting. The hair will feel shiny, frizz-free, and smooth while using this machine.


Overall Best Hair Dryers

Hairdryers are the knight in shining armour for those who are in a hurry to go to the office and have to dry their curls. It helps them to get the desired style within minutes. When it comes to recommending our one particular choice, then we will go with Philips HP8232/00 Ionic Hair Dryer. It offers exceptional efficiency at a reasonable price. The Thermo protection technology, slim nozzle, six-speed, and temperature control settings, and 2200 wattage are some of the other reasons for choosing this hairdryer. So hurry up and select your best hair dryer model right now!

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