Best Pressure Cooker in India

Best Pressure Cooker in India 2021

A pressure cooker is one common and handy kitchen appliance to trust for cooking delicious food in minimal time. With its unique cooking method that can retain vitamins and minerals, it requires minimal water to cook nutritious food. A pressure cooker can help you cook all your favourite meals without any struggles or pressure. Therefore, … Read more

Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Constipation

Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Constipation in India

Do you know nearly 22% of our population suffers from constipation on a regular basis? Are you one of those? Constipation is quite common nowadays. But, if not treated well, it can get awful. There are quite remedies that can be tried for constipation but Ayurvedic medicines stand apart. Ayurvedic treatments for constipation are gaining … Read more

Why Does Your RO Water Purifier Stop Working_

Why Does Your RO Water Purifier Stop Working?

90% of the diseases are mostly waterborne. Thus to purify the water, we need the best water purification system like RO filtration. This is the best choice to remove all germs, viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, and toxic chemicals from your water supply. But if it suddenly stops working, it would give a headache to you, right? … Read more

Best L carnitine in India

Best L-Carnitine in India

Do you know L-carnitine is one of the essential needs of your body? It helps to turn your body fat into energy. Yes, you read that right. L-carnitine is found in a very minimal amount in some specific food like chicken, beef, and fish. Thus, there are high chances that your body may not be … Read more

Best Baby Cream

Best Baby Lotion and Cream in India

Do you know that a baby’s skin is 8 times more sensitive than an adult’s skin on an average? Sensitive skin needs extra care and pampering, which is why using a cream post bathing is an absolute must. If you carefully notice what a baby’s skin is like – you would see that it is … Read more

Vitamin C Filter in AC

What is Vitamin C Filter in AC

We always hear that breathing in polluted areas acquires respiratory difficulties like Asthma and many more. But have you ever examined how the quality of indoor air can affect overall and skin health? According to several studies, we have seen that the air quality inside our homes is more polluted than the outside world. These … Read more

Best Stevia Brand in India

Best Stevia Brand in India

Our lifestyle is changing and undoubtedly, we are moving towards a healthier way of living. Be it our personality or the eating habits and thus, we have – stevia, which is one of the most popular and healthiest alternatives of the present time. The market is full of many stevia options which makes the selection … Read more

Best Refrigerators in India

Best Refrigerators in India 2021

Any kitchen without a refrigerator today is impossible to imagine. These units can help you stock up essential fruits and vegetables, leftover food, perishable items, and much more for a long time without worrying about ruining them. Whether you are new to this market or looking for a replacement for your old purchase—it is important … Read more

How to reduce TDS in borewell water

How to reduce TDS in borewell water?

Do you know, the main source of drinking water in India is borewell water? Yes! Borewell water is not just used for irrigation, but in many areas, it is also used for drinking and other essential purposes. Wondering what’s harmful? Now, just imagine the level of contamination in the borewell water. You can never be … Read more

How to do dry cleaning at home?

How to do dry cleaning at home?

Professionally dry cleaning your clothes frequently can become really expensive. And if you have lots of items that require special care, it can significantly add to your budget. But you know, there are ways with which you can cut down this essential expense without compromising with the quality of the clothes. Wondering how? Well, you … Read more