How To Check Sugar At Home?

How To Check Sugar At Home

Are you tired of your regular sugar testing visits to your doctor? What if we say you can test your blood sugar levels on your own? Yes, we are not kidding. You can conveniently get accurate readings of your blood sugar levels using the best glucometer. Care enough to know? Read along for the simplest … Read more

Best Digital Thermometer in India 2022

Best Digital Thermometer in India 2022

Are you still using that traditional thermometer? Well, to be frank enough; gone are the days when the traditional thermometer was the only option to measure body temperature. The digital thermometer is one handy advancement that has now taken over. With its digitalization, it directly displays body temperature on the screen without any errors. Yes, … Read more

Best Oximeter in India 2022

Best pulse oximeter

Blood Pressure, blood sugar, and pulse rate are some of the vital statistics of the body to consider for an elderly or middle-aged person. It is much required to monitor them periodically, and to check this oxygen level in the blood or the pulse rate at home, a pulse oximeter is an ideal device. It … Read more

Best Blood Pressure Monitor in India 2022 [BP Machine] | Recommended By Cardiologist

Best Blood Pressure Monitor in India 2022

Having a blood pressure monitor at home can come in handy for getting accurate readings without taking frequent rounds to the hospital. It provides error-free readings with a single touch, something that can help you stay on top of your health at all times. But with several brands offering blood pressure monitors, it can be … Read more

Best Nebulizer in India 2022

Best Nebulizer in India 2022

Even though a nebulizer and an inhaler serve the same purpose, they are different in terms of functionality. Since the former directly inject the medicine into the lungs, it is often recommended by doctors. But one can only make the most of a nebulizer by choosing the right product. This can be done by doing … Read more

What Is A Glucometer Used For?

What Is A Glucometer Used For

Medical equipment has been changing with new technologies. They make the lives of patients simpler. One such tool is a glucometer that changed the way of living for patients with diabetes. People with diabetes undergo a lot of medications and injections of insulin all the time. It is necessary for them to regularly check and … Read more