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What is Memory Foam Mattress? (Different types and who invented it)

When looking for a mattress, you can find ourself amidst a wide range of possibilities. While going through the many available options, memory foam mattress would be one of the popular names.

We are sure you must have heard about memory foam mattresses and are also somewhere aware of their fabulous attributes. Aren’t you curious to know more about the mattress?

This informative guide about the various aspects of the memory foam mattress would make sure that you aren’t unsure or restless with your choice of buying the mattress.

Memory foam mattress – some people love the mattress, while some are not in favor of using it. We hope you are aware of the potential of the mattress; however, if you are on the other side, we hope this guide will change your perspective about the mattress.


What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory Foam Mattress

To begin with, let us start with the general introduction about the memory foam mattress.

As most of you must have guessed by its name, a memory foam mattress is made using high-quality foam as its inner material. So, how is it different from the normal foam mattress? Generally, the mattress is also a polyurethane foam type, but its viscoelastic properties make it different and special.

If you are not aware, the term visco signifies thickness and elasticity. Both the parameters help the mattress to resume the body’s shape as quickly as possible.

Special extra compounds are used to construct the mattress, which confirms its special feel, pressure relieving properties, and heat responsiveness. Moreover, the mattress uniformly distributes the body’s weight to provide stability and support to the body.

The mattress is compatible with different sleeping postures, which anyone in need can use. It can easily contour to every sleeper’s curves, ensuring restful sleep without any disturbances.

The only concern that most people have about the mattress is that it can trap the heat of the body and make the sleep too warm or hot. Thanks to the use of the latest and advanced materials, the memory foam mattresses are now designed with high-quality material that can take care of this issue.


What are the Various Types of Memory Foam Mattresses?

The memory foam mattress is available in the following types:

Traditional memory foam mattress:

Traditional memory foam mattress

The traditional memory foam mattress comes with a close cell design, because of which it is denser. These mattress types do not have any additional cooling; however, a cooling gel can be infused.

These were introduced in the ’90s to enhance blood circulation and reduce joint stress. This mattress can absorb heat and thus does not make a good choice for hot and humid climates.


Open-cell memory foam mattress:

Open-cell memory foam mattress

Unlikely traditional memory foam mattresses, this type is quite less dense. It is designed with an open-cell design and thus can be trusted to have better and continuous airflow during its use. It also avoids the sinking feeling you often get from a traditional memory foam mattress.

Moreover, you can also use additional cooling to enhance its cooling impact. Since the mattress is quick to respond to the body temperature, it offers restful sleep without hassles.


Gel memory foam mattress:

Gel memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses are often criticized for offering hot and warm sleep. However, to put this to an end, there is a gel memory foam mattress.

This type of mattress pulls away from the body heat very efficiently to ensure cool and sound sleep for the sleepers.

Other than reducing the heat, the gel mattress also reduces the pressure on the joints. This mattress can use gel, graphite, or copper as the top layer to offer the users the mentioned benefits.


When should you choose a memory foam mattress over other mattresses?

Many people may suggest you choose a memory foam mattress but is the mattress suitable for you? Would it make an appropriate choice for you?

Let us give you these answers by understanding when you should choose the mattress.

Ensures a sense of stability:

Since the mattress can contour the body areas while adjusting to the sleeping postures, the mattress can provide a sense of stability to the sleepers. The mattress offers a warm hug feel during sleep, which helps the sleepers feel secure during their sleep.

If this is something that you are looking for from a mattress, then a memory foam mattress won’t disappoint you.


Motion isolation:

Let us admit to the fact that sleeping beside an active sleeper is troubling. The frequent motions can cause a great level of disturbance during your sleep resulting in restlessness.

The memory foam mattress is very efficient against this transfer of motions during sleep. The mattress can easily absorb the energy and can restrict the motion sensations. Thanks to its ability of motion isolation, the mattress would make a great choice for people who don’t want to get disturbed by their partner’s sleep movements.


Compatibility with sleeping postures:

The main benefit of a memory foam mattress is its compatibility with all types of sleeping postures. No matter how you sleep, the mattress will surely provide you the desired comfort and support.

Moreover, the mattress would work to reduce the stress and pressure on the joints. This works in favor of enhancing the quality of sleep to the maximum.


Long-lasting investment:

Buying a mattress is not something that can be done regularly. Thus, each one of us is looking for an option that can be our long-lasting investment. Looking at all the mattress’s qualities and benefits, it won’t be wrong to call the mattress a lasting investment option.

When given proper care and precaution, the memory foam mattress can last long, offering the same kind of comfort and support to the sleeper as a new mattress.


When Should you Avoid Choosing a Memory Foam Mattress?

If the memory foam mattress is not the right choice for you, we won’t hesitate to bring the facts clearly into the picture. Here are some of the points which indicate that a memory foam mattress is not the right choice for you.

Not for hot sleepers:

Not for hot sleepers

If you are one of those who tend to sweat a lot during sleep, a memory foam mattress won’t make you the right choice. As memory foam mattress is known to trap body heat, it can get too hot during sleep.

No matter you can rely on materials like gel base or open cell memory foam mattress, the issue may get a little better, but it would still exist. Therefore, if you are a sweaty sleeper, investing in a memory foam mattress would not be a good option.


Not suitable to provide lumbar support:

Not suitable to provide lumbar support

Though the mattress is good to keep the spine in its natural alignment, it is not that considerable for lumbar support. Due to no contact between the lumbar and the material, your body doesn’t get the desired support.


Does not offer bounce:

Does not offer bounce

Surely, you must be aware that memory foam mattress does not offer enough bounce. As the mattress takes a little time to get back to its original position, it can get slightly difficult for the sleepers to move around.

Thus, if you move around during sleep, you can get a hard time on the mattress.


Don’t believe everything you hear:

Memory foam mattresses are often considered as an in-between product. While some users are in complete favor of the mattress, many others don’t promote its use. Thus, in such a case, you shouldn’t always believe what you hear.

Rather you should get your hands-on experience with the mattress to know the reality. Understand your body and sleeping type along with the various other factors before making any final choice.

If you are sure of buying the mattress, you should be aware of the proper considerations that you shouldn’t miss when making a choice.


What to Look for While Choosing a Memory Foam Mattress?

Few factors should be considered when you are planning to buy a mattress. Let us have a look:

Firmness level:

The firmness level varies from person to person, and therefore, it should be one of the factors that shouldn’t be ignored.

A firm mattress makes a good choice for heavy-weight users, while a soft mattress would be best for lightweight sleepers. To make the right choice, you should be sure of the firmness level you are comfortable with. Find a mattress that can match your preferred level of firmness.


The thickness of the foam:

If you want to be sure of how your mattress will feel, you should have a clear idea about the foam’s thickness. Thick memory foam will certainly relieve pressure in a better way, but it will also compromise with its offered support.

Most of the memory foam mattresses are available with 2 to 4-inches in thickness. However, you might need a mattress with different thickness levels to get your quality sleep. Thus, it is advised to first understand what your body needs and then choose a memory foam with the desired thickness level that can provide the same.


The density of the memory foam:

One of the crucial deciding factors for the memory foam mattress is its density. Density is the decider of longevity for all the visco materials. The more foam cells, the denser the material would be, and the lesser would be the risk of its breaking.

A memory foam with high-density ratings will assure the users that the mattress will last longer and that the material used is nice and high quality. On the other hand, the low-density ratings will portray the opposite meaning.

Memory foam mattresses are often designed with density ratings ranging from 3 to 7 pounds, where 7 represents the premium material. You can also choose a memory foam mattress with density ratings of 6-pounds. Going lesser than this would increase the risk of failures.


The reputation of the brand:

Buying a mattress from a well-known reputed brand can give you a sense of reliability for your mattress. A branded mattress is not just comfortable and supportive but also assures satisfaction for the investment.

Choosing a brand surely comes with its benefits, but only if you have done all your research correctly. Look through all the possible brand names and then make your decision considering all the essential parameters offered by them. You can also read through the existing customers’ reviews to have a better idea of the brand’s reputation and products/services.


Price or budget:

Having an idea of how much you want to invest in a mattress is always suggested. This will help find a mattress within your decided budget and prevent you from overspending during the buy.

Also, being aware of your mattress’s worth will give you a clear idea of the value of money that you get in return. You can go as up as you want when looking through the mattress’s variety. It is, therefore, suggested to have a pre-decided budget for the shopping.


Longevity of the mattress:

Every shopper needs a mattress that can last long without causing them hassles. To be sure of the longevity of the mattress, know about the warranty it comes with. If a mattress is available with a lifetime warranty, it represents that the mattress is confident to last for a long time.

Thus, you should ask about the offered warranty at the time of your purchase. Along with this, you should also enquire about the other materials used in the mattress that can affect its longevity.


Quality certifications:

Last but not least, you should not miss considering the quality certifications that come with the memory foam mattress. These certifications prove quality, support, reliability, comfort, and many more mattress attributes.

Some common certifications that your memory foam mattress should have are as follow:

  • GOLS
  • GOTS
  • CertiPUR-US®
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certification

These certifications also assure the brand’s commitment of providing healthy, high-quality, safe, and clean mattresses.


Replacing the mattress – what should be kept in mind?

Just like any other mattress, even the memory foam mattress needs to be replaced. But when should you exactly replace the mattress?

The replacement of the mattress generally depends upon how you have been using and maintaining it. If the mattress has become sore or lumpy, then get the signs and replace your mattress instantly. Don’t wait till your mattress is completely out of its form.

However, according to the general rule, a memory foam mattress lasts for about 5-10 years if used with proper care and maintenance.

Moreover, you should be careful while using the mattress. Make sure to use a mattress protector to keep the mattress in its best form. If you don’t take good care of your mattress, even a long warranty cannot promise an extended lifespan for the mattress.

Taking care of the mattress:

If you want your mattress to last long, all you have to do is take good care. Luckily taking care of the memory foam mattress is not that tough; some easy steps, and you are all done.

So, are you interested in knowing those simple yet effective care tips for your memory foam mattress? Here are some:

  • Use a decent high-quality base for the mattress. This will increase the life of the mattress.
  • Not just turn the covers of the mattress but also timely flip the mattress’s sides. It is advised to keep flipping the mattress after allowing the sides to have better airflow and circulation.
  • Buy a good quality mattress cover. No matter how good care you take of your mattress, it is still at risk of getting ruin. However, using a quality cover can reduce this risk nearly to half.
  • Last but not least, you should keep your memory foam mattress away from all kinds of heat-oriented sleep aids.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Mattress:

How is a memory foam mattress different from other foam mattresses?

The main difference between memory foam and ordinary foam mattresses is their sensitivity to the body’s temperature. Memory foam can respond to the body’s temperature, unlike the ordinary foam mattress.

Due to this reason, the memory foam mattress feels soft in warm surroundings and firm in cold surroundings. The memory foam mattress can easily act according to every individual’s body heat, offering them the desired comfort.


Does a memory foam mattress make the body too warm?

This is one common misconception about the mattress. Surely, the mattress can retain the body’s heat, increasing the temperature, but thanks to the modern open-cell structure, a sufficient amount of air circulation is maintained during its use.

The users can also use Coolmax covers, which help control the body’s humidity and thereby prevent overheating.


What other benefits can be expected from memory foam mattresses?

Along with offering high-quality, uninterrupted sleep, the memory foam mattress is also known to provide excellent support to its users. Thanks to the balanced amount of support, the body toss and turn less; thus, getting sound sleep.

Moreover, using the mattress also overcomes the problems caused due to inappropriate sleeping postures. The mattress can very easily adapt the body’s shape and position and, as a result, can be used by anyone without any major struggles.


Are memory foam mattresses good for back support?

The memory foam mattress is specially designed to effectively support the body. Since the mattress allows the users to sleep in any posture, it ensures to relieve pressure during the sleep.

As a result, the users don’t feel any extra pressure while sleeping, which brings effective benefits for back pain. The mattress provides complete support to the back, assuring maximum relaxation and comfort.

Well, the memory foam mattress is not only suitable for supporting back pain, but it can also be trusted for its comfort for achy joints.


Does memory foam mattress attract dust or allergic particles?

Thanks to the advanced technologies and modern open-cell design of the mattress, the memory foam mattress is hypoallergenic. Moreover, the mattress’s core is extremely solid, which makes it resistant to dust, germs, and dirt.

Therefore, the mattress can be suitably trusted and used by people suffering from allergies. The mattress will only offer you benefits without impacted your allergies.


Why is there an initial smell sensation with a memory foam mattress?

Often, you can feel some smell sensation with your new memory foam mattress. Honestly, this is quite normal.

The mattress’s initial smell is only a new foam smell that stays for a couple of days. Also, the smell is not toxic, and therefore, it will not trigger any kind of allergies when used. There isn’t anything to worry about if you get some initial smell from your mattress.

However, if you are sensitive to smell and cannot bear it, you can try the following tips:

  • Keep fresh air in the room
  • Wash the mattress sheets
  • Use vinegar as it can nullify the bothering smell


To conclude:

A memory foam mattress can be your comfort companion for sound sleep. It surely does come with its own considerations. For some, it can bring great comfort and relief to the pressure points, along with providing that cosy hug for an amazing sleep. However, on the other hand, for some, it can be a little tough adjusting to the mattress.

We hope this guide related to memory foam mattresses has given you all the information needed for making a conscious decision to buy the mattress. If you still have any questions, do reach us in the comments.


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