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Spring Mattress VS Foam Mattress | Which Is The Good For Your Sleeping Needs?

With the variety of options, choosing the right mattress is undoubtedly a daunting task. There are a lot of things to consider to never miss on to your perfect mattress. You can surely make your choice a little easier by matching your sleeping needs with the different mattress types.

Foam and spring mattresses are the two most common types of mattresses. Each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages, which makes it unique.

Both the mattresses are pretty impressive with their benefits and qualities, with no one being obsolete than the other. The main difference between these two mattresses is in the feel; the foam mattress is more pressure-relieving and body-conforming, while the spring mattress is bouncier.

We need a comfortable and excellent mattress to sleep on. We have compiled all the necessary details about the mattresses to help you select between foam and spring mattresses. We have focused on bringing you the best comparison between the mattresses to ensure that your chosen mattress satisfies your sleeping needs.

With no further ado, let us know the difference between the spring and foam mattresses.

What is a Foam Mattress?

Foam Mattress

A foam mattress is made using polyurethane or memory foam with some additional chemicals for improved density and elasticity. The foam mattress’s elastic nature allows it to easily adjust with the user’s body while offering them the desired support and comfort. Also, the mattress can quickly get back to its original shape, thereby avoiding causing any additional pressure on the body’s joints and muscles.

Moreover, the mattress is also popular for its pressure-relieving abilities. As you sleep on the mattress, it can relieve the muscle joints’ pressure to effectively treat sore and stressed muscles.

The mattress evenly distributes the body weight because of which your body will feel just like hugging. As the mattress ensures delivering the best support and alignment to the body, it can be completely trusted to reduce back and joint pain. As a result, the mattress is highly recommended for back sleepers as they can get all the comfort they need for a sound and uninterrupted sleeping experience.

One main quality of the foam mattress is its temperature sensitivity. Due to this quality, the mattress can retain the body’s temperature during sleep. This makes the mattress hot, especially when you are using it during the summer season.

It is, therefore, suggested to use the foam mattress during the cool and wintery season to avoid sleeping on an extremely hot surface. Moreover, you can also try using a gel-based foam mattress, but even the gel will also get heated after use.

Different Types of Foam Mattresses:

  1. Traditional memory foam mattress:

The memory foam mattress is an open-cell foam mattress that offers great benefits to the users. Most brands are now expanding the cell structure to improve the air circulation in the mattress. This also helps in solving the heat retention problem in the mattress.

  1. Gel-based foam mattress:

Well, if you still find your traditional foam mattress heated after initial use, then you can opt for a gel-based foam mattress. The mattress is infused with either gel beads or liquid gel to enhance its coolness. The added gel works wonder in controlling the mattress’s temperature, making it suitable for use in hot and humid areas.

Also, the chemicals used in the liquid gel are not harmful to the user’s health and thus can be trusted without any hassles.

  1. Plant-based foam mattress:

The next type of foam mattress that we have on our list is a plant-based foam mattress. In this type of mattress, a certain amount of petroleum is added with the plant oils, which controls the mattress’s temperature and makes it cooler for use.

  1. Foam mattress with cooling additives:

In this type of mattress, good conductors of heat are added to control its temperature. Materials like copper and graphite are used in the foam mattress, dissipating the body’s heat. It has been observed that sleeping on a foam mattress with cool additives can ensure a cool sleeping experience throughout the night.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Foam Mattress:

Advantages of foam mattress Disadvantages of foam mattress
The foam mattress is widely known for its even distribution of weight during sleep. It also ensures supporting the pressure joints, thus, relieving the sore muscles. Depending upon foam mattresses’ used material, they can retain the body’s heat and temperature.
With gel-based foam mattresses or foam mattresses with cooling additives, the mattress can easily pull away all the body heat, providing a comfortable sleeping experience. For an average and bad quality foam, the mattress would need a replacement earlier than the mentioned time.
Foam mattresses can maintain their shape for a longer period of time without any struggles with early sagging.  
Foam mattresses are lightweight and portable. As a result, these mattresses can easily be flipped and shipped as and when needed.  
Apart from regular maintenance, a foam mattress needs thorough maintenance just once in every 3-months.  
A foam mattress is not just a soft mattress, but thanks to the mattress layers, it creates a firm support for the body, responding to its need  

After this detailed introduction of the foam mattresses, let us know the spring mattress details.

What is a Spring Mattress?

Spring Mattress

Introduced in the year 1871, spring mattresses or innerspring mattresses have gained a lot of popularity. The people widely accept the mattress for its great support and bouncy nature. The addition of the coil layer in the traditional mattress helped improve spinal support and alignment.

The spring mattress is given its basic structure using the metal springs combined with the foam layer to provide balanced support and comfort. The top-most comfort foam layer ensures that the users don’t feel the springs directly on their bodies.

Besides foam, different materials can be used as the top layer in the spring mattress, depending upon the body’s need. Moreover, springs of varying densities can be used to form the mattress’s desired firm structure. The combination of these different layers makes the mattress firm along with making it breathable for extreme comfort.

The stomach sleepers usually prefer the spring mattress as it can reduce causing any extra pressure on the chest, stomach, and intestine. Also, the mattress prevents the body from unnatural arching that can cause body pain or sore muscles.

Generally, the feel of spring mattresses varies from one another. This is because of the different factors contributing to the mattress, such as different spring types, metal thickness, the density of the connected spring, and last but not least, the support with which everything is connected.

Spring mattress is also impressive with its responsiveness. The mattress responds to the body’s varying needs accurately and maintains proper spinal alignment, support, and bounce during its use.

Different Types of Spring Mattresses:

  1. Bonnell Spring Mattress:

This spring mattress is less expensive than the other spring mattresses; therefore, these are comparatively less durable. With the innerspring mattress, hourglass coils are used as the supportive layer. You can easily find this mattress as it is commonly available.

The mattress does not support zero partner disturbance and thus can disturb the sleep of its users. Also, the mattress’s support is quite limited when compared with the other available spring mattress types.

  1. Offset Spring Mattress:

This type is more durable than the Bonnell spring mattress. Different coils, arranged in a close and tight manner, are connected to form a coil layer. This coil layer extends support to the mattress and makes it a fit choice for the users.

The only limitation of this mattress is that it does not support motion isolation. The connecting coil in the mattress transfers motion and thus somehow causes a little disturbance during sleep.

  1. Continuous Spring Mattress:

In this type of spring mattress, many coils are attached with the help of a long wire. This helps in the formation of the top-most support layer in the mattress. The mattress type is durable and can last long, providing the desired support with its use.

However, as all the coils are connected for making the support layer, the mattress often transfers motion. This can be a concern for users who are looking for a mattress with motion isolation.

  1. Pocket Coil Mattress:

This spring mattress type is the latest and is the most technically advanced mattress available. The mattress is designed by individually connecting the coils using a supportive fabric.

As every coil is wrapped individually, the mattress limits motion transfer making the mattress stable throughout the night. With all its benefits and qualities, this type of mattress is the most expensive spring mattress you can buy.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Spring Mattress:

Advantages of a spring mattress Disadvantages of spring mattress
They offer minimal break-in period These mattresses are not portable as they need proper maintenance while traveling from one place to another.
Different types of these mattresses are less expensive than the others Without memory foam, these are not much effective to contour body
With proper ventilation and air circulation, these mattresses are known to offer cool sleeping surface They tend to transfer motion during sleep and thus are not comfortable for most users
These mattresses are designed to provide natural bounce to the users The mattress offers a shorter lifespan with limited warranty time, along with the need of regular flipping to ensure its reliability

Comparison Between Spring and Foam mattress:

Comparing the two mattresses can help you be sure that your chosen mattress will deliver you the best health benefits with high-quality sound and uninterrupted sleep.

Here are some of the essential factors that can easily offer you a helping hand to easily compare both mattresses.


When you are deciding to buy a mattress, make sure not to compromise with its durability. Durability ensures the users how long the mattress can be used without facing any severe hassles or problems.

  • Talking about the foam mattress is more durable than a spring mattress because the absence of coils minimizes the sagging risk.
  • On the other hand, the spring mattress lacks durability. The number of coils present in the mattress makes it prone to sagging because of excessive motion transfer during sleep. Moreover, the mattress may start poking from here and there with its continuous use because of the coils’ presence.

Body support:

Without any doubt, a person buys a mattress to get desired body support. And if the chosen mattress lacks this feature, then there isn’t a point in investing in it. Also, the mattress with minimal body support can cause severe health problems with time, and thus, body support should always be prioritized.

  • The use of foam mattresses ensures providing desired support to the entire body. The mattress is designed with its ability to contour with the body as quickly as possible. This helps the users get proper support.
  • Spring mattress also provides a balanced amount of firm support. However, it lacks offering uniformity. It can be understood that the spring mattress cannot uniformly support the entire body.

Motion transfer:

Nobody wants to sleep on a mattress that can disturb their sleep with the partner’s excessive motion transfer. Thus, while choosing between the foam and spring mattress, you should focus on focusing on their ability to isolate the motions during sleep.

  • The foam mattress is brilliant with motion isolation and thus makes a good option for couples. The mattress quickly and automatically adjusts with the user’s body shape and avoids causing excessive vibrations or motions during sleep.
  • Spring mattresses are made with closely connected springs and coils which are not so good at isolating motion during sleep. As a result, the mattress is not much suitable for users with excessive sleep movements. With a spring mattress, you can feel many vibrations and motion sensor which can be uncomfortable.


Some people prefer a mattress that offers them great bounce, while others do not prefer a bouncy mattress. Thus, the mattress should be checked with its bouncing rate to ensure making the right choice.

  • The foam mattress is designed to portray slower recovery time. This makes it less bouncy than the spring mattress. Also, the mattress can adjust with the body shape; therefore, the users don’t feel any bounciness with the mattress.
  • A Spring mattress is the exact opposite of a foam mattress. The use of springs and coils in the mattress makes it bouncier than the foam mattress. The response time of the mattress is so quick that the users feel the instant bounce.

Suitable users:

Your sleeping posture plays an essential role in deciding the suitable type of mattress. If your mattress isn’t compatible with your sleeping position, then this can result in uncomfortable nights. Thus, along with being sure of your body needs, you should also be attentive towards your sleeping postures.

  • A foam mattress makes a perfect fit for users who sleeps on their side and back. Moreover, thanks to its amazing qualities, the mattress is also compatible with combo sleepers without causing them any inconvenience.
  • On the other hand, if you are a back sleeper and are looking for a suitable mattress, you will find comfort in the spring mattress. The mattress avoids causing any severe pain or stress on the stomach or chest and maintaining firm body support.

Body type:

Like the sleeping posture, your body type is also crucial during your hunt for a suitable mattress. There isn’t any use in buying a mattress that cannot do justice to your body type. You won’t be getting the desired comfortable and sound sleep.

  • Foam mattress, designed with high-quality foam, makes an ideal fit for lightweight and average-build users. The mattress sinks very minimally with the weight of the petite users. The heavyweight users may get a sinking feeling on a foam mattress, and thus, it is not recommended for them.
  • Spring mattress makes a good choice for heavyweight users. With the use of coils or springs, there isn’t any sinking feeling for the users. There will be vibrations on the mattress due to the users’ movements, but it doesn’t hinder much of the sleep quality.

Pressure-relieving quality:

Finding a mattress that can relieve your sore and stressed muscles is no more a blessing. The pressure-relieving quality of the mattress can bring maximum relaxation and satisfaction to the users, which cannot be compared to anything else.

  • The foam mattress needs no introduction for its ability to relieve pressure and stress from the sore muscles and joints. As the mattress can easily contour its user’s body, it causes no extra pressure on the joints and ensures muscle relaxation.
  • On the contrary to this, the spring mattress offers average pressure relieving qualities. The mattress surely can work on your sore and stress muscles, but it cannot completely help you get through with them. Moreover, the mattress lacks conformity.

Ventilation and air circulation:

It is important for any mattress to be breathable to maintain sufficient ventilation and air circulation. The lack of proper ventilation can ruin the mattress’s quality and be one prime cause of mattress sagging. Also, it can reflect its consequences on the fluctuating body temperature of the users.

  • The foam mattresses are quite dense with their formation and, as a result, lacks ventilation and air circulation. This is one of the main drawbacks of the foam mattress. Because of this lacking quality, the mattresses also become extremely hot during their use and are not recommended for hot sleepers.
  • Opposite to this, the spring mattress is designed to allow natural ventilation and air circulation. Thanks to the open-cell structure and the empty spaces, the mattress can let the air pass through, maintaining an ideal temperature for sleep.

Back pain support:

Offering back support is counted as one main requirement from a mattress. Ensure your chosen mattress offers you great back support that can help eliminate back pain and other related issues.

  • As the foam mattress adjusts with the body shape, it can maintain natural spinal alignment. This is quite helpful in relieving the users of their continuous problem of back pain. The mattress also plays an important role in alleviating the joints and muscles.
  • Spring mattresses are not adequate in uniformly distributing the bodyweight, causing inconvenience and discomfort to the users during their sleep. As a result, it lacks maintaining the natural back alignment, enhancing the existing back pain. The mattress is not considered ideal for getting relief against back pain and its issues.

Mattress price:

Finally, let us consider the price of the mattresses. Wouldn’t you love a mattress that can offer you complete satisfaction without burdening you with its price? If yes, then considering the mattress price should never be avoided.

  • In comparison, the foam mattresses are available at quite varying prices ranging from being affordable to pricey. The higher the quality, the more will be its price. Thus, it can be said that the price of a foam mattress is more than that of a spring mattress.
  • Spring mattresses are much less expensive than foam mattresses. The mattress’s affordability makes it convenient and feasible for many users to use a quality mattress without worrying about stretching their budget.

Final Thoughts:

Between the battle between spring and foam mattresses, the choice is always narrowed down to personal likings, needs, and preferences. The foam mattress surely gets the upper hand over the spring mattress in most categories; however, the spring mattress has its benefits for different audiences.

Whichever mattress you choose between spring and foam, make sure to check the following things before, such as:

  • Durability and quality of the material used
  • Offered lifetime and warranty by the mattress
  • Compatibility between the mattress and your body needs

Choosing a mattress can be tough, but you can always count on us. We hope this informative guide would have given you the required help and details that you needed. For any other assistance, please do get in touch with us in the comment section.

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