Non-Electric Water Purifiers: Everything You have to Know

Nowadays, it is not easy to get safe and pure drinking water these days. With increasing industrial development, environmental degradation, and growing population, it has become more vital for us to be aware of the available gravity-based water purifiers in the market to make sure that the water we are drinking is of the highest quality.

Although our Earth is covered with 71% water bodies most of them is salty ocean water which is absolutely unfit for consumption. Thus getting clean water for drinking purposes is not only a national concern but has become a global problem today. Thus we need a powerful and effective gravity-based water purifier that can constantly work to supply us clean water. So, in this article, we have tried to incorporate as much information as possible to give you a clear idea about this device.


What is the Gravity Based/Non-Electric Water Purifiers?

Gravity Based Water Purifier, Non Electric Water Purifier

Gravity based water purifiers remove the excess salt, microbes, and suspended particles and retain all the essential minerals and vitamins. You may also do the same thing. But there is quite a difference between a water filter and a gravity-based water purifier. Water filter only removes the impurities from the water while water purifiers also eliminate the bacteria and virus from the water along with the sediments.


How Gravity Based Water Purifiers work?

In the process of water purification, water flows from the top container to the lower one due to the effect of gravity. Gravity based water purifiers do not run on electricity and are also known as non-electrical or offline water purifiers. This type of water purifier is made up of UF or activated carbon which is composed of tiny granules to absorb the impurities from the water. The impurities adhere to the UF that acts as a hollow fiber membrane. There are generally three types of filters present in gravity-based water purifiers. They are as below.

Pre Filter or Microfiber Mesh

The pre-filter is attached to the topmost tank. When water passes through this, bigger sediments like sand, mud, dust, and many more get removed by this filter.

Activated carbon filter

This is the most vital stage in which more invisible and minute particles and chemical contaminants are efficiently removed. Activated carbon filters also remove bad colors and odors from the water along with pesticides and parasites.

Post carbon or polisher filter

The primary objective of this filter is to repurify the filtered water to make it purer for drinking.


In which conditions should you buy Non-Eelectric or Gravity Based Water Purifiers?

Before buying a Gravity based water purifier, you should check the following conditions of the water supply in the area you live in.

  • Gravity based water purifiers are recommended for the corporation and municipality water supply that does not include any toxic metals like arsenic and lead.
  • Most of these water purifiers run without running water. Thus they are suitable for those areas which do not have the facility of running water.
  • These models of water purifiers are ideal for the areas that have up to 500 ppm of TDS level.
  • Since the water cleaning devices do not require electricity to run, thus they are perfect for the localities that have frequent power cuts


Buying Guide for the Non-Electric Water Purifier

Below are some of the checklists that you should keep in mind before selecting any random gravity-based water purifier. They are as follows.


You must consider the below criteria while making a purchasing decision of the gravity-based water purifiers.

  • After-sales services
  • Source of the water
  • Initial and maintenance cost
  • Membrane life


The gravity-based water purifiers generally come with two tanks that are purified and raw. You should select a large purifier with a minimum of 10 liters of storage capacity for a family of 2 to 3 people. If you have a larger family, then select the water purifiers with a minimum of 20 to 25 liters of water storage capacity.


Most high-grade plastic or ABS is used to manufacture gravity-based water purifiers. This improves the durability and quality of the water purifiers.

Type of tank

A transparent tank notifies you about the water level and that needs to be filled. You can also select the closed ones but the water level is to be checked by opening the cover frequently.


Total Dissolved Solid or TDS measures the organic and inorganic compounds that are present in the contaminated water. It is generally represented in mg/l or ppm.

Quality of water

Hard water consists of magnesium and calcium that are dissolved into it that cannot be cleaned by the gravity-based water purifiers. But average polluted water or water from the municipality supply can be filtered by the non-electric water purifiers.


How to Maintain the Non-Electric Water Purifier?

Gravity based water purifier requires low maintenance during its lifetime. But some of the things that you should remember for the protection of this cleaning device are as below.

  • Regular cleaning of the parts of the equipment would keep the flow of the water undisturbed. If mud accumulates inside the model, the membrane life will be affected.
  • The outer plastic body of the purifiers should also be cleaned once a month.
  • If the water in your locality contains a lot of iron, you will observe that the mesh or the pre-filter has turned to red. You can remove the mesh and soak it in vinegar for some hours and then clean it with running water. It is ready to use again.
  • After installing the product, at least two buckets of water needs to be flushed out. Please do not start using the gravity-based water purifier without doing this. This will remove the smell that a new unit and filter contains.



Water is one of the most important aspects of everybody’s life. To consume pure water in a polluted area, you will need the best gravity-based water purifier that will match all your purification needs. We hope this article has covered everything that you need to know about this type of water cleaning device. If you have any more doubts about the purifiers, you can write to us in the comment section.

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