Nano silver Filter in Air Purifiers and Air Conditioners

The advancement of technology has reached its height of success rapidly over the years. There are a plethora of modern technologies to serve humanity. One such technology is a nano-silver filter in ACs and air purifiers. Nowadays, the necessity of air purifiers is in high demand because of the polluted air. It can eradicate harmful bacterias and other dangerous contaminants to protect the health of your loved ones indoors.

We live in the global warming threat, and as a result, the temperature is increasing day by day. That is why buying an air conditioner is also significant for living comfortably in the scorching heat of the summer. But always remember that every air purifier and air conditioners will not be able to keep you healthy, secure, and happy.

Different manufacturers used various features to make it work. But modern air purifiers and air conditioners using nano-silver technology make the device better and provide fruitful customer satisfaction. A recent study shows that Nano-silver technology is of immense help to human beings. In this write-up, we will be sharing various information regarding Nano-silver, how it works, and its advantages.


Concept of Nano-silver filter

Nanosilver filter

All of us are quite accustomed to the term filter. But does anyone know what a nano-silver filter stands for? Well, a nano-silver filter means an anti-bacterial concept made of natural coconut carbon. It consists of silver nanoparticles and is beneficial for eliminating odor, chlorine, and bacteria from the air.

Nano-silver filters work on the same concept as activated carbon. The use of activated carbon in air filtration devices is available for a long time. While they are quite effective themselves, they are not without disadvantages. Filtration devices that work on activated carbon are very much dependent on the surface area.

The porosity of the field is also a significant factor in these cases. So, activated carbon filtration devices work the best on bulkier and more porous surface areas, making it inconvenient in smaller spaces.

However, nano-silver filtration is not affected by these limitations. Silver is known for its exceptional purifying qualities, even more than activated carbon. Nano-silver filters do not need a larger surface area to reach their full potential. These filters generally work by releasing silver ions into the air.

These silver ions excel in getting rid of both grams positive and negative bacterias. Moreover, these filters not only kill the bacteria but also further hinders their growth in the air. All these qualities make nano-silver filters a go-to choice for leading air conditioner and air purifier brands.


Why is it necessary to use a Nano-silver filter?

One of the popular questions is why does an individual use this technology? The importance of it lies in various aspects. You may take an air conditioner as an example. The use of AC for a long time may result in blockage in the filtration system due to dust particles. But the result of it is severe.

It uses more electricity due to the blockage and creates problems for you and the environment. Besides, it needs more attention and upkeeping to use it without any disturbance. That is why it is evident to use the AC having a nano-silver filtration technology. Moreover, it helps remove the bacteria more efficiently than its counterparts and enables you to live a healthy life.


Why is the Nano-silver filter used in ACs and air purifiers?

filter used in ACs and air purifiers

Nano-silver filters in ACs and air purifiers are becoming quite popular nowadays. There is a particular reason for that. We already know that the nano-silver filters used in ACs help to reduce electricity consumption. It uses self-cleaning features to scale down the dust collected on the filtration device of the AC.

Nano-silver filters excel in killing harmful bacterias and microbes present in the air. It has the exceptional bacteria and microbes killing capability that has made it so popular in most modern air conditioning or air purifying devices. They are using it for almost the same reasons in both cases. However, their functionalities are a bit different.


Nano-silver filters in Air Conditioners

It is no surprise that air conditioners have almost become a necessity in our daily lives. Be it our homes or our offices, and it is quite rare to find a place that does not use air conditioning devices. However, unreasonable use of air conditioners can create problems. Excessive air conditioning usage may lead to our homes or offices turning into breeding grounds for bacterias or microbes. Nano-silver filters help immensely in this regard. The filters make the residence bacteria free in a few steps.

The filter starts the process by exposing Titanium Oxide into the air. Titanium Oxide excites the electrons present in the air. It then leads to Titanium Oxide inducing chemical reactions with the oxygen and water vapor present in the air.

The chemical reactions with the oxygen present in the air lead to Titanium Oxide, creating superoxide ions. And water vapor brings hydroxyl radicals into the picture. The combination of superoxide ions and hydroxyl radicals is extremely deadly to the microbes present in the air. According to various experts, this fatal combination of superoxide ions and hydroxyl radicals can remove more than 600 kinds of bacteria or microbes from the air.

Apart from serving as a microorganism exterminator, the nano-silver filters can also eliminate foul odors present in the room. However, the effectiveness may take a hit if used in large spaces. And top of all, the air conditioners using this nano-silver technology are not very expensive as well. With all these advantages, it is not a surprise that this technology is so trendy in air conditioners.


Nano-silver filters in air purifiers

With the ever-increasing problem of pollution, air purifiers have seen a rise in their usage over the universe. In countries like India, which is home to some of the most polluted cities across the world, using air purifiers has almost become a necessity in recent years. Air purifiers help to make the air you breathe at home clean and microbes free. And it achieves this using nano-silver filters. Nano-silver filters are one of the most common filters used in air purifiers.

Due to their various microorganism killing capacity from the air, they are likely the most effective air purifier filters. Air purifiers work on the concept of taking in impure air from the room and releasing purified air out. The nano-silver filters enhance this process by releasing silver ions into the air. These silver ions disinfect the air in the room, effectively killing the microbes and bacterias present in the air.

As nano-silver filters help the machines to purify the air to such a greater extent, they are blessings to the people who have different kinds of allergies. Air purifiers, in general, help people with various airborne allergies. Nano-silver filters take that to the next level. It removes any pet-related allergies as well by getting rid of pet dander very effectively. Many companies use nano-silver filters in conjunction with other kinds of filters. It makes the filter more effective.

However, many experts advise against using various types of filters in conjunction with each other, as the presence of different kinds of ions and cells may be harmful to health.



Advantages of Nano-silver filter

Advantages of Nanosilver filter

Now you are more or less informed about the concept and working method of a nano-silver filter. The filter has got so much popularity among the people. So if you want to buy any air purifier and air conditioner model, you ought to explore the principal advantages described below.

  • The advantage of a nano-silver filter lies in its performance as an efficient supplement to the filters having activated carbon technology or carbon channels.
  • It is quite efficient than the standard HEPA filter as it can eradicate contagious bacterias and several harmful toxic pollutants from the air. Remember that the HEPA filters lack this ability.
  • Having a nano-silver filtration system in those appliances is valuable as this feature obstructs the life-threatening contaminants for further advancement or growth to provide you with a healthy and secure life.
  • It is quite helpful to eliminate toxins like dust, pollen, residue, and dander.
  • The nano-silver filters have the quality to diminish more than 600 types of pollutants from the air and provide 99.99% purified air for a healthy life.
  • The effectiveness of it lies in the surface area as well as the microporosity.
  • It is a self-cleaning filter and needs less maintenance.
  • It is budget-friendly and takes up less space.


Disadvantages of Nano-silver filter

Like other technologies, nano-silver filters also have a few disadvantages. Some of them are harmless, but others are severe. The principal deficiencies of it are as follows:

  • The excessive vulnerability to silver may transform the bacterias into a silver-safe organism.
  • The effects of it are catastrophic for different cells of the human body. That is why the nano-silver filter has environmental issues also. It can affect the ecology severely.
  • The nano-silver filtration system may lead to the bacterias using a process called co-selection, which allows them to build up their resistance by swapping their DNA with a more resistant one.


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Wrapping it up

In conclusion, the nano-silver filter system has transformed electrical product technologies like air purifiers and air conditioners. We must admit it is quite incredible at eradicating the toxic pollutants from the air. That is why modern manufacturers are using this filtration system to give a healthy life to the people. But always make sure to do some digging about the advantages and disadvantages before buying an AC or air purifier with Nano-silver technology.

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