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14 Myths About Air Purifier You Should Stop Believing Right Now

With the ever-increasing threat of air pollution around us, air purifiers have become quite common nowadays. Almost all residences make use of air purifying technologies. They offer various benefits, while their principal purpose is to purify the air you breathe at home. Many air purifiers help in killing harmful microorganisms in the room air also. Getting rid of foul odor is another benefit of air purifiers. Besides, installing an air purifier is one of the best ways to reduce breathing problems. They help to get rid of the harmful impurities in the air. Needless to say, they are indispensable in the age of the alarming growth of air pollution.

So, with all these benefits, you should buy an air purifier for your home immediately. Right? Well, the answer is not so simple. There are a lot of misconceptions regarding air purifiers. These misconceptions usually originate from the misinformation and a lack of understanding and spread mostly via word of mouth. But you can even find some experts confirming these misconceptions. So, to answer the question, we must say that buying an air purifier is very helpful. But you should do this after clearing out some of the misconceptions that you may have heard regarding them. So in this article, we mention some of the common myths regarding air purifiers and say why they are incorrect.


14 Myths About Air Purifiers You Should Stop Believing Right Now

Air Purifiers

You ought to stay close to the air purifier.

It is a misconception about an air filter operation as it does not run that way. The air purifier has an inbuilt CADR or Clean Air Delivery Rate technology. The CADR helps to detect the length and width of a particular room. A user needs to sit in that distinct area to get benefit from the system. As a result, no one has to stay close to the filter to make it serve better.


Windows and doors Require to remain shut to run the filter better

Windows and doors Require to remain shut

Be the door and windows remain open or close0,0.x, and an air filter will usually work. But if you stay in a contaminated locality, then you must shut them. However, you might think about opening them during cooking as there is a lot of smoke inside. Besides, an air purifier is an eco-friendly product and does not emit any toxic contaminants like carbon dioxide. So, there is nothing to worry about opening the doorways and window panes.


An air purifier is ineffective at high contamination.

The most absurd air filter myth is that at high pollution, it is useless. It is so because the filter has no measure to handle outdoor pollution. But the truth is that it is effective in creating a safe air bubble inside the room. It can protect you from outside contamination.


Every air purifier is alike in technology.

It is another myth about air purifiers that they are alike in appearance, technology, durability, and effectiveness. Some have an inbuilt HEPA technology, whereas others have activated carbon. Besides, modern filters have both features. That is why always consider different aspects before buying any.


An air purifier is an alternative to a vacuum cleaner.

vacuum cleaner

Everyone might think that an air purifier can replace the vacuum cleaner. But this is not correct. Both a vacuum cleaner and an air purifier are contradictory things and work differently to provide you with a healthy life. A vacuum cleaner can effectively get rid of the heavy pollen falling on the carpet and the ground. But in terms of air purifiers, it can remove the light danders, pollens, and dust quite effectively. The air spread those particles inside the room. Besides, an air purifier is unable to immaculate furniture dust and can never eliminate the heavy pollen. Additionally, you need to vacuum the carpet because an air purifier can not clean the dust particles falling on the ground. So, an air purifier can never work as an alternative to the vacuum cleaner.


An air purifier performs as a room freshener.

room freshener

It is not correct at all. To remove odor, you will need a room freshener. An air purifier has nothing to do with odor issues. Besides, clean air does not depend on a foul smell and depends on the filter you use. Though, some filters with activated carbon may eradicate any odor to some extent. But not all the products will offer you this. It can never remove the smell of clothes and rotten foods. You ought to discard the smelly things to remove the odor. Always remember, air filters are invented to offer healthy air inside the room. It has nothing to do with the fragrance. Hence, it is clear that an air purifier never works side by side with a room freshener.


An air purifier effectively fights against viruses

An air purifier effectively fights against viruses

An air filter can certainly destroy viruses and toxic pollutants effectively. But it is not reliable information that every air purifier can remove the viruses. Some air filter brands manufacture it with an inbuilt feature to do the job. The feature utilizes heat to diminish the allergens. The filters having HEPA technology are capable of removing them. That is why the HEPA filters are trustworthy and the most recommended product.


An air purifier is a production hub of ozone.

Ozone is excellent for your abode in a small amount, but excessive ozone can lead to breathing issues, coughing, and chest pain. It is a mixture of three oxygen atoms. The two molecules are useful for us, but the third interact with viruses and creates a disturbance. But when it comes to producing ozone molecules, not all air purifiers can produce them. There are some air purifier models out there in the market which do not create ozone particles. A buyer needs to do some research about the different air filter products to know whether it generates ozone or not.


An air purifier will deal with allergy issues.

High-quality HEPA and activated carbon purifiers can work against dust, viruses, bacterias, and other airborne particles. It can reduce asthma and allergy symptoms. Besides, you might feel no allergic tendencies if you have an air filter in your room. But can an air filter cure the allergy issues? The answer to the question is negative. An air purifier may help eradicate the contaminants, but they are ineffective in curing allergy. That is why you ought to take safety measures to protect yourself from any issues.


An air purifier and air conditioner are the same and can replace each other.

air conditioner

You might think about purchasing an air conditioner instead of an air filter. But do you know that the performance is not the same? Air purification and air conditioning are two completely separate products and are poles apart in their working capability. An air purifier helps you to eliminate dust, pollen, and allergens. On the opposite hand, an AC assists you to eradicate warm air. It makes your room refreshing with its compressor and condenser coil. Since air pollution is regularly increasing, it is evident to purchase an air purifier to get fresh air inside the house. An air filter can eradicate PM2.5 contaminants efficiently. Besides, some air filters have inbuilt HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air technology and can effectively diminish up to 99.97% toxic pollutants. But the AC manufacturer does not make it with HEPA technology. Thus it can not eliminate the contaminants. In case the company manufactures the ACs with the HEPA system, the user might face several issues in the form of overheating, maintenance cost, the decreased airflow, and flimsiness. So, it is clear that an air purifier never replaces the ACs in getting a pollution-free life.


No need to purchase an air filter in an air-conditioned room

air-conditioned room

An air conditioner controls the inside temperature only, whereas an air purifier effectively removes the toxicant. It has no command over the temperature. That is why an air filter is inevitable in an air-conditioned room.


It is mandatory to have an indicator in an air purifier.

A few customers may think that having an indicator is bliss to track the air quality. But they should know that it is just a showpiece and devoid of any benefits. The principal importance of an air purifier lies in offering you a healthy lifestyle and making a difference in human life. It determines your well-being and eradicates dust, pollens, danders, and many more. Some models have inbuilt indicators and sensors to display real-time air quality. But they have nothing to do with removing the molecules. Besides, the customers may also believe that a pointer will show the actual air quality inside the room. But the truth is it may not display the accurate air quality percentage. As a result, it may result in misleading customers. So, an air filtration system with an indicator or sensors is not an ideal thing. You ought to purchase a system having the capacity to eliminate toxic pollutants.


Clean the filter regularly and do not replace it


Clean the filter regularly

It is not true at all. Both cleaning and replacing a filter are necessary. Washing the filter’s surface helps to diminish airborne particles and dust. But the contaminants trapped within the filter will decrease its effectiveness and durability. That is why it is necessary to replace the filter frequently to make the system run efficiently.


It is not necessary to purchase an overpriced air filter

overpriced air filter

Always remember that no two air purifiers are the same and effective. You ought to purchase them depending on the various features. The cheap products will not be useful for a larger area and also will not be durable enough. Besides, the capability of killing contaminants is also a matter of discussion. So, do not overlook the price and purchase those after considering several aspects.


Wrapping it up

By now, you might have realized that this much of the information regarding air purifiers are simply myths. They not only create confusion in the buyers but can also cause more harm than good. It brings us to another point of never letting these kinds of misconceptions dictate your purchase, be it air purifiers or something else. Proper research is necessary before any purchase. Without that, you may get a product of inferior quality. It will not only cause the product to become prone to malfunctioning but also will not operate eventually. But you should never allow the fear of these misconceptions to stop you from purchasing an air purifier either. They are immensely helpful when used appropriately. So why are you waiting for me? Do some digging and let an air purifier protect you and your family from the harmful effects of air pollution today.

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