What Are The Different Mattress Sizes And Dimensions In India?

Shopping for the right mattress is surely a complex task. You don’t just have to focus on one thing, but you need to focus on multiple factors to find the best mattress for your satisfaction.

Do you know, it is all the size of the mattress? Honestly, that is where the real magic for a sound and comfortable sleep lies. The other buying factors are important but will they be of any use if the chosen mattress doesn’t fit.

Doesn’t that make sense?

Although every mattress brand has its parameters concerning the mattresses’ different sizes and dimensions, we surely can understand the basic measurements of varying sizes.

Are you still confused about the various dimensions of the mattress size? If yes, then nothing can be more interesting for you than this information. We have compiled all the useful information to help you choose the right-sized mattress for your needs.


The Different Sizes And Dimensions of The Mattresses:

Here are the different types of mattress sizes that you would find during your hunt:

Bunk beds mattress:

Bunk beds mattress

This is a common bed type that you will usually see in a kid’s room or a hostel. To give you a clear picture, a bunk bed comes in the arrangement of one bed over the other bed with a ladder attached on the side. The attached ladder is used for climbing to the top-most bed.

In simple words, it can be picturized as a 2-storey bed that is space-saving. The general dimension of this kind of bed mattress is 39″ width X 75″ height.

Pros offered:

  • It requires minimal space
  • It is highly recommended for 2 kids at a home

Possible cons:

  • It can be a little expensive because of the investment of 2 mattresses


Single bed mattress or a twin bed mattress:

Single bed mattress or a twin bed mattress

As you must have guessed with its name, a single bed mattress is the best choice for a single user. This generally suits a bachelor, a student, or a kid.

A single bed is narrower and smaller than the other mattress types. If you are looking for a mattress for the solo sleeper, you can surely pick this mattress and enjoy all the desired comfort.

This mattress is available in 3 variations, which are:

  • 36″ X 72″
  • 36″ X 75″
  • 36″ X 78″

Pros offered:

  • Suitable for individual use
  • Consumes less space
  • Less expensive than the other mattress types

Possible cons:

  • Solo users can only use the mattress


Double bed mattress or full bed mattress:

Double bed mattress or full bed mattress

It can be assumed that the double bed mattress would be double the size of a single bed mattress, but it is not true.

A double bed mattress is not double but just one and a half times the single mattress size. This double bed mattress would not make a suitable choice for large families, but it can offer a comfortable sleep to a solo sleeper who likes to expand during sleep. Also, the mattress is not a fit for adult users.

The general dimension of a double bed mattress is 54″ X 75″

Pros offered:

  • Recommended for solo sleepers who like to spread during their sleep
  • It is just the updated version of a single bed mattress

Possible cons:

  • It needs more space as compared to the single bed mattress


Queen size bed mattress:

Queen size bed mattress

If you are looking for a mattress for a smaller master bedroom, this mattress will complete justice for your needs. The mattress is larger than the double bed mattress, making it extremely popular amongst the common Indian households.

The mattress is a perfect fit for sleepers like couples who need limited sleeping space. The general dimension of a queen-size bed mattress is 60″ X 78″.

However, the mattress is available in 3 different variants, which are:

  • 60″ X 72″
  • 60″ X 75″
  • 60″ X 78″

Pros offered:

  • It is suitable for couples
  • Lightweight and less expensive than a king size mattress

Possible cons:

  • Needs space
  • It can get uncomfortable if the sleepers spread out during their sleep


King size bed mattress:

King size bed mattress

Lastly, a king-size bed mattress is an ideal choice for large master bedrooms and people who like to have enough space for sleeping. The mattress is also suitable for large Indian families as it is wide and quite spacious for adults and kids.

This mattress is available in 2 different variants, which are:

  • Eastern king size bed mattress – 76″ X 80″
  • Western king size bed mattress – 72″ X 85″

Pros offered:

  • Most recommended for couples
  • Suitable for Indian families

Possible cons:

  • It needs more space
  • It is heavyweight and expensive


How to Choose the Right Size Mattress?

How to Choose the Right Size Mattress

As you plan to pick the right size mattress for your place, you should be attentive to many factors around. Most people don’t pay enough attention to these essential factors and thus buy a misfitted mattress.

While choosing a mattress for your needs, don’t make the same mistake. Here are a few pointers that you should keep in mind:

Know the dimensions of your room:

The very first thing that you shouldn’t miss is to focus on your room’s dimensions. If you are not sure about your room’s dimensions, there are high chances that you might end up buying the wrong sized mattress.

You can simply measure the dimensions of your bedroom using a measuring tape. Get an idea of the length and width of your bedroom to find the right-sized mattress.

While you are paying attention to your room dimensions, you should also be open to your room’s future additional items. You should pick a mattress that can be easily adjusted with the existing and the furniture that would be added in the future.


Size of your family:

The next essential thing that you shouldn’t ignore is your family size. You surely don’t want a mattress that makes your family feel uncomfortable.

If you are a large-sized family, then buying a single bed mattress won’t make any sense. Therefore, you should be sure about your family size to get all the comfort and pleasure sleeping you dreamt of.


Price of the mattress:

You can find a mattress at the lowest INR 1,000, and you can also find a mattress at the highest price. Therefore, it is important to have a decided budget before making any final decision of buying a mattress.

This will also help find a suitable mattress without troubling your budget and without over-spending.


Height and weight of the sleeper:

This may sound irrelevant, but knowing the sleeper’s weight and height can be quite helpful in finding the right mattress type.

For instance, a tall person won’t get enough space on a single bed mattress, and thus buying it wouldn’t be a great idea. Likewise, a king-size bed mattress would be more spacious for a solo user.

Similar to this, a heavyweight person would get all the comfort on a king-size bed mattress, whereas a lightweight person with moderate height may find a double-size bed mattress perfect.

Considering this, it won’t be wrong to say that you should always keep your height and weight in knowledge when choosing a mattress for the best sleeping experience.


Sleeping postures:

Like weight and height, you should also pay keen attention to the users’ sleeping posture. If you like to spread out during sleep, then a large spacious mattress would be the best choice.

On the other hand, if you sleep calmly, then a mattress of any size would do justice to your sleep satisfaction.



Like all the important life decisions, buying a mattress in an accurate size is of sheer importance. Who can deny the freshness and relaxation you get after sleeping on a suitable mattress?

The mattress size can vary from brand to brand and according to the user’s needs. We hope the information mentioned here would be of great help for your selection. For any more details, you can write to us in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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