Instant Geyser vs Storage Geysers Which is Better

Are you building or buying a new home? Then it must be a huge milestone for you. Being a first-time homeowner might be exciting and confusing at the same time. You need to set up a budget for selecting the appliances and decorate your new space, making it comfortable before settling in. Among different things, you also have to determine which type of water heater will be perfect for your home– instant or storage geysers. There are many debates on this topic to decide which one is the best.

Thus deciding between these two types can be a bit difficult. There are different parameters to consider like cost, a quantity of hot water, available space, and many more. An instant geyser is a machine that heats the water almost immediately, and storage geysers operate by heating a specific amount of stored water for a particular time.

Instant Heaters

Instant Heaters

Instant geysers are also called demand-type geysers. They are popular among the customers as they provide hot water only the users need it. You do not have to get tensed about the additional power consumption that is the most common conception in the storage water heaters. They heat the water with no storage facility. On opening the tap, the cold water enters into a tankless unit via a pipe. The water gets heated up through a gas or electricity and is a move to the faucet. With these units, you do not have to wait for a longer time to heat a large amount of water. Now that you have a clear idea about how the instant geysers perform let us take a detailed look into its benefits and drawbacks.

PROS of Instant Heaters

Low energy Consumption

Low energy Consumption

The power consumption intake of the instant water heaters is higher as it warms up the water instantly. It makes them much more energy efficient. Concerning power consumption, the user can save almost 24 to 34% electricity cost when using only a small amount of hot water every day.


Instant water heating units are long-lasting and offer uninterrupted service to the customer for 15 to 20 years with proper care and servicing. If you include a gas water heating device, then it will last a little longer.


They are perfect to use for washbasins and kitchens where you require a small water quantity. If you want to use it for regular bath usage, then the water temperature of your area should not be less than 20 degrees Celsius.


Instant geysers come in modest proportions and thus need a small wall mounting area. They come in a compact architecture that can fit within a restricted space.

Exceptionally Convenient

This heating unit requires only some minutes to produce hot water. It can be an enormous benefit as storage heaters need more than 5 minutes to heat the water.

CONS of Instant Heaters

Water flowing rate

The water flowing range of most of the instant heater is 0.5 GPM. If there is a low flowing rate, then this type of heating unit will not operate in those areas.

System Load

Since these systems have to deliver the hot water within a short span, the speed with which these machines attract the electricity during that time is high. An instant heating machine consumes nearly 3 to 4.5-kilowatt of power. Even if you are heating a small amount of water, it will draw the same electricity amount, thus putting a load on the device.

Storage Geysers

Storage Geysers

Most of the storage heater models are dominating the market. These appliances come with enormous tanks for storing 20 to 120 gallons of water to heat up through the gas burners or the electricity. The water present inside the tank will heat up when the user turns on the switch. The customer will get a constant hot water supply until the tank is empty.

The storage tank consists of two pipes –an inlet for the cold water to enter the system and the socket for heating the water. It converts electrical energy into heat through the heating elements to increase the water temperature. Below are some of the most notable advantages and disadvantages of the storage water heating units.

PROS of Storage Geysers

Easy to Set up

The charges for installing the storage geysers in your home is feasible compared to the instant ones. The company of storage heating units guarantees an easy setup with no hassle. Also the servicing and the repairing cost of this device.

Water Storage Ability

Since there is ample hot water stored inside the device even after turning it off, you might not always have to be dependent upon the electricity for using it.

CONS of Storage Geysers

Requires Bigger Space

It requires more space for the storage geysers installation. Thus if you have a small and limited space, then you should go for the instant heaters.


It requires at least 5 to 10 minutes to warm up a substantial amount of water. If the entire water is used up, then you have to wait for quite some time in the bathroom before you again get hot water.


The storage water heating units are not suitable for the house with large members. If you install it in such a home, then the electric bill will continue to rise as it will be in continuous use.

Higher Power Consumption

These machines need some time to heat the water. It also reheats the water stored is cooled, and this repetitive method will increase the electricity bill.


Storage geysers come with a shorter lifespan compared to instant ones. Thus they also require to be replaced frequently with the newer models.

Comparison between Storage and Instant Water Heaters

We have compared the storage and the instant water heating units based on the following parameters which are:


When it comes to space, instant water heating units are much more compact and small in size and require only a space fraction. On the contrary, storage geysers can hold enormous amounts of water and thus require ample space for installation. Some models can withstand up to 300 liters of water, which is enough for a large family of 4 members. Thus you might imagine how big it can be.

The storage models might also need additional brackets for mounting to the wall, apart from large space to set it up. However, the storage water heating machines act as a centralized system and can supply hot water to the bathtub, shower, kitchen, and basin. But instant water heaters can supply water only to shower or basin but not for continuous use.


The operating cost of both storage and instant heaters depends on their pattern of use. Usually, instant heating machines incur few costs to the customer while they are in use. On the other hand, storage heating appliances need much more time and electrical energy to heat the water than the instant ones. It might lead to high electricity bills if it is in continuous use.

Water Pressure

The inbuilt restrictions inside the instant geysers help to regulate the water flow inside the machine. It means when you are using it for a shower or washing your hands, only the correct water amount will enter the heating chamber to supply hot water to the user. It also led to lower water pressure.

You can get the desired hot water temperature within a short time as it uses only a small amount. The storage water heating systems implement the gravitational force for offering comfort and exceptional water pressure for an outstanding showering experience. The water can flow at higher pressure up to 10 litres every minute while giving you hot water continuously. It also means that the user has to implement a mixer for mixing the cold and hot water manually to get their desired temperature.


Instant water heaters, as evident from the name, heat the water immediately through a small heating chamber without storing any water. Conversely, storage heating appliances heater the water in large quantities, taking a long time to heat. You can also manage the heating time through the dial according to your wish, but the heating time will still be longer than the instant ones. The heating time of the storage geysers is also dependent upon the tank material thickness, insulation used, and the high standard heating element.

Below is the summary of the comparison between the storage and instant heating units.


Storage Geysers

Instant Geysers


Bigger in size and requires enormous space

Small and compact and requires limited space

Can offer hot water to the multiple water points at home

Can supply hot water only to limited points

Water Pressure

Continuous water supply

Restriction in the flow for instant water supply

Primary pressure system for an advanced showering experience

Offer you the required temperature easily


Cost to set up due to sizing and piping requirements

Cheap setup cost as consume electricity only when required


Need longer period for heating water

Heat water immediately


When you consider both of them from a functional and economic perspective, an instant water heating unit is the perfect solution for a homeowner. Even though it includes some drawbacks, the benefits outweigh them. They live up to their name, and you can trust them to serve you while heating the water for a longer period and will continue to give a generous amount of the water supply.

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