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10 Simple Tips to Save Water in Everyday life

You all must be aware of the fact that nearly 70% of the earth is covered with water. But, do you know that out of that only 3% is accessible for our use? Yes, just 3% of water is available for our basic needs.

The essentiality and need for water is not hidden from anyone. We need water not only for drinking but for almost everything around us. We, humans, are totally dependent on fresh water as an essential resource of our lives.

With more and more use of water on a daily basis, this essential resource is getting scarce at a much faster rate. You must have heard the news of water shortage or a limited supply of water, isn’t it? This current situation has diverted our attention to one of the most essential needs of the hour – saving water.

It has become really essential to plan the use of water in an effective manner so that this essential resource can be preserved for the maximum time and can be used in the future without any hassles. If you are interested in knowing some of the easiest ways to preserve water, then we have the right information for you.


10 Simple Ways Save Water in Daily Life

Water conservation and saving shouldn’t be a burden. There are many simple steps with which you can preserve water and save it for future use.

Let us quickly have a look at some of the simple yet effective ways in which you can save maximum water for future use.

But, wait do you know you can save water from any corner of your house? Here’s what you can try:


A) Saving water in your bathroom:

1. Check and fix all the leaks:

The first and the foremost thing that you should check in your bathroom is to not have any leaks. Check all the bath fittings, pipes, taps, etc. to be sure that none of the appliances leaks, and if you find any leak make sure to get it sorted as soon as possible.

Checking and repairing the leaks will not only save water but it will also take care of your walls and décor.


2. Keep your taps off during use:

This is one of the simplest and the most common things that we can try. Make sure to close all the taps during the use – while brushing, washing hands, etc. Be very specific with when and how to use water in your bathroom.

On an average, a tap throws 10-liters of water during every use. Now, just imagine the amount of water you are wasting while keeping the taps running. You can avoid this, simply by closing the taps during the use.


3. Bath for shorter duration:

Who doesn’t like a long relaxing bath? But, do you know your long relaxing bath can be one prime reason for water wastage? This is quite an obvious fact that we use more water than necessary, during our long showers.

No, we don’t mean to not have a bath but the best you can do is to bath for shorter durations. This will help in preserving the maximum water possible.


B) Saving water in the kitchen:

1. Preserve the RO filtration water:

Most of us have RO Water purifiers at home, don’t we? We all, also, enjoy the purified water that it offers. But, what about the water which is extracted out during filtration? Ever thought of re-using it for your needs?

The water which is extracted during the entire process of water filtration is quite suitable to be used for a number of household needs. You may not use it for drinking purposes, but you can surely use it for washing clothes and cleaning household items. In this way, you are utilizing the available water and are minimizing any wastage or unnecessary use.


2. Keep the taps closed:

Make sure that you keep the taps closed when not necessary and preserve the maximum amount of water. Use a minimum amount of water while you are washing the dishes or doing any other essential chores.

Even if you are washing the dishes in the dishwasher, you can be very sure of only using the required amount of water. Fill the dishwasher to its maximum capacity to avoid doing multiple rounds of cleaning.


4. Clean/wash the vegetables and fruits in a pan:

This is a very simple step that can help you save the maximum amount of water. Surely you all wash your vegetables and fruits with fresh water to make them safe for consumption, isn’t it? No matter how good it is but it surely wastes a huge amount of water.

The best alternative that you can try for cleaning and washing all the eatables is to use a pan. This will not only require less water but you can also use the same water for your plants which becomes an added advantage for water preservation.


C) Saving water while washing clothes:

1. Use a highly effective washing machine:

Instead of using an old and inefficient washing machine that consumes more water, you should use a new and high-efficient washing machine. Your suitable machine will then only use the right amount of water without any wastage.

You should also take care to avoid running empty washing machines as it will consume unnecessary water without any proper need.

Always Prefer front load washing machine because it uses less water as compared to the top load washing machine.


2. Wash less often:

Washing dirty clothes is obviously a necessity but washing your clothes regularly is not much required. You can always set a specific time to wash all your clothes in one go to save not only water but other resources like electricity as well.

You can also enhance the quality of your clothes and save them from the wear and tear of regular washing.


D) Saving water during outdoor work:

1. Prevent the overflow of the water tanks:

Almost all the houses in India 2023 have water tanks for water storage. Generally, a motor is used to fill the water tanks. We all focus on getting the best motors for use but we often miss paying attention to prevent the overflowing of water after the storage tank is fulfilled completely.

We can be fully attentive in preventing the overflowing of water while filling our storage tanks and can save liters of water for future use. Isn’t it a possible fact?


2. Use bucket for washing:

We all love washing our cars and backyard with running water and most certainly be use pipe for the same. But, instead of using a pipe for washing your car and backyard, wouldn’t it be more practical to use a bucket for washing?

Surely, washing with a bucket would require a little extra effort but it can surely save you with many liters of water. And, now imagine how much water can be saved if we all use a bucket for washing.


Final Thoughts:

Saving water is certainly the need of the hour which requires our detailed attention. Let us all join hands in saving the maximum water that we can which can improve our standard of living for the future.

It is not impossible to preserve water; all we need is a little attention and care while using the available water. Be more responsible while using the water before it gets too late for all of us and we are left with no water at all.

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