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How to make a water filter? (DIY Guide for Noobs)

Water is one of the most basic essentialities of life. It is impossible to imagine living without water. You all would agree to this, right?

Moreover, people can survive without food for days but hardly for a day or two without water. Owning to the fact, are you aware that the majority of people in India 2023 do not get access to clean water for their survival?

Are you one of those few blessed people who have access to clean and pure water? If yes, then you are surely lucky enough as not all of the people have this access. Most of the people have to compromise with the quality of the water that they use. This is mainly because of the fact that they don’t have the luxury of using a water filter.

Yes, not many of us can afford a water filter at our home and thus are left with no choice but to adjust with the not-so-good quality of the water. If you are also one of them, then there is something beneficial for you in here.

What if, we say you can make your own water filter to get better quality of water? Is it hard to believe? Well, it is actually possible to make an efficient and affordable water filter all by yourself to get pure and healthy drinking water.


How to make a water filter?

Excited to know how to make your own filter? It is a simple process that doesn’t cause hassles and problems during its making. You can simply follow this procedure to have your own filter. So, let us get started.


Preparing a water filter:

Ingredients needed:

To make a water filter at your home, you would need some essential ingredients. This filter is prepared by assembling and relying on some layers which would work on different water impurities to get purified water.

All the ingredients focus on making the layers of the filters. So, here is the list of the ingredients that you would need:

  • Plastic bottle with its cap
  • Knife; usually used for craft purposes
  • Some coffee filters
  • A mug or a large cup
  • Activated charcoal
  • Some sand
  • Some gravel
  • A separate container or glass to store clean water
  • Dirty water to clean

You can easily find all these ingredients at an affordable price. After you have collected all the ingredients, let us get started with the steps that you need to follow for making your own efficient and working filter.


Steps to follow to make a water filter:

The steps to make the filters are also as simple as the required ingredients. You don’t have to be an expert for making your filter most efficiently; you just need to follow these easy steps to get done with your water filter.

Here are some of the easy steps that you need to follow:

  1. Cut the bottom of the plastic bottle with the knife. Be very careful while cutting the bottom. If you need, you can take the help of your elders for properly cutting the bottom.
  2. Once the bottom is cut, now place this bottle in an upside-down position into the clean container or glass to get purified water.
  3. Now begins the important part of creating the layers of your filter. For that, the first layer that you have to create is that of the coffee filter.

Place some coffee filters in the bottle as your first layer. Make sure that the first layer is about 1-2 inches thick to give you the best results.

  1. After this, you would need some activated charcoal to make your second layer. Take some activated charcoal and place them above the coffee filter. The second layer of activated charcoal should be about an inch so that it can work properly.
  2. Now for the third layer, we need some gravel of small stones.

Add about 2-inches of gravel or small stones over the layer of activated charcoal to form the third layer of your water filter. Keep some gravel or small stones for the final layer as well.

  1. Moving to the fourth layer, you will need sand or mud.

Add about 3-4 inches of sand or mud on top of gravel or small stones to form the fourth layer of the water filter.

  1. Now for the final layer of your filter, you would again need some gravel or small stones that we had kept for later use. Simply put some gravel on top, keeping in mind to leave about half-inch space in your bottle.
  2. Now, all the needed layers of your filters are ready. You can now add the dirty water that you want to clean. You can use muddy water or contaminated water with different dirty particles.
  3. All you need to do now is to pour the dirty and contaminated water from the top of the bottle and see all the impurities vanishing from it to deliver pure water.
  4. Lastly, after you get clean water, you can boil the water for about 20-25 minutes, depending upon the amount of water to make it completely safe for use.

Boiling water will further kill any viruses or bacteria left in the water to assure you that you are consuming only high-quality and purified water.

To be sure that your filter is efficient in its working, you can test it to purify the dirty and contaminated water with all possible impurities. You can also alter the quantities of each layer according to the amount of water that you want to filter. If you want to purify a huge amount of water, then increase the quantity of every layer accordingly.


How does this filter work?

The working of this homemade filter is really very simple yet efficient. Each layer made for this filter serves its own purpose to ensure that the users get pure and hygienic water as the final result. Let us take a quick look at the functioning and need of all the different layers of the filter:

  • The layer of gravel or small stones work for removing or filtering large particles such as leaves, insects, etc.
  • On the other hand, the layer of sand or mud is used to get rid of fine impurities from the water
  • Last but not least, the layer of activated charcoal is used to remove or filter the contaminations and impurities through the process of chemical absorption

After passing through each of these layers, your dirty water will be purified and filtered from every possible impurity. To further enhance the quality of water and to make it absolutely safe for drinking, you can boil the water which will evaporate all the remaining impurities.


Final Thoughts:

This convenient, efficient, and effective homemade filter can be your affordable companion to get pure water if you don’t have access to an advanced filter.  Prepare your own filter and never compromise with the quality of the water that you use. Water is the essentiality of life; make sure you are using the best quality of it.

In case, you need any other information related to this homemade filter, do comment that below and we will assist you with the best possible help.

The Water You get here is not 100% virus, bacteria or contamination-free but it is far better than non-purified Water.

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