How To Choose Best Mattress For Kids (Ultimate Guide)

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Every parent gives their best effort in the upbringing of their children. They select the best foods, schools, and toys. But, they miss out on a good mattress.

A mattress is necessary for the overall development of your child. Apart from sleep, it also affects the memory, health, and body of your child. Thus, choosing the right mattress can be a difficult and overwhelming task.

This article aims at making it easy for you to choose a mattress that is the right fit for your child. We shall inform you about the criteria that check out for a good mattress. We have also discussed the benefits of using a child-friendly mattress.


Why is a Mattress important for a child?

You are probably wondering how hectic it can be to choose a simple mattress for your child. Well, it can be tiring. This is because you cannot let your child sleep on anything. Little do we know, but a mattress affects the sleep and health of our children in lots of ways.

We have compiled a few necessary reasons for purchasing a suitable mattress for your child.

  1. It ensures that your child sleeps in a comfortable sleeping position. The more comfortable the sleep, the less is the tossing and turning. A night of good sleep also ensures no breathing problem.
  2. A firm mattress provides the necessary support to the back after a long day of work and play.
  3. A bad mattress can lead to a night of disrupted sleep. This can lead to a bad mood. Constant lack of sleep can result in a permanently damaged temper.
  4. The correct mattress ensures a good posture and maintains the curvature of the spine. This puts the body out of risk and ensures even weight distribution.
  5. A proper sleep on the right mattress improves blood circulation and keeps the body healthy.


What are the indicators to consider while purchasing a mattress for a child?

Before purchasing a mattress for your child, you need to prepare a checklist with five criteria, and must not compromise on any one of them. All these things are essential for your child’s sleep and these indicators determine the health and growth of your child.

We have discussed all you need to know about purchasing a child-friendly mattress. The indicators are explained in detail for a better outlook and understanding.


Sleeping Position

Sleeping Position

The sleeping position of your child plays a vital role in determining the suitable mattress for them. Sleeping positions tend to change. That is why you must communicate with your child and ask them about their preferred sleeping position.

Latex mattresses are supportive and are good for side sleepers. They can provide the right support to your child’s neck, shoulder, and head.

On the other hand, stomach sleepers or back sleepers can choose a memory foam base. Such a mattress with the correct firmness can give your child the needed support.



Remember, a mattress lasts for 7 to 10 years. This means that you can choose the right mattress for your child once and not replace it for another 10 years until he or she becomes a teenager and needs a new one. That is why the size is the first step towards choosing the right mattress.

Children transition from different beds over time. As infants, they sleep in cribs and as they become toddlers they need to shift to a bigger bed. If your child sleeps with you, you need to select mattress type and size that is comfortable for him or her.

There are different mattress sizes available for children.

  • Full-size mattresses (54”x75”) are the best choice as you will have space to cuddle up and the child can stretch and move as much as it wants. The size of your bed also plays a role in determining the mattress you need for your child.
  • If your infant sleeps in a crib, then you should opt for the crib size (52”x28”) but, if your baby is transitioning then a twin size mattress (38”x74”) would be perfect.
  • If you have more than one child sharing the same bed, you should go for the full-size mattress (54”x74”).
  • Twin XL (38”x80”) is the most common mattress picked up by parents. They are highly durable, space savers, and provide an extra length. Also, they can be available at a very reasonable price.


Material Used

The foam used in the manufacturing of the mattress plays a great role in determining its quality. There are a variety of materials available. They have different qualities as well as benefits.

  • Memory foam mattresses are the trendy ones because of their several advantages. They handle pressure well and maintain air circulation. Also, they give a sinking and cozy effect while sleeping.

Memory foam mattresses are beneficial for children above the age of 8 years. We do not recommend memory foam mattresses for infants and toddlers.

If you decide to choose a memory foam mattress, make sure that it does not contain any harmful chemicals that can have a bad impact on the child’s health.

  • Latex is a natural material and makes one of the most high-quality foams. In addition to this, latex mattresses are highly durable and supportive. They are good for toddlers and teenagers.
  • Any eco-friendly mattress is hypoallergenic and free of chemicals. They are especially good for children with allergies. Another advantage is that they don’t attract dust mites or bacteria.
  • If you travel along with children, air mattresses can come in handy. They are not good regularly but they can be useful and convenient. They are also good for sleepovers and camping.
  • Hybrid mattresses are made with the combination of two or more foams with distinct functions. Their innersprings springs provide sturdy support and the top layers give a softer feel. If your child and you share the same bed, hybrid mattresses can be a good investment.


Children tend to spill a lot of food or drinks like milk on the mattress. It becomes unavoidable to prevent food from falling down when you have a child. Thus, you should always use mattress protectors to ensure the longevity of the mattress.


Firmness and Density

Firmness and Density

It is important to check the label for firmness level whenever you are purchasing the mattress. Children from different age groups are comfortable with different levels of firmness. For instance, if your baby is less than twenty months old you should choose a softer mattress.

On the other hand, if your child is above two years of age, then you can go for a firmer mattress for safety and developmental reasons. A firm mattress helps in the proper alignment of the spine and provides support.

For kids, the denser the mattress, the better the sleep. The density of a mattress can be checked via its firmness. You don’t want your kid’s mattress to become saggy and lumpy. Sleeping on a worn-out mattress can make them irritated and affect their cognitive development.


Comfort and Durability


Children cannot differentiate between playgrounds and beds. They play, jump and roll everywhere. Thus, the mattress you choose needs to be comfortable even after being exposed to all day’s play. It is necessary to purchase a durable mattress as they tend to last longer.


If you are purchasing a durable mattress that is not comfortable enough, you can add a comfortable mattress topper.



Why does your child need a different mattress?

Answer- Children are different from adults. So, they have different sleeping habits. Children spend around 10 to 14 hours in bed. This sleep affects their emotional and physical behaviour.

A good mattress is also vital for the development of the child. It needs to provide the child with the right amount of support and softness. A child can get irritated if he does not get a comfortable sleep.



To provide your child with a pleasant environment for sleeping, it is necessary to give them a good mattress. A supportive yet comfortable mattress maintains the overall health of your child. Children are generally healthier when they sleep better.

After purchasing the right mattress, you must maintain the cleanliness of the mattress as well as the bedding.

Now that you have the knowledge to decide the right mattress for your child, we hope you find the best one. If you have any other queries related to child-friendly mattresses, you can post them in the comment section.

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