What Are Different Types of Mattress in India 2024 ?

A mattress suitable for your back or a mattress that supports your entire body – which one to choose?

The mattress you sleep is essential to decide the quality of sleep you are getting. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right type of mattress for your undisturbed and sound sleep. Yet, unfortunately, many people tend to ignore its importance when choosing a mattress.

But, let us admit it, choosing between the different types of mattresses does baffle all the innocent buyers. It is no easy task to select a perfectly suitable mattress.

Moreover, there is no fixed answer to a perfect mattress as every type of mattress has its own advantages and disadvantages. Ideally, the mattress’s choice depends on the preference, likings, sleeping position, and body type of the sleeper.

Buying a mattress is usually a one-time investment; thus, it should be completely worth whatever we buy. So, how to be sure about the quality and benefits of any mattress?  The answer is pretty simple – have a clear idea about the different types of mattresses available in India 2024 .

We are here with our detailed research and analysis about the various mattress types you will encounter when looking for your perfect mattress to help you through.


Different Types of Mattresses:

None of us would want to wake up in a bad mood. That is why it is essential to know all the different mattress types available for a buy. We have arranged a cumulative list of all the different mattresses available and highlight all its advantages and disadvantages for convenient and satisfactory buying.

Coir Mattress:

Coir Mattress

The first mattress that we have added to our list is a coir mattress. In comparison with other mattresses, the mattress is relatively inexpensive.

The mattress is made with hard coconut coir fibers combined with a bouncy, soft latex material. Latex is added to the mattress to make it bouncy, soft, and supportive for the body. You can expect to get medium-firm support using the mattress.

Though the mattress offers firm support to the body, it is not suitable for people with back and neck pain. However, the mattress provides zero-partner disturbance, ensuring no disturbance during sleep.

This mattress is an invention of India and thus is very readily available everywhere. Because the mattress is firm, it makes a suitable choice for hotter Indian regions. It maintains sufficient air circulation to keep the body cool even in high temperatures.

The coconut coir used in the mattress is a natural repellent of allergies and dust. As a result, the mattress can keep away allergic particles, dust, dirt, and germs, ensuring good health.


  • The mattress is inexpensive and environment-friendly.
  • It is all-natural and free from chemicals.
  • Can trust the mattress even with an incorrect sleeping posture of the body
  • Maintains good ventilation and air circulation to regulate body’s temperature
  • It doesn’t attract dust or germs.
  • Designed with zero partner disturbance; offering motion isolation


  • The mattress is firm as compared to other options
  • Not suitable for people having neck pain and backaches
  • Offers shorter durability (generally 4-5 years)


Foam Mattress:

Foam Mattress

The foam mattress is a popular choice mattress in India 2024 . Most people use the mattress because of its comfort and softness.

As the name suggests, the mattress is made using foam rather than coir, arranged in multiple layers. Because of the foam, the mattress turns to be exceptionally soft and very comfortable. However, these mattresses often sag towards their end.

If your back pain troubles you, then a foam mattress would make the right choice. The support that this mattress offer makes them suitable for people who are looking for an extra soft sleeping surface.

Along with being soft, some of the foam mattresses are bouncy as well. The bounciness of the mattress depends on the trapped air in the aerated gaps. However, most of the foam mattresses are not much bouncy but soft.

These mattresses often last for a long time (nearly 7-8 years), thus avoiding reinvesting in them. Just make sure to buy them from a well-known brand to ensure their reliability.


  • It brings effective results for pain in the neck and back
  • It comes with longer life
  • Offers motion isolation with its zero-partner disturbance design
  • These mattresses can retain heat; therefore, it is suggested to use them during winters
  • Price affordability
  • They are lightweight and thus are convenient to flip


  • The mattress tends to sag at points with extra pressure
  • Avoid its use in extreme summer season
  • Its softness restricts sleep movements
  • Requires good maintenance


Memory foam mattress:

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses and foam mattresses are similar in terms of their name, but both use different processes. On the one hand, a foam mattress contains only foam; the memory foam mattress adds foam with some additional other materials, on the other hand.

The memory foam mattress can be called a premium form of a regular foam mattress. Thus, along with offering softness, comfort, and support, these mattresses come with pressure-relieving qualities. The mattress comfortably suits all the core muscles of the body and thus is recommended during body aches.

It is suggested to use this mattress mainly during the winters to trap heat, making it hot quickly.  However, the mattresses designed with a structure of open cells can release retained heat from time to time. It mainly depends from brand to brand.

If you want the same softness but are looking for a cooler base, you can try using a gel form mattress. Its top gel-based layer tends to maintain the body temperature during sleep.

Thanks to its immense benefits, the mattress is top-rated amongst all types of users. The mattress is also hypoallergenic and avoids attracting germs, dust, dirt, or allergic particles.


  • It offers very high durability
  • The mattress can last for a minimum of 15-years to a maximum of 25-years.
  • Offers great spinal support
  • Can be trusted to support the entire body during sleep
  • The mattress can retain the shape of the body for maximum comfort
  • Suitable for different sleeping postures
  • It is free from sagging
  • Provides motion isolation for an undisturbed sleep of both the partners


  • These mattresses are expensive
  • They can retain body heat and thus gets hot
  • These are heavy and therefore are challenging to move or flip
  • These are not waterproof


Bonded Foam Mattress:

Bonded Foam Mattress

If you are looking for a mattress that can offer you a perfect balance of firmness and softness, this mattress will make the best choice. This mattress is made with a combination of polyurethane foam and memory foam.

The pieces of polyurethane form are bonded together under high pressure until a hard surface is formed. The formed hard surface is used as the mattress base, which adds firmness to the mattress.

An additional layer of memory foam brings the right amount of softness to the mattress. With the combination, the mattress maintains its shape for the longest time without sagging.

The best part of this mattress is that you can use it from either of its sides. People who prefer sleeping on soft surfaces can use the top side of the mattress. On the other hand, people who like a little firm sleeping surface can flip the mattress and use the bottom side.

The mattress suits best to side sleepers suffering from shoulder pain. It maintains the natural alignment of the shoulder and spinal cord.

The bonded foam mattress is also lightweight and easy to maintain. Moreover, as this mattress is breathable, it can be used in all seasons. Thanks to the use of recyclable materials used in this mattress, it is environment-friendly.


  • This mattress is cheaper than regular foam and memory foam mattress
  • It maintains a proper balance between firmness and softness
  • It is lightweight with the need of limited maintenance
  • The mattress is usable from either of its sides
  • It suits side sleepers suffering from shoulder pain
  • The mattress is environment-friendly


  • It is non-responsive towards body weight
  • It is not much supportive for body joints
  • It sometimes can release a toxic smell, and thus, not recommended for children.


Latex Mattress:

Latex Mattress

The latex mattress is designed using latex rather than foam or coir. Generally, latex is a natural white milky substance that is obtained from a rubber tree. This natural latex is combined with other natural substances to form a good quality latex mattress.

What makes a latex mattress stand distinguished from the other mattresses is its ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Thus, the mattress is not only eco-friendly but also works in favor of reducing the greenhouse effect.

Thanks to the natural springiness of latex material, the mattress is bouncy and elastic. It enhances the softness and the offered comfort of the mattress.

The latex mattress is so designed that it can naturally align the spine and soothe sleeping deformities. It is a mattress that can be trusted with all sleeping positions as it automatically adjusts with the body’s curves.

If you have been struggling with body pain, sleeping on this mattress can do wonders for you. It is designed with pain-relieving properties and thus can provide ultimate relaxation to the body during sleep. It also uniformly distributes pressure throughout the body and thus improves the circulation of blood.

Since this mattress can easily withstand any weight, there are hardly any deformations in this mattress. Thus, it can be trusted to last long (nearly 40-years) without any problems.

This latex mattress made with 100% natural and organic material maintains excellent air circulation. As these are breathable, these mattresses can easily keep the body cool during sleep and can be used in any season.


  • It comes with natural bounce and softness
  • Highly durable; can last nearly to 40-years
  • Made with organic and natural materials, these are environment-friendly
  • These are breathable and maintains good air circulation
  • Improves blood circulation in the body
  • It offers excellent support to the body and thus is effective against body pain.
  • Suitable for every sleeping posture irrespective of sleeping deformities
  • It makes no noise during its use.
  • Offers motion isolation with its zero-partner disturbance
  • It is hypoallergic and thus avoids dust and allergies


  • These mattresses are expensive
  • They are also heavy and thus cannot be easily flipped
  • It can be allergic if the latex used is not organic or natural


Spring Mattress:

Spring Mattress

Do you know many Indian people, especially the elderly, still prefer a spring mattress over any other mattress? In general terms, a spring mattress is often called a traditional mattress as it is one of the oldest and most common types of mattresses available in India 2024 .

As you would have guessed from the name, a spring mattress is made using springs, which are also called metal coils. These coils layer with a soft cushiony fabric which makes them soft enough to sleep.

Since the mattress comes with a spring design, it is pretty bouncy. However, the springs’ natural bounce transfers the motion sensations to the other partner during sleep; it can disturb users during their sleep.

The arrangement of springs in this mattress is so that it maintains good air circulation and ventilation during its use. It, thus, avoids causing any sweatiness to the sleepers. Also, as it avoids retaining the body heat, it keeps the body temperature regular.

On average, a spring mattress can last for 6-7 years, depending upon its use and maintenance. It is often suggested to use these mattresses with a top cover to protect the springs from breaking or being damaged.


  • These mattresses are bouncy
  • They are available at a medium price range
  • It can be relied on to get medium support to the back
  • Maintains good air circulation and are breathable
  • It does not retain body heat and, as a result, do not cause sweat during the sleep


  • It lacks motion isolation and thus can cause disturbance to the sleepers.
  • It comes with an average lifespan of 6-7 years.
  • It is heavy-weight; thus, it cannot be easily cleaned or flipped
  • It requires timely maintenance for its lasting use


Air Mattress:

Air Mattress

Air mattress, according to its name, uses air for its formation. The mattress uses vinyl, plastic, or any rubber material to give it its distinguished design.

In simple words, the air mattress contains different chambers which are filled with air. Moreover, the users can easily increase or decrease the air pressure to adjust the firmness of the mattress to the desired level.

Medical patients who are bed-bound due to some medical reasons should use this mattress. It also makes a suitable fit for overweight people as the mattress can easily balance their body weight.

These mattresses are extremely lightweight and super comfortable. The mattress can easily justify its use for different types of users – be it children or adults. However, the air mattress is not popularly recommended for healthy users daily.

The main advantage of the mattress is its ease of carrying and storing. When not in use, the mattress can easily be deflated and then stored or carried along wherever needed.


  • These mattresses are flexible as the air inside can be adjusted
  • They suit the side sleepers suffering from lower back pain
  • There aren’t any chances of sagging or shape deformation
  • They are portable and demands minimal maintenance
  • They offer maximum comfort as they do not retain body heat
  • Lightweight and suitable for bed patients
  • It improves blood circulation and comes with high durability


  • These mattresses are quite vulnerable to any leaks or punctures
  • The air pumps can be noisy, at times


Orthopedic Mattress:

Orthopedic Mattress

Last but not least, we have an orthopedic mattress which is specially designed for people suffering from back pain. These mattresses focus on maintaining proper alignment for the spine with its extreme comfort. They can also be trusted to release back pain and stress without any hassles.

Thus, if you are tired of struggling with your body pain or back pain, then it is time to try an orthopedic mattress without fail. Thanks to its firm yet soft surface, the body is contoured perfectly by the mattress.

The mattress is breathable and thus keeps the body temperature balanced during sleep. Since the mattress is designed especially for people suffering from back pain, it is slightly expensive. However, the price is justified for the benefits offered by the mattress.


  • Offers desired support to the body
  • Best recommended for people struggling with years of back pain
  • Ensures natural and proper alignment to the back
  • Releases stress and pressure from the joints
  • Keeps the body temperature balanced during the sleep
  • Maintains balance between firm and soft surface


  • Slightly expensive
  • Suits mainly to people with back pain



Which mattress is the best amongst the different types?

Honestly, no particular mattress can be termed as the best than the others as each one of them has its benefits and qualities. Every mattress suits different individual’s needs making the mattress best for them.

Maybe a mattress that is best for you, the same is not that comfortable for the other. Therefore, you should be sure of your own body needs before choosing a mattress to sleep on.


Which mattress would be the most comfortable for old age?

As during old age, your body becomes more sensitive to body pains, choosing a suitable mattress is important. You can choose a medium-firm orthopedic mattress. The mattress would be comfortable to sleep on either of the sides, along with providing the needed back support as well.

Also, make sure that the mattress is tall enough to let them move in and out of bed without causing any back strain.


Which mattress to choose for children?

Children would love a mattress that is neither too soft nor firm for their body. You can choose a memory foam mattress for your children as it not only offers comfort but also supports their body movements.

The memory foam mattress can easily adjust with the body shape and movements, offering maximum convenience to the children. Moreover, it can be relied on to sleep in any desired position without straining the body in any way.


Are memory foam mattresses not long-lasting?

Often people expect that memory foam mattresses would lose their shape and density within 2-3 years. But, if you purchase the mattress from a well-known brand, you can be sure of its authenticity and reliability. Also, a branded memory foam mattress lasts long without compromising on comfort.

Besides memory foam mattresses, you can also choose an HR foam mattress that truly retains its shape despite the pressure. HR foam mattress won’t lose its density and potency so quickly, making it long-lasting.


When should you change your mattress?

As soon as your mattress loses its elastic form, it should be a sign to start thinking of changing it, rather than waiting for it to sag entirely. A mattress should be changed after completing 6-7 years, depending upon your sleeping pattern and health conditions.


Final Thoughts:

A mattress can either offer you a comfortable sound sleep or can make you struggle throughout the night. Thus, you should be thoroughly careful while choosing from the different types of mattresses.

Make sure to get complete information about the mattress of your choice to get the utmost satisfaction. However, if you still feel confused, you are most welcome with your doubts and concerns in the comments.

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