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What is Coir Mattress | Everything That You Should Know

Finding a suitable mattress is not always an easy task, especially when you have many fantastic options around, offering plenty of benefits.

You must have come across a coir mattress during your search for a perfect and suitable mattress. Just like many other mattresses, a lot has been said about the coir mattresses.

But is the mattress really worth it? Does the mattress justify all the said things? Is the mattress that beneficial?

If these are some concerns that have brought you here, then you are about to find all your answers. This detailed guide about the coir mattress covers all potential aspects of the mattress, encouraging the buyers to buy a confident buy.


What is a Coir Mattress?

Coir Mattress

Coir mattress is a mattress designed using high-density coir. Now, coir is an extracted natural fiber from coconut’s outer husk. In simple words, it is the material that is found between the hard shell of the coconut and the external coconut coating.

You must be thinking how hard and uncomfortable it would be to sleep on a mattress made using coconut fibers. However, to make it comfortable and suitable for sleepers, the mattress is combined with a soft material. In the mattress, coir is the main material, and the combined soft material is the secondary material.

The word coir is derived from the Tamil language word “Kayar.” Earlier, coir was used in carpets and other floor things. In 1859, coir was used as a primary mattress material marking its never-ending success story in the mattress world.


The Different Types of Coir Mattress:

Coir being the prime material in the mattress, it is the secondary material used in the mattress that makes a big difference in its type. Depending upon the second material used in the coir mattress, it is categorized into two different types, which are:

Rubberized coir mattress

Rubberized coir mattress

this type of coir mattress is dense and rubberized. This mattress type has a natural bounce. However, a coir mattress does not have a bounce naturally; thus, the prime material is combined with either latex or rubber to give it that bouncy feeling.


Hybrid coir mattress

Hybrid coir mattress

this second type of coir mattress contains coir as its prime material and foam as its secondary soft material. Depending upon the need, the foam can either be polyurethane foam or memory foam.


What Benefits Can You Expect From Your Coir Mattress?

Since buying a mattress is often an investment for years, it is obvious to choose the one that comes with the maximum benefits – just like the coir mattress.

Coir mattress comes with plenty of benefits, and as a result, a greater number of sleepers are now buying the mattress to get sound and relaxed sleep. Here are some of the possible benefits that can be expected from the mattress:

Maintains good ventilation:

Maintains good ventilation

The coir mattresses are available in a design supporting proper ventilation to have thorough airflow. As a result, the mattress is cool and makes a perfect choice for hot and humid climates.

Moreover, the mattress ensures to maintain an effective temperature for the body and provide high-quality sleep. It keeps the body calm and relaxes during sleep so that the sleepers can wake all fresh in the morning.


Designed with hygroscopic properties:

Designed with hygroscopic properties

Are you one of those who sweat a lot during your sleep? If yes, then the coir mattress would make the best choice for you.

Coir mattress is designed with coconut fibers which can absorb all the moisture. It helps absorb all the sweat from the body resulting in a night of comfortable and relaxed sleep.

Moreover, while absorbing the moisture or the body sweat, the mattress doesn’t give any weird smell or feel to the sleepers. With its ability to maintain thorough ventilation, the coir mattress always feels fresh to sleep on the mattress even after it has absorbed all the moisture.


Provides excellent back support:

Provides excellent back support

Back pain and issues are quite common nowadays. Most people are suffering from the problem. Do you know sleeping on the coir mattress can help you get an effective relief against back pain?

Yes! As the mattress is made using fibers, its outer layer is firm. This design ensures to provide desired comfortable support to the back along with maintaining the proper spinal alignment.

Besides being a great support for the back, the mattress can also be trusted to support the entire body and relieve the stressed body joints.


Suitable for people with allergies:

Suitable for people with allergies

It is quite difficult to find a suitable mattress for people who are sensitive to allergies. It just takes the wrong mattress, and it can trigger their allergies.

Coir mattress, on the other hand, can be a trusted choice for people suffering from allergies. The mattress is designed with all-natural and pure fibers preventing the growth or accumulation of bacteria or harmful allergic particles. As a result, the mattress keeps all dust, dirt, allergies, particles, and harmful bacteria away from the mattress.

Using the mattress can also help relieve respiratory issues and can be a great choice for people suffering from asthma or breathing problems.


A great choice for everyone:

There are very few mattresses that make a suitable choice for everyone – your elders or children. Coir mattress, with its amazing benefits, makes a perfect fit for sleepers of all kinds.

The mattress is known to offer great support, making it ideal for the elders. On the other hand, the mattress also helps develop the bones’ correct development and thus is a comfortable choice for children.

Being a suitable choice for every user, buying a coir mattress would surely make a great investment, isn’t it?



It is not just the suitability of coir mattress for every age group, but the mattress also attracts the users with its cost-effectiveness. The mattress is available at quite an affordable price, making it convenient for everyone to buy the mattress.

In a quick comparison against most of the mattresses, you would find coir mattresses inexpensive. Thus, you can get all its amazing offered benefits without digging a hole in your pocket.

In short, it can be said that the coir mattress is the perfect example of the saying that it is not just the pricey things that are comfortable. You can find comfort even with affordable items as well.



The coir mattress is designed with only pure and natural fibers or coir. At times, they are mixed with some natural material to enhance its design and quality. The addition of natural material helps the mattress to be free from possible doping or getting damaged.

As a result, the mattress’s longevity is improved, which also helps enhance the durability of the mattress. However, the mattress can sag when exposed to water. Thus, you need to be a little careful with that while using the mattress.



Using a mattress that can provide you excellent support and comfort and causing minimal damage to the environment is the need of the hour. If this is something that you find interesting, then you would love to buy a coir mattress.

We already have mentioned the mattress’s benefits for offering support. Talking about the environmental benefits, the mattress is made using natural and pure material without causing any harm to the environment. Moreover, as the mattress is hypoallergenic, keeping all dust, allergic particles, etc., away, its use is biodegradable and safe.



Unlike many mattresses, the coir mattress is fire-resistant. The mattress can survive any accidental fire without causing any adverse effects on the surroundings. Thus, it is safe to use the mattress under all circumstances and situations without being much concerned with the safety aspect.


Needs minimal maintenance:

Last but not least, the coir mattress needs minimal maintenance as compared to other mattresses. You don’t need hours cleaning or taking care of the mattress. The maintenance of the mattress can be taken care of in no time.

All you need is the basic cleaning and little maintenance of the mattress, and you are done. No additional efforts or expensive investments; the coir mattress doesn’t require any of these.

However, you should be attentive enough for all the times that your mattress needs maintenance and care to improve its longevity and durability without compromising the quality and support.


The Shortcomings of The Mattress:

No matter how many benefits does the coir mattress offer, there are still some points that make people resistant to buying it. Here are some of the points that don’t work in favour of the coir mattress:


One major concern of most people with coir mattresses is their hygiene. As the mattress is designed with coconut fibers or coir, there can be some hygiene issues. Moreover, the mattress retains moisture, allergic particles, dust, dirt, etc., making it prone to hygiene issues.

Also, as a result of accumulated moisture, there are chances of fungus or other infections. Moreover, these hygiene issues only worsen if the mattress is being used in less ventilated areas or rooms.

If you are not taking proper care and maintaining the mattress, it can cause skin and lung problems. Thus, you should be quite particular about the maintenance of your coir mattress.


Highly firm:

The mattress can be quite highly firm for people who prefer sleeping on soft mattresses. It surely provides excellent support to the sleeper’s back, but at the time, the mattress can be a little firmer for many sleepers.

Thus, if you are fond of sleeping on soft mattresses, you will have difficulty adjusting to the coir mattress.


High adjustment time:

Apart from the high firmness level for some users, some sleepers may adjust with the mattress a little more difficult and time-consuming. Your body needs time to adjust to the mattress, which can be quite uncomfortable to deal with.

Also, the mattress is not a suitable choice for side sleepers as it can cause some shoulder pain.


Sagging issues:

One main problem with the coir mattress is its saggy nature. The mattress is quite prone to form depression and sagging issues after some time of its use. This is because of the reason that the mattresses don’t get back to their original shape.

As a result of this, you might easily find sagging issues in the areas you usually sleep on. If you have bought a cheap coir mattress from an unauthorized brand, the coir starts coming out of the mattress after some time of use. The protruding coir can disturb your sleep, making it uncomfortable to use the mattress.


Important Factors When Buying the Mattress:

Important Factors When Buying the Mattress

After knowing about the benefits and shortcomings of the mattress, if you plan to buy one for yourself, it is important to be aware of all the important factors to focus on. So, are you ready to explore them? Here are some:

Mattress size:

The most important thing to concentrate on when buying a coir mattress is to look at its size. The mattress is available in different sizes (single, double, queen, and king), and you must be sure which one to choose amidst them.

For your help;

  • A single sized coir mattress (72″ X 36″) to (75″ X 36″) – suitable for children and teenagers
  • A double sized coir mattress (72″ X 48″) to (75″ X 60″) – suitable for adults
  • A queen-sized coir mattress (72″ X 60″) to (78″ X 60″) – suitable for a couple
  • A king-sized coir mattress (72″ X 72″) to (78″ X 72″) – suitable for a couple and a kid


Mattress type:

The next thing that you should be attentive to is the type of coir mattress you need. There are popularly two types of coir mattress available in the market;

  • Hybrid coir mattress, and
  • Rubberized coir mattress

Both the mattresses have their benefits and specialties that suit different sleepers. Therefore, you should be sure that your chosen coir mattress type is the best one for your needs.


The thickness of the mattress:

You should never ignore paying attention to the thickness of your chosen mattress. The overall thickness of a coir mattress is between 4″ and 10″.

The best way to be sure about the mattress’s thickness is by knowing your body weight. For instant, a heavy person would find a thick coir mattress comfortable. A thick coir mattress would offer the desired support to the sleeper.

Also, if you have a back pain problem, you shoulda coir mattress with 6″ of thickness.


The firmness of the mattress:

The next thing on the list is the firmness of the mattress. The firmness available in the mattress ensures that it contains the desired amount of flexibility needed to provide the right comfort and support to its sleepers.

For being thoroughly sure of the firmness of the mattress, you must focus on these factors:

  • The sleeper’s weight, and
  • The sleeping positions

You should decide on the firmness of your mattress after considering both these important parameters.



Not many people pay attention to buying their mattresses from a well-known brand just for saving some bucks. This is where they lack getting the desired benefits from the mattress.

It is important to trust only the well-known and reputed brand names when planning to buy the mattress of your choice. This will not only assure you of the mattress quality but also about its durability and performance.



Have you decided on your budget for buying a mattress? If not, then it should be your priority without fail.

Certainly, a coir mattress is available at an affordable price range, but even then, it is important to have a clear idea about the budget you want to invest in buying the mattress. Do your research, compare the available brand’s mattresses, review the existing customer’s opinions, etc., to ensure that you are paying enough to get desired value for your money.



Just like any other mattress, even your coir mattress needs proper maintenance and care if you want it to last long. Generally, a coir mattress can be easily cleaned without demanding any additional effort.

However, you should check the mattress quality and be sure that you don’t have to invest more time maintaining and cleaning the mattress rather than sleeping on it.



Last but not least, let us talk about the warranty. Most of us are never concerned with the warranty available with the mattress. Are you also one of those? If yes, then this is something that you should change immediately.

Having transparency with your mattress’s available warranty would help you be sure of getting the desired assistance as and when needed.



What makes a coir mattress better than a foam mattress?

There are often comparisons between a foam mattress and a coir mattress. Both coir mattresses and foam mattresses are one of their kind and offer a different set of benefits to the users.

Coir mattress is made using 100% natural and pure fibers and thus are environment-friendly. Also, a coir mattress is inexpensive than a foam mattress which is also one major attraction of the mattress. On the other hand, the foam mattress is lightweight and doesn’t sag over time.

Please first understand what your body needs to find the perfect suitable mattress without any hassles as you plan to choose any mattress.


Can a coir mattress be used for back pain?

Yes, a coir mattress is quite beneficial against back pain. The mattress is designed with natural fibers, which offer extreme support and assures proper spinal alignment. Sleeping on the mattress often reduces the joint muscles’ excessive stress, further controlling back pain issues.

Moreover, the rubberized coir mattress offers perfectly balanced firmness and softness, which benefits the body’s pressure points. The mattress can be a soft, soothing sleeping surface for its users for relaxing back pain.


Can you use a coir mattress in the summers?

Coir mattress makes a perfect choice for the hot and humid summer season. The mattress is made using breathable, airy, and natural fibers to maintain the body’s temperature during sleep.

The mattress can adjust according to the body’s temperature by absorbing the body’s moisture and sweat. As a result, you can enjoy cool and relaxing sleep during the summer season.

The mattress also makes a great choice for hot sleepers. If you sweat a lot, choosing a coir mattress can bring the desired comfort and relaxation during sleep.


How long can a coir mattress last?

Generally, a coir mattress is designed to last for 3 to 5 years without any hassles. It mainly depends on how well you are using and maintaining your mattress over time.

However, if the mattress gets exposed to water, there are chances for an early sagging mattress. In such a case, you should either replace the mattress as soon as it begins sagging or after 3-years as sleeping on a sagged mattress can increase back pain.


Is using a coir mattress good for your health?

Yes, the use of a coir mattress is extremely beneficial for your health. Sleeping on a coir mattress ensures to provide the necessary help against back pain and back issues. Coir mattress also brings the desired support and natural spinal alignment, which benefits the sleepers’ overall health.

You can also trust a coir mattress to help you sleep in the right posture, assuring the best quality sound and comfortable sleep. With a suitably selected coir mattress, you can also get maximum relaxation for your sore muscles and body joints.


How to keep your coir mattress clean?

Coir mattress has many benefits to offer to its users, so it is important to maintain its cleanliness. Fortunately, it is quite simple to clean your coir mattress.

Simply remove all the covers from the mattress. Now, use a damp cloth to remove the available stains off the mattress. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove the germs and dust particles from the mattress at a low speed.

Remember, a properly cleaned and maintained mattress can offer you great benefits for the maximum time possible without sagging problems.


Final Words:

Coir mattresses are natural mattresses designed to offer quality and comfortable sleep. Right from their inception, the mattresses have marked and secured their presence. Many people are now inclining towards using the mattress to get its immense benefits.

Moreover, the mattresses are not just a fine choice for the people but also for the environment, thanks to only natural and pure materials. The mattress is a complete package of convenience, support, and affordability that will never fail to impress you.

We hope this guide took you through all the required information and details about the coir mattress. If you still need any other information for any of your concerns, please let us know in the comment section.

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