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Bonnell Spring vs Pocket Spring | Which is The Right Choice For You?

Everyone would agree with the need and importance of sleeping on a quality mattress. Thus, the hunt for a satisfying mattress is always challenging, especially when the decision is between two amazing options.

Spring mattresses have introduced themselves as one of the leading and well-known mattress types. With their intense and appealing benefits, more and more users are now inclining towards its use. Spring mattress is made using traditionally arranged coils or springs, which offers support with balanced body weight.

If you also are fond of using a spring mattress, it is important to understand the difference between its top two variants – Bonnell spring and pocket spring. Both the types are pretty impressive and, as a result, quite popular amongst the users.

Generally speaking;

  • A Bonnell spring mattress is one of the oldest spring mattresses made with hour-glass-shaped coils designed with round tops.
  • Pocket spring, on the other hand, is also known as a Marshall coil mattress. In this, the barrel-shaped coils are arranged individually and are not wired collectively. As a result, this mattress restricts motion transfer during sleep.

However, there is often confusing to decide between Bonnell and pocket spring. We are here with our detailed, informative guide that highlights all the important details about these mattresses. We hope this will help you through your decision to select a suitably satisfying mattress.


What is a Bonnell spring mattress?

Bonnell spring mattress

This is one popular spring mattress type that has made its distinguished place in the Indian market. The mattress is designed using traditionally aligned coils and thus provides sufficient support and a high comfort level to the sleepers.

The Bonnell spring mattress is designed using hourglass-shaped coils or springs. These springs are interconnected with one another with the help of a long and strong wire. Because of this arrangement of springs and coils, this mattress can also be called an open-cell mattress.

People love the mattress as it provides them a relaxing and supportive sleeping surface. Moreover, the users also get an ample amount of space for their sleeping movements. However, as the mattress’s coils are interconnected, the mattress cannot restrict the transfer of motion and can cause discomfort due to excessive movements.

The advantages offered by the Bonnell mattress:

  1. Bonnell mattress is soft and comforting. The great suspension in the mattress provides an excellently pleasant feeling during sleep.
  2. The material used in the Bonnell mattress is durable.
  3. The mattress is less expensive and affordable
  4. It ensures providing an even feeling to the users
  5. Bonnell mattress can also be trusted to get great comfort which reduces back pain
  6. The mattress also maintains an adequate amount of air circulation and thus offers a pleasant cool sleeping surface


Disadvantages of the Bonnell mattress:

  1. Motion transfer is one of the major problems with Bonnell mattress
  2. In addition to that, the discomfort on the pressure points is also a drawback for the mattress


All about the pocket spring mattress:

pocket spring mattress

The next spring mattress on our list is quite a popular one. Unlike the Bonnell spring mattress, where the coils are interconnected, a pocket spring mattress works individually.

The coils used in the pocket spring mattress are arranged in separate pockets and can move without any dependency. The independent springs make the mattress bouncier and cosy.

The mattress is extremely popular amongst users because of the brilliant body support that they offer. Users of different body weights can sleep on the mattress and feel the right amount of comfort without inconvenience.

Moreover, the mattress is long-lasting and durable as compared to the Bonnell spring mattress. For improving the quality of sleep, the mattress maintains effective air circulation as well.

The biggest advantage of the pocket spring mattress is that it can easily restrict the transfer of motion. This means that the users can sleep on this mattress and can enjoy quality sleep without being disturbed by the other person’s motion and sleep movements.

Advantages offered by the pocket spring mattress:

  1. The mattress is known for its motion isolation benefit. As the coils are not interconnected, every spring used in the mattress contributes individually
  2. The mattress can also offer great support to the entire body along with the utmost comfort level
  3. Themattress’s efficient air circulation maintains smooth circulation of blood throughout the body
  4. It helps in relieving the unwanted pressure from the body muscles and joints
  5. The pocket spring mattress last longer withhigh durability
  6. Similar to the Bonnell spring mattress, even the pocket spring mattress is available at an affordable price for an easy buy


Disadvantages of the pocket spring mattress:

  1. If the mattress material is of low quality, the mattress may feel discomforting and uneven to sleep.


How are the Bonnell and pocket spring mattresses different from one another?

Difference Between the Bonnell and Pocket Spring Mattress

Though both – Bonnell and pocket spring are types of spring mattresses, they are different from one another in many ways. The key differences in these mattresses are important to understand as they can help make the right choice.

Do you care to understand what makes these two mattresses distinguished from one another? If yes, then here are few highlighted differences:

The material used in the mattress:

As both the mattress are different types of spring mattresses, it is quite obvious to guess that the material used in them is high-quality coils or springs. But, do you know, both the mattresses use a different type of material for enhancing their benefits?

Moreover, it is the quality of this material that makes these mattresses different from one another. Therefore, it makes complete sense to know the different materials used in both mattresses.

  • The Bonnell spring mattress is designed using anti-corrosive carbon wire. Also, the mattress uses a top layer of foam covering the layer of Bonnell springs. The mattress’s edges use a combination of wires and foam to maintain the mattress’s right shape.
  • Talking about the pocket spring mattress, different high-quality carbon wires are wrapped around the coils. This ensures that the mattress exhibits the desired quality as expected from it. It is, however, the mattress’s fabric that lacks offering comfort.


The offered comfort level:

All of us need a comfortable sleeping surface that doesn’t interrupt our sleep in anyways. Though the spring mattresses can be trusted to offer a great comfort level, there can still be a possibility that either of the two mattresses differs in their offered comfort levels.

  • First, the Bonnell spring mattress offers good enough comfort but lacks the quality of zero partner disturbance. This means that the mattress would transfer the motion of one partner to the other side. The excessive sleeping movements are felt quite strongly on this interconnected spring mattress.
  • The pocket mattress is a bit different. The mattress not only offers a great comfort level but also supports zero partner disturbance. This simply means that the mattress can restrict the motion from one side to that side only without bothering anyone on the other side.

This reduces any extra pressure on the joints and the inconvenience during sleep because of unwanted movements.


Different mattress sizes:

It is not just about finding the right mattress for your body, but it is also about finding the right mattress size for your bed. If the mattress isn’t of the right size, neither can it offer its benefits nor can it last for the maximum time. Your mattress will soon experience faults and sagging if you are not using them in the right size.

  • If you want to choose a Bonnell mattress, you would have to choose between its 3 readymade sizes. These sizes are designed to satisfy the different body needs of individual users. With the selection of the right mattress size, you definitely can get the expected benefits.
  • The pocket spring mattress is available in 6 different sizes. These different sizes can be trusted to give comfort to all types of users in all age groups. You simply just have to find the right size from the available ones to enjoy its appealing benefits.


Build quality:

To make a lasting impression on the users, it is the build quality that is given thorough focus. It is the mattress’s build quality that decides its durability and longevity. If the build quality is not up to the mark, then there are high chances that the mattress would sag a lot faster than expected, resulting in inconvenience and discomfort.

  • The Bonnell mattress’s build quality is pretty impressive and ensures that the mattress will last for the maximum time. The thickness of the mattress is considered to offer required body support and comfort without any hassles.
  • Similar to the Bonnell mattress, even the pocket spring mattress offers great build quality. The mattress’s thickness and stitches are amazing and never lack to make an impression on the users.

Thus, both the mattresses stand strong and equivalent in terms of their build quality. You won’t feel any discomfort with the mattress’s quality even after continuous use.


Suitable users:

Every mattress has its specialties and qualities. Therefore, each mattress is suitable for different users’ needs and preferences. This attracts our attention to the need to know which mattress is suitable for which type of users.

  • Bonnell mattress makes an ideal choice for people who are looking for a firm and supportive mattress. The traditional arrangements of coils or springs make this mattress quite firm and offer decent support to the body. However, the users might have to deal with motion transfer during sleep which can be troubling.
  • A pocket spring mattress is also a feasible buy for users who prefer a sleeping firm surface. Besides offering the expected support and comfort to the users, the pocket spring mattress also offers the benefits of motion isolation to its users for a sound and uninterrupted sleeping experience.


Price of the mattress:

Not to forget, when you are buying a mattress, you are paying for your comfort. Therefore, you should be sure that the price you are paying brings you the utmost value and satisfaction needed. Moreover, having an idea about the mattress’s price helps in preventing excessive spending while buying.

  • The Bonnell mattress is available at an affordable price, assuring an easy and convenient buy for the users. Also, in comparison with the pocket spring mattress, the Bonnell mattress is less expensive.
  • Talking about the pocket spring mattress, it is a little expensive than the Bonnell mattress. This is because the pocket spring mattress is designed using the latest technology, rather than the traditional design like in Bonnell mattress, which keeps the individual coils supportive towards the body needs.

Thus, it can be said that the higher price of the pocket spring mattress is completely justified because of the immense benefits it offers to the users.


Offered warranty:

Do you not pay attention to the offered warranty of your mattress? If yes, then this is something that you should change for getting uninterrupted benefits from the mattress.

Having a clear idea about the available mattress warranty helps the users be sure of the assistance they can get for any inconvenience. Thus, finding a mattress with more warranty time should be prioritized.

  • Amongst the two mattresses, the Bonnell spring mattress generally offers 5-years as its warranty time.
  • On the other hand, the pocket spring mattress attracts its users by offering a maximum warranty of 8-years.



Taking proper care of your mattress ensures that your mattress will deliver you with all the pleasing benefits without any hassles. With thorough maintenance of your mattress, you can increase your mattress’s lifespan without compromising its quality.

  • Bonnell spring mattress needs a focused eye for its maintenance. As the mattress is traditionally designed, the mattress needs extra care to ensure that it fulfils all the users’ expectations. You should be careful to clean the mattress to get rid of all the dust, dirt, and allergic particles.
  • The maintenance of the pocket spring mattress is also of prime concern. The mattress should be completely cleaned using a vacuum cleaner regularly to ensure its free from all possible allergic elements. However, surely pocket spring mattress maintenance is not time-consuming and doesn’t demand too much effort as Bonnell spring mattress.

You don’t have to take any special steps to maintain your mattress. Just the basic precautions can help in properly maintaining your chosen mattress. It would be best if you started planning for your mattress’s maintenance as soon as you get it.


Frequently asked questions:

Is Bonnell spring mattress a good option for people who prefer sleeping on their sides?

Yes, the Bonnell spring mattress is a good choice for people who sleep on their sides. The mattress offers great support to the shoulders and hips and reduces any extra pressure on the muscles and joints.

The medium-firm Bonnell spring mattress can also effectively support your neck and back, relieving the root cause of back pain and related issues. Also, if you need firmer support for your body, you can rely on using a pocket spring mattress designed especially with the qualities to support the users’ natural sleeping postures.


How can I choose the right pocket spring mattress?

The thumb rule of choosing a suitable and perfect pocket spring mattress is to check the number of springs used in the mattress. The pocket spring mattress with 1,000 or more springs is considered high-quality. Anything lower than this is often termed as a low-quality pocket spring mattress.

Also, you should check for the material used in the mattress. Make sure to choose a mattress that uses only organic and pure material. If this is not possible, you can also choose a pocket spring mattress designed using a combination of organic and high-quality synthetic material.


Does spring count matters in a spring mattress?

Yes, the number of springs available in the mattress helps in determining the mattress’s quality. It is believed that the mattress with a high number of springs is of high quality and designed with a better acceptance rate.

Therefore, when choosing a spring mattress, make sure to look for the number of springs used for making the mattress. Anything above or near 1,000 springs is considered high-quality with good reliability.

While looking for a mattress with a higher spring count, be very attentive to your body needs and preferences.


How long can a pocket spring mattress last?

The lifetime of a mattress depends on many things. The way you use the mattress and how you maintain your mattress speaks a lot about its offered durability and longevity.

A pocket spring mattress can last longer than the traditionally designed Bonnell spring mattress. On average, a pocket spring mattress can last for nearly 8-10 years with proper maintenance and care.

You can increase the lifespan of your pocket spring mattress by being focused and dedicated to its maintenance. The durability of a thoroughly maintained pocket spring mattress can increase up to 2-3 years.


Do spring mattresses sag quickly?

It is often assumed that spring mattresses sag quickly. However, it is true to some extent, but only if you don’t maintain your mattress by taking good care.

Because of interconnected or individually wrapped springs, there are high chances that the spring mattresses will sag rapidly. But by being caring with your mattress, you can prevent your mattress from sagging early. Thus, you should be very concerned about the proper and thorough maintenance of your spring mattress to avoid any unwanted inconvenience and complications.


How to prevent sagging in a spring mattress?

Firstly, to avoid sagging in your spring mattress, you should take precautionary steps like cleaning the mattress regularly and flipping the mattress. You should also check the ventilation and air circulation rate of your mattress to ensure that it doesn’t hinder the body’s normal temperature.

However, if by any chance your spring mattress is at the risk of sagging, you can rely on these strategies to avoid the same:

  • Use a mattress topper – using a mattress topper can reduce the risk of sagging and enhance the comfort level and body support during sleep. This mattress topper not only reduces the risk of sagging but also protects the mattress from other possible problems, allergies, dust, etc. You can use a mattress topper right from day 1 to increase your mattress’s durability and lifespan.
  • Rotating the mattress – this may sound quite common but is extremely helpful. Using the same side of the mattress can cause extra pressure and thus can lead to sagging. Therefore, you should make sure to rotate the mattress from time to time to balance the applied pressure.
  • Replace the top layer – sagging mostly starts from the top layer and then deepens to the bottom core layer. Thus, to avoid this extended sagging, you should replace the top layer of your mattress as soon as you observe any signs of sagging or other discomforts.
  • Using extra pillows – using extra pillows with your spring mattress can help balance the overall pressure and weight applied on the mattress. As a result, this can help distribute the sleeper’s weight, which can prevent early sagging.



Bonnell spring and pocket spring – both the mattresses are amazing with their advantages and disadvantages. The mattresses suit different users and thus attract different audiences. However, it can be observed that the pocket mattress is a little more impressive than the Bonnell spring.

Bonnell spring mattress is suitable for people who prefer a solid and firmly supporting mattress. The intense and excessive motion transfer in the mattress is the major reason for the interruption in sleep. On the other hand, the pocket spring mattress restricts the motion transfer and provides an uninterrupted comforting sleep.

We hope it would be now convenient to pick the best mattress for your needs with all the mentioned details. It is quite easy to connect with us in our comment section for anything else you need to know. Leave us all your concerning thoughts, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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